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Colour Vibration Therapy

Colour Vibration Therapy – Effective Holistic Treatment for Wellness Management

by Ruhia

Colour Vibration Therapy is the modern way of perfecting your health without producing a negative impact. It is the way to your daily wellness management. The vibrant colours enter your body to boost up tissues, nerves, and muscles. The rays also keep the balance of your blood pressure. The chromo therapy or colour vibration therapeutic procedure is a simple tool for you to keep fit. This article gives you a summary of the benefits of opting for modern colour vibration therapy

What Is Colour Vibration Therapy?

Colour Vibration Therapy is considered to be a holistic treatment that is effective for humans. People are surrounded by colours ranging from blue, red, pink, yellow, and violet to name a few. Vibration and colours influence you to a great extent. Colour vibration therapy includes colours with vibrations to create a synergistic impact on humans physically and psychologically. These wonderful colours can change your emotions if you have problems expressing your joys, sorrows, and anger. Every colour has a specific wavelength that penetrates the body to go deeper to energize the cells, tissues, and other organs. 

Combined Effect 

With the combination of vibration, colours become more dynamic to stimulate various parts of the body. It is also a mood changer to reset the emotional disorder. However, one should know how to apply chromo-therapy for overall wellness and well-being. 

Egypt, China, and India are leading countries that allow people to have holistic colour vibration therapy for wellness management. Man is emotional to see the colourful pictures and diagrams. Children express their joy when they play with a mixture of colours. Therefore, the effectiveness of such natural chromotherapy is noticeable. Gorgeous and prominent colours can rejuvenate your mind by managing your mental exhaustion. 

Soothing Light 

The soothing hues create a cool ambience that is medicated for you to overcome any tormented situation. Colour vibration therapy 2017 seminars were held to enhance the usefulness of this holistic treatment. Reviews and analytical reports were published to explain how this unique holistic treatment could optimize the wellness of human beings. 

Colour Vibration Therapy- What Is Trickster Behind?

Light is a component that is not tangible. You can’t store the sunray in a box. However, the vibration, wavelength, and electromagnetic particles are contained in the light. Therefore, you can screen and collect these particles to improve your health. Photons in the colours function quickly to reinforce the cells and tissues.

In the case of fast wellness, colours are used. It is seen that primary colours (red, orange, indigo, yellow, violet, and green) travel through the eyes, noses, and skin layers to reach the internal parts of the body. In this way, these photons bring a change to the situation. Human behaviours, emotions, and cognitive power are also under the strong impact of colour vibration therapy. Even the hypothalamus is influenced by colours. Experts confirmed the change in the hormonal release system. 

How Does Colour Therapy Work?

Science has gone far to track the sources of colour vibration, which treats the brain dynamically. The brain sends signals to the central nervous system or sympathetic nervous system. The colours enhance the smooth production of cortisol hormones to control mood. If serotonin is kept in balance, there is little risk of mood swings or emotional disorders. Colour vibration therapy also regulates certain areas including respiration rate, oxygen intake, brain activity, and biorhythms.

Certain Health Benefits 

  • Reduction of anxiety and depression
  • Boost energy levels
  • Speed the process of healing
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve eyesight 
  • Accelerate concentration 
  • Promote deep sleep

Easy Ways to Use Colour Vibration Therapy

Nature has given people a lot of resources to enrich lifestyles and health as well. People have to know how to use these components to maintain their wellness. Colours and vibration are combined to do physical and mental/emotional stimulations. Blurred hues can affect your mood when you get the news of the demise of your relatives. Black is the symbol of ill force. On the contrary, bright white and other colours are also boosters to help you enhance wellness sustainability. It is your turn how to utilize these medicated colours to restore your health. 

Wear Colourful Costumes 

Life is very much romantic for you. The colours that encircle you take you to a world of creativity, adventure, and romance. A bunch of red roses newly sprung in June can teach you a lesson of romance. Similarly, dynamic orange and yellow colours recover the stamina for enjoying the holidays under the open sky. Wearing blue, yellow, and red coloured costumes, you can date outside. Your sweetheart congratulates you because you are found in the pool of gorgeous colours sparkling in daylight. Your loneliness and exhaustion disappear leaving the space for the golden moments to share. 

Watch Online Fashion Carnivals

If you are not perfect to wear the best colourful attire, watch the online fashion shows. Model girls are seen testing and evaluating fancy dresses. They choose trendy dresses that have striking colours to manage various health hazards. Besides, online consultants are also available with their experiences to share. They will tell you how to opt for the right coloured dress which does not put you in danger.

Colourful Water Drinking –Beneficial for You 

Another way to have a good effect on colour vibration is to have healthy drinks. There are various types of colourful healthcare supplements in the form of liquid. Green makes you energetic and youthful. Red always promotes your energy stimulating your passion. You have more stamina to do hard work. In this way, your mood and emotions are handled by colours. 

