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Vida Guerrero

Vida Guerrero – A Multi-skilled Cuban American Celeb –A Short Bio

by Ruhia

Vida Guerrero, one of the hot model girls, is known for her presentable appearance on various TV shows. Her erotic gestures are unforgettable. She is a promising 49-year-old model girl who participates in different lingerie shows. A quick biography of Vida helps fans learn about her relationship, career, and family background as well. She likes to be unbeaten with her dashing hourglass figure. 

Who Is Vida Guerrero?

Vida Guerrero is a popular public figure. She is a versatile lady who emerges as an elegant TV host and model girl. She has become an iconic woman who has shown boldness by facing a lingerie photo shoot. This celebrity is again a controversial personality as she is said to be involved with dating. She has also opened a fitness academy to make people aware of the benefits of weight loss to manage obesity. She is a very good-looking lady and any outfit suits her fitness.

Vida Guerrero and Her Birth Details

Vida Guerrero is an elegant profile mannequin whose physical aesthetic is unforgettable. She was born to a respectable family dating back in on 19th March 1974. The birthplace is Havana, Cuba. She is a cute female TV anchor and she is also a powerful social media influencer. 

Vida Guerrero-A Multi-skilled Celeb 

Vida Guerrero

Vida Guerrero is a multi-skilled celeb who decided to move home to New Jersey in America after schooling. She met several big bosses in the fashion industry as well. Her glossy profile attracted superiors who appointed her as the TV host to organize the programs. She is always visible with her latest postures on Instagram. For PETA, she appeared topless to promote the vegan community for better health. She is a vegetarian and she advises all to go for the complete diet for weight loss. 

Vida Guerrera and Her Family Background 

Vida Guerrera and her family members are not willing to disclose their private affairs. No information is available about her husband and parents. However, reliable news channels have confirmed that she is still a spinster without being married to someone special. 

Check the Mini Timeline of Vida Guerrero 

  • 1974- Vida Guerrero is a talented model girl who was born in 1974. She is a Cuban-American celeb. She shifted her family to Perth in America.
  • 2002- She made it a reality by posing herself before the camera. She participated in the FHM show which projected her as a topless hot baby. She popped up on the lips of admirers who appreciated her sizzling body movement. 
  • 2003- In this year, she concentrated on her professional modeling career to earn money. Her appearance in a comedy gossip show entitled El Gordo y la Flaca is a remarkable event. She proved her wonderful acting in El Gordo y la Flaca( fatty guy and a skinny thin girl). Besides, her comeback to stardom stunned the audience.” Shake Ya Tailfeather”, “The New Workout Plan” and “Obsession (No Es Amor)”are a few music videos to project her as a singer and dancer. She also contributed a lot to making the music video entitled Scarface: The World Is Yours.
  • 2005- She met with a cumbersome encounter when she completed a photo shoot. Hackers stole her photos which were later distorted through mixing and morphing. Her non-nude images were scanned and then blended with another woman’s nude image. Later these morphed photos branding her as a topless nude model girl reached social media fans. These photo posts were a grave concern for her.
  • 2006- It is a reflection of the same event which took place in 2005. In reality, she wanted to show her real nude image. She told media that her nude photos of hers in 2005 were much different from these daredevil naked photos shot entitled Playboy in 2006. It is really interesting for the audience. 
  • 2008- She sat face to face for talking to the TV host at The Jace Hall Show. She explained briefly about her reluctance to go for the low car ride. Livin’ the Low Life gave the lady a chance to unfurl her desire and expectation. 
  • 2017- Her majestic victory at the FHM exhibition pleased fans. She stood in the 89th position at this show which considered her the sexiest woman for 2017. 
  • 2011- At the PETA weight loss and fitness show, she preferred standing semi-nude to promote health and wellness. She became an example for young teenage girls who were desirous of becoming slimmer. 

Short Bio of Vida Guerrero

NameVida Guerra
Sex        Female
ProfessionFilm Actress/modeling/singing/TV host
Date Of Birth (DOB)Tuesday, March 19, 1974 (M/D/Y)
Place Of BirthHavana
Zodiac Sign         Pisces
Star SignNA
Type Of BodyNA
Body Size and Measurements32-26-32
Zero SizeNA
Height   in centimeters   160 cm
In meters1.6 m
In FeetInches- 5′ 2″
Weight  in Kilograms59 kg
In Pounds130.07 lbs
Father NameNA
Mother NameNA

Vida Guerrero- Professional Career

Vida Guerrero exposed herself as a model girl early in the year of 2002. She attracted her fans by being semi-nude at the FHM show. It is the start of her career. She got terrific replies and clapping from the audience. They wanted her to post more photos portraying her in the wrap of nudity. However, she switched to work for DUB, Escape, and Open Your Eyes magazines. She speaks in Spanish and English. So, she captured the non-English audience as well. Since then, she never looked back. She goes ahead and expands her career.

Awards Vida Won 

In between, she was nominated for best butt award in 2005. She ranked 26th in the FHM program as a cute topless baby. She also got the VGX award for her excellent performance. Guerrero is a beautiful TV anchor and she anchors very well and hosts well in both English and non-English languages so she is nominated for Best Butt Award.

