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50 Soft Foods to Eat after Tooth Extraction

List of 50 Soft Foods to Eat after Tooth Extraction- Overview

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50 soft foods to eat after tooth extraction are selected by orthodontists who give you valuable advice. The tooth that has dent and crack should not sit on your gum. Experts recommend the timely removal of the natural tooth using a medical appliance. However, tooth extraction requires your patience to eat foods that suit your oral health. You can’t expect the intake of solid foods which can damage your wounded gum. The vacuum part of the extracted tooth becomes soft and sensitive to bleeding. Therefore, you can’t take junk spicy foods that inflame the affected portion of the gum. The list of fifty soft and nutritious foods helps restore the hygiene of patients. 

List of 50 Soft Foods to Eat After Tooth Extraction

  1. Gelato
  2. Sorbet
  3. Poached eggs
  4. Silken tofu
  5. Macaroni and cheese
  6. Mashed sweet potatoes
  7. Gravy
  8. Applesauce
  9. Banana
  10. Canned fruit (in juice)
  11. Smoothie bowls
  12. Mashed cauliflowe
  13. Fruit sorbe
  14. Blended fruit and yogurt popsicles
  15. Tapioca pudding
  16. Soft-cooked lentils
  17. Egg sala
  18. Crab or shrimp bisque
  19. Risotto
  20. Soft bread soaked in soup or milk
  21. Mashed pumpkin
  22. Pureed spinach
  23. Soft-cooked pasta
  24. Steamed fish
  25. Creamy polenta
  26. Milkshakes
  27. Mashed potatoes
  28. Applesauce
  29. Yogurt
  30. Cottage cheese
  31.  Smoothies
  32.  Pudding
  33.  Oatmeal
  34. Scrambled eggs
  35. Cream of wheat
  36. Fruit puree
  37. Jell-O
  38. Blended soups
  39. Hummus
  40. Avocado
  41. Nut butter (smooth)
  42. Soft cheeses
  43. Rice pudding
  44. Quinoa (well-cooked)
  45. Soft-cooked vegetables (e.g., carrots, squash)
  46. Chia pudding
  47. Porridge
  48. Pureed beans
  49. Custard
  50. Ice cream

How to Soften Foods -Various Tricks for You 

Tooth extraction is painful. Though it is an outpatient surgery, the patient has to be careful to take food. They should not put pressure on the gum regions tending to bleeding. Besides, there will be symptoms of bleeding gum, inflammation, and pain. Experts advise patients on how to make their edible foods soft for digestion. 

  • With auto-blenders and grinders, the hard foods should be pasted into a dust-like form. The editable foods should not have impurities too. 
  • The water boiling for steaming the meat and fish is necessary. You can marionette the raw meat and then put the container on the stove for heating. The soft and creamy layers of the steamed meat are hygienic for health. 
  • The boiled potatoes, eggs, and other vegetables should be smashed into small balls to take 
  • Nutritious milk is one of the best hygienic foods for you. The liquid is easy to digest as well.
  • Fruit juice provides you with a lot of protein, vitamins, and minerals. 
  • The braising process is useful for you suffering from tooth extraction. The meat needs boiling at a moderate temperature so that the meat enhances tenderness. 
  • If you like to eat boiled or steamed meat soup, you can prepare the mixture at home. With a pressure cooker, you can cook the meat/chicken leg piece. Spray lemon juice, spices, and chili powder to taste. 
  • Food simmering is essential for you to collect a list of ingredients. The broth is nutritious. 

Important Facts to Remember 

  • According to healthcare professionals, the foods should be detoxified and cleansed before serving. 
  • The foods which you need to take must not be heavy for your stomach. Eat in small amounts so that you can enjoy eating without having pain. 
  • The tooth which is extracted leaves a space in the row of the teeth. The wounded area needs the time for healing process. In that case, try your best to safeguard the affected zone by consuming lightweight soft foods. 
  • Avoid crispy and spicy foods which can irritate your inflamed area. 
  • You should not prod your bleeding gum during eating.
  • Steer clear of too many cold soft drinks and hot foods. 
  • Stay fit and salubrious without having pain in the gum region.

In this connection, top reviews on 50 soft foods to eat after tooth extraction are helpful for you to learn more about the benefits of eating 50 soft foods to resist gum infection after extraction.

How to Maintain Oral Hygiene after Tooth Extraction?

50 Soft Foods to Eat after Tooth Extraction

Patients must be conscious of how to maintain oral health during the post-surgery. The tooth extraction is a common issue but you need to be prepared. Do not take junk and toxic foods which can cause inflammation. A dietary plan is another area of concern for you. See, it is your health and you need to be attentive to how to prevent the symptoms of pain, inflammation, and infection. 

Hand Hygiene

Through the oral hygiene maintenance process, you should keep your teeth and gum safe from foreign elements like germs. Hand hygiene needs to be enhanced. For instance, cleaning and sanitizing the hands are integral parts of the health upkeep. You must consult your experts about the process of sanitization. Cut and trim the nail outgrowth to detoxify your hands. With the herbal biodegradable medication, you can protect your hands. 