Decorate Your Home with Vibrant Colours 

Colour Vibration Therapy

Home decoration should be decent and it matches your health. To enhance your mental wellness, prioritize the recommended colours. Experts can give you a list of wall painting colours that do not irritate you. They analyze individual colour shades before recommendations. Besides, the selection of other home décor artefacts and kitchenware items must have fancy colours. In this connection, you can check a few sample models that received the artistic colour painting and artwork. 

Depression Management 

Effective research has unearthed the possibilities of depression management by using advanced colour vibration therapy. Man does not concentrate on any subject properly if he is dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction causes the occurrence of cumbersome health hazards. He loses the stamina to complete any important project. Often, expert advises the patient to go to the gym for cardiovascular training and more workouts.

Colour vibration therapy oscillates the brain and nervous systems to reduce depression. It is more convenient for a patient whose health is not good for regular aerobic workouts. WBV devices are selected for the patients to have the vibration therapy. It shows that the patient improves his health diminishing the severe anxiety. 

Colour Vibration Therapy with Different Health Benefits 

Colour vibration therapy is a non-invasive treatment procedure for sustainable health improvement. By sending vibrations to the different parts of the body, there is a sudden change. The elasticity of numerous blood vessels increases with the application of colour vibration therapy. Besides, the bloodstream gets smooth flow enhancing blood circulation. Lymphatic cells receive the blood in balance. Apart from that, regular vibration therapy manages pain relieving patients from boredom and anxiety. Mental health is also improved by controlling emotional disorders including hallucinations. 

Does Colour Vibration Therapy Work Practically?

Though colour vibration therapy is popular in China and Egypt, many scientists do not have many supportive statements to give good feedback. According to them, there is no strong evidence that can determine the effectiveness of colour therapy. Scientists will have to do extensive research to identify the determinants to support this holistic therapy. A patient can’t recover from illness by watching colourful objects and wearing dresses in multiple hues. 

Supportive Facts 

Some researchers believe that colour vibration therapy is a functional methodology to tackle many complications. For example, seasonal affective disorder is a cumbersome depression that occurs in the fall of winter. It is seen that regular light therapeutic procedure minimizes the side effects of seasonal affective disorder. Another example is a blue light application for wellness. To treat patients with neonatal jaundice, healthcare experts recommend blue light phototherapy. Within a few days, the patients experience a sustainable improvement in the bilirubin level of blood. 

Green Light for Pain Relief 

The impact of green light on humans has been measured. Various survey reports have stated that the green light is one of the main components to control migraine. Experts have done recurrent experiments to evaluate the aftermath effect of exposure to the green ray. A group of fibromyalgia patients underwent 10 weeks of colour vibration therapy. They were given a green colour for body stimulation. LED green light responded promptly to minimize the migraine pain. The patients did not have uneasiness and dissatisfaction. Slowly, they got considerable relief from migraine pain. 

Bring Rhythm to Your Life 

Tight work schedules and business embarrass you daily. You can’t escape. You feel that you have lost your rhythm. It is because of terrific work pressure, depression, and mood swings. Green, red, blue, yellow, and orange colours are related to human health. Man considers all these colours as secret keys to wellness. Soothing cool hues are always positive for you. Think of how to handle colours tactfully to keep yourself happy and salubrious. 


Colour vibration therapy has been recognized as a reliable source of inducing health wellness. The neuro-cognitive system receives effective improvement after the application of colour therapies. Chromo therapeutic procedures enhance the anti-depression as well. The strong to mild wavelengths of the colours bring flow to the healing process. Finally, to take this holistic therapy as a primary treatment for people, scientists will have to do deep analysis and data screening to enhance the affordability of the colour vibration therapy. 


Q: What is chromo-therapy?

A: Chromo therapy is the practice of applying wavelength and frequencies of colours to treat different parts of the body.

Q: Does colour vibration therapy work?

A: It is a little bit controversial due to a lack of scientific proof, but colour therapy can reduce emotional disorders like stress.

Q: Where to get colour therapy?

A: Colour therapy is available at specific medical clinics but you can also ask for an online consultation.

Q: Is colour vibration therapy effective for wellness?

A: Colour vibration therapy is an easy methodology to reduce physical and mental hazards.

Q: Is colour vibration therapy effective in stopping depression?

A: Regular application of green light to the body, it is possible to manage depression.

Q: Can colour therapy reduce migraine?

A: Colour therapy is an inhibitor to control migraine.

Q: What are the health benefits of using colour vibration therapy?

A: Colour vibration therapy produces health benefits like depression management and reduction of blood pressure and mental balance.

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