Vida Guerrero- A Controversial Celeb 

Vida Guerrero

Vida Guerrero is famous for her controversy and rumors about her love life. She dated several guys at different times. Derek Jeter is a basketball player whose intimacy with her maturity in 2005. However, their relationship was not durable. It ended soon. In 2008, she again accepted Chris Evans as her partner. Rumors boost the possibility of another dating episode in 2000. Frankie J was a singer and he exchanged love letters with her. However, she did not confess anything about her relationship. Anyone can fall in love with her body structure and good looks.

Mujer Guerrera de la Vida

Pinterest site has prepared a list of strong women to face challenges in their lives. The phrase in Spanish language Mujer Guerrera de la Vida means a female warrior whose physical strength is immense enough to overtake any adverse situation. Vida Guerror is such a strong woman with a bold character.

Madre Luchadora Guerrera de la Vida

The phrase starting “madre luchadora guerrera de la vida” is translated into English version. It means “mother fighter warrior in life”. It applies to Vida who has had turmoil to have success in her life. She is a genuine warrior to built up her professional domain independently.

Her Short Filmography 

Vida Guerrero is a world-famous classic actress. She starred in top movies and short-ranged videos. She has a striking look to mesmerize her fans. Look at the chart below to see how many videos and movies she completed. 

Year of ReleaseMovie TitleHer RoleNotes
2003Writer’s BlockShe performed as a MuseShort
2005Fake PreacherMarshaVideo
Lean Like a CholoDaisy
2011Going Down ThereAngelaShort
2012Filly BrownWyatt’s Groupie
Y: The Last Man RisingRoxyShort
2013Not Another Celebrity MovieRosalita
Blood ShedKhara
2015American JusticeOfficer Alexa
Mercy for AngelsTracy
Tamales and GumboGloria
2016HauntsvilleEl Vida

TV Shows

As in movies, so in TV shows, Vida Guerrero is an excellent performer. People will remember this actress for her roles in top popular TV programs.


Year of ReleaseTitleRoleDescriptions
2003Chappelle’s ShowShe performed as a dancerEpisode: “Three ‘R’s to Protecting Stars”
2004Chappelle’s ShowShe appeared as a stripperEpisode entitled : “White People Can’t Dance & The Three Daves”
2005Unique WhipsProtagonistEpisode: “Beauty & the Beemer”
The DropHerselfEpisode entitled “Episode #3.13”
2008Dog Whisperer with Cesar MillanHerselfEpisode: “100th Episode Celebration”
Hacienda HeightsBellaEpisode: “Episode #2.10”
2010Eastbound & DownEpisode: “Chapter 9”
2012Chiquis ‘n ControlHerselfEpisode: “Love Is in the Stars”
2014Edwing D’Angelo: Life Is A RunwayHerselfEpisode: “Edwing D’Angelo: Episode IV – Finding Vida Guerra”

Vida Guerrero – Hip Hop Model Girl

Vida Guerrero is a cute Cuban-American hip-hop rapper and model girl. She presented a number of music videos and albums for her fans. She is very open to exhibiting in all her videos and fitness shows. Her popularity crossed across America to entice people outside the home country.

Vida Guerrero- A Strong Social Media Influencer

Vida Guerrero has become a strong social media influencer. She has numerous Instagrammers whose accounts are filled with her photos. She uploads her recent pictures, videos, and podcasts on her timeline. Besides, she also visits Facebook with her music videos and gigs. Millions of fans wait for her latest updates.

Vida Guerrero- 2Pac Shakur Fixation

Vida Guerrero is always energetic with a ton of stamina to fight back. She made a number of futile dating attempts. Rumors spread across America that she got love letters from multiple guys. In between, 2 Pac Shakur fixation is a major breakthrough. Tupac Shakur is a rapper whose lifestyle is fast and dynamic. His advent as a dater to entertain Vida Guerrero is not officially claimed. She denied her involvement with Shakur. However, her fan-follower groups smell the emotional bond between 2Pac and Vida.


Vida Guerrero is a creative hip-hop rapper, TV personality, model girl, and Instagrammer. She has a vast achievement history with so many accolades for her dashing performance. She is a good actress as well. Her career is not blurred or soiled by scandal or controversy. Still, she has to tackle recent rumors about her love affair. 2 Pac Shakur complexity produces long-lasting effects to influence her career. She is one of the top model girls to set an example for young teens.


Q: Who is Vida?

A: Vida Guerrero is a model girl, TV personality, and rapper.

Q: What is Vida’s nationality?

A: She is a Cuban-American celeb. She lives in New Jersey right now.

Q: Why is Vida popular?

A: Vida Guerrero is a Cuban-American model girl whose topless appearance at FHM and other shows casts a spell on the audience. She is also a classic actress and TV host.

Q: Is Vida married?

A: Vida is a single woman who has not chosen any life partner till now.

Q: How Old Is Vida?

A: Vida is 49 years old.

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