Food Storage

The stale foods are carriers of the bacteria and germs to infect the bleeding gum. It is advisable not to take toxic foods. Instead, use refrigerators to keep food hygienic and fresh. When you serve the dish, you should wash your hands with a medicated cleanser or anti-inflammatory solution. It will help you keep yourself aloof from the germs.

Not to Consume Drugs Expired 

Check the expiry drugs before consumption. Consuming medication and using anti-bacterial gel for topical application are effective. However, backdated serum and other drugs should not be applied to specific regions. 

50 Soft Foods to Eat after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The wisdom tooth is the third molar which is positioned just after the two extreme backside teeth. It provides additional food-eating and chewing power in a wide jawline. The natural growth of this wisdom tooth happens at the age of 17 to 24 years. If this particular wisdom tooth has a defect, there will be symptoms of gum inflammation, pain, and redness of the gum. You should go to the expert for a solution. Maybe, surgery is required to extract the damaged wisdom tooth. Dentists give you a chart of 50 soft foods to eat after wisdom tooth extraction. These nutritious foods do not contain lethal components to put you in danger. It includes 

  1. Sandwich Meats
  2. Scrambled Eggs
  3. Sherbet
  4. Smoothies
  5. Soft bread – soak in soup
  6. Souffle
  7. Custard
  8. Doughnuts
  9. Ensure
  10. Eggs (poached, fried or scrambled)
  11. Egg Nog
  12. Egg Noodles
  13. Egg Salad
  14. Fettuccine
  15. Fish
  16. Frozen Yogurtfrozen yogurt after dental surgery
  17. Fruit Juice
  18. Fruit Smoothies
  19. Fruit – soft or grind
  20. Gravy
  21. Grits – Maybe a little too grainy depending to the type of dental surgery.
  22. Ground Turkey
  23. Ground Beef/Pork
  24. Ground Chicken
  25. Guacamole
  26. Humus
  27. Ice cream
  28. Jell-O
  29. Juice vegetable
  30. Kefir
  31. Key Lime Pie
  32. Macaroni and cheese
  33. Malt-0-meal
  34. Mangos
  35. Mascarpone Cheese
  36. Mashed potatoes
  37. Matzo Ball Soup
  38. Meatloaf
  39. Meatballs
  40. Melons (Very Ripe)
  41. Milk Shake – Avoid a straw
  42. Miso Soup
  43. Mousse
  44. Muffins
  45. Oatmeal
  46. pancakes
  47. Pasta
  48. Pies
  49. Polenta
  50. Pot roast with vegetables

Foods to Avoid after Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

Wisdom teeth give you more power and the potential to bite and smash hard foods. You should keep your wisdom tooth intact. However, during the post-surgery, you must eat foods that do not irritate the tooth. Acid-based foods are harmful to your teeth. Doctors warn you not to take tomatoes, acidic sauce, and risky foods that arouse pain in the infected area after the removal of the wisdom tooth. The orange juice is also acidic and it is prone to scathing or burning sensation in the wounded portion of the gum after extraction. Crack pepper and popcorn are also negative elements to protect your oral health when you extract your third molar. 

Online Consultation

50 Soft Foods to Eat after Tooth Extraction

If you are an allergic patient, you should not decide alone to eat foods. You must have a plan to talk to a healthcare expert. The online consultation is available to help patients eat the best foods for health recovery. For instance, alcohol is not a positive component if you opt for surgery to extract your teeth. Alcohol slows down the healing process giving you discomfiture. Therefore, read reviews and feedback from dentists who recommend the 50 soft foods to eat after tooth extraction UK.


Your health must be given top priority. Teeth extraction is not easy if you have to remove several teeth in a single go. You must have sound health to bear the pain. The surgery is the solution to the constant pain and infection in the area of the molar. You should select the top 50 foods that are less acidic and more useful for your oral hygiene. 


Q: What is the third molar?

A: The third molar is the wisdom tooth.

Q: Why is it necessary for you to extract wisdom teeth?

A: Due to infection, irritation, and inflammation at the root of the molar, it requires you to undergo surgery.

Q: What type of foods is required by you to eat after tooth extraction?

A: Non-acidic foods without alcohol are recommended by doctors for eating.

Q: What are preventive measures after the removal of the extracted teeth?

A: There are a few preventive measures including hand washing, usage of antibiotic medications, and intake of nutritious foods.

Q: Where to get medical advice before tooth extraction?

A: You can contact online consultants to get suggestions and tips about post-surgery care.

Q: What are the symptoms of tooth infection?

A: There are symptoms like gum irritation, inflammation, pain, and formation of pus.

Q: What is the ideal food for you after tooth extraction?

A: Broth with boiled meat and vegetables is nutritious for the safety of your health.

Q: What are soft foods for wisdom teeth extraction?

A: Milkshakes, custard, and creamed spinach are suitable foods after wisdom molar extraction.

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