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Dorothy Bowles Ford

Dorothy Bowles Ford- A Woman of Excellence – Know about Her Family/Career/Kids

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Dorothy Bowles Ford is a distinguished personality whose link with the American political arena is everlasting. She is maverick and self-reliant. This bold woman lives in America. Her affinity with Harold Ford’s family is strong. Dorothy Bowles Ford‘s husband is a senior Congressman in the American Senate House. Her son is also a popular political figure who leads the nation. She is proud of her family members who have done good jobs in upgrading the American culture and society. This article is an overview of her biography including her education, family background, relationship, and career. 

Who Is Dorothy Bowles Ford?

Dorothy Bowles Ford is a woman of excellence. She is an heir of Harold Ford who has a connection with American politics and culture. She is also the mother of Harold Jr. who is right now serving his American society as a financial consultant, managing director, and author. He is a former US Congressman and his father held the same portfolio for 22 years. 

Dorothy Bowles Ford- Birth Details 

Dorothy Bowles Ford was said to be born in Memphis dating back in 1949. She experienced human exploitation during post Second World War period. Her parents were poor. Therefore she had to bear a lot of hardships and social obligations. Poverty was part and parcel of her family. She grew up in Memphis and tried to get out of such an awkward situation removing the stigma of poverty. 

Dorothy Bowles Ford – Quick Bio 

NameDorothy Bowles Ford
Age74 years 
Year of birth1949(no specific confirmation from Dorothy)
SexualityStraight sexual orientation 
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-spouseHarold Eugene Ford Sr. (political leader)
Number of ChildrenThree kids 
ChildrenHarold Ford Jr, Newton Jake Ford, Sir Isaac Ford

Dorothy Bowles Ford – An Independent Woman 

Dorothy Bowles Ford is a famous political activist and social reformist. She struggles hard to emancipate women breaking the barriers of conventional legacies. To do that, she had to raise her voice against the atrocities and injustice. Later, she also joined an Afro-American reformist group named Black Caucus Foundation Spouses. This non-profit organization is always in a supportive role to help married women to survive.

She is cooperative with her assistive voice to give women mentorship for winning in the rat race. Dorothy Bowles Ford is also active in claiming the equal distribution of wealth among men and women wiping out gender bias. She is a self-reliant female activist who is powerful enough to reach her target without stooping to failure. 

Dorothy Bowles Ford – A Woman of Excellence 

Dorothy Bowles Ford is not a less important figure in American society. She completed her schooling in Memphis and she continued studying to have a degree from Memphis State University. However, she did not complete her graduation. She served Electric Potomac as a supervisor to take care of the problems of consumers. She earned her livelihood independently without depending on her parents. 

At the age of 19, she had to marry Harold who was a sought-after Congressman in America. She was busy handling her family with care. In between, she felt the urgency to go for other political activities to bring mobility to the wheel of progression of the Afro-American community. She supports women who do not get justice due to gender bias and racism. Dorothy Bowles Ford is an active social worker who is emotionally involved with organizations like Ruth’s House- a social community for women’s emancipation and reformation. She is always beside abused women suffering from atrocities and inequality. 

Dorothy Bowles Ford Harold Ford Sr Wife

Dorothy Bowles Ford

Dorothy Bowles Ford Harold Ford Sr wife is now a divorcee. She spent more than 25 years with her hubby. She was married to him way back in 1969. After one year, she produced her first child in 1970. Harold Jr. is the first son of hers. She has also two sons named Jake and Sir Isaac. They were born before 1975. The couple was very happy to lead their conjugal life. It was a turning point for Dorothy’s husband who got excellent co-operation from his wife. She assisted him in joining the street campaigns and political meetings. They were made for each other. 

 Dorothy Bowles Ford-Split to Live Separately 

Dorothy Bowles Ford is a successful lady in her life. Whether it is her political domain or personal lifestyle, she is much ahead. When she decided to go for legal separation from her husband, she never blamed him for such a cumbersome situation. They were split on good terms and conditions. They did not move to the court for complicated proceedings. Both agreed to live separately but they were responsible for taking care of their kids. Till today, they are friends without confrontation. They meet at various formal and informal shows/functions. They have no vexation against each other. 

Dorothy Bowles Ford- What Does She Do?

Man designs his own life texture and he is his boss. Similarly, Dorothy Bowles Ford likes to run on the smooth rut alone without one’s participation. After being divorced, Harold went on to build up his career leaving his former wife separate. As per research, he was again married to a lady named Michelle Roberts and they have two kids.

On the other hand, Dorothy remained alone without accepting another man to start her life once again. She planned to concentrate on her daily routine life such as grandchild rearing, social deeds, and other household work to maintain peace. She is a good woman with a superior mindset with high social responsibility. 

Dorothy Bowles Ford Pictures

Dorothy Bowles Ford

Dorothy Bowles Ford pictures posted on Instagram give you a roadmap to discover this unique liberal lady. She looks promising and optimistic. She has the ambition of scaling up to reach the last destination with success. Though she is not married once again, she has to maintain a small family including grandkids and senior sons. Many people like to write their comments after checking her photos on social media portals. They are hardcore fans of her. 

Dorothy Bowles Ford –Her Small Family 

The family background of Dorothy Bowles Ford is a little bit intricate due to the split in the relationship. She is the mother of Harold Jr. and the other two kids. Her first son became the political leader representing the country. After the divorce, Harold Sr. dated a woman whom he married for permanent settlement.

Dorothy has two other kids apart from Harold Ford Junior. Newton, her second child, was sentenced to incarceration for over a year. He committed crimes like drug trafficking and human exploitation. Sir Isaac is another child reared by her. He is now a businessman with a promising career. 

Dorothy Bowles Ford – As a Responsible Mother 

Mother Dorothy Bowles Ford is a role model for the next generation. She did not break in despair even after asking for separation from her hubby. She prefers loneliness if there is no respect for her. While forcing her way through a lot of barriers, she did not forget her ex-partner. She helped him to improve his presence in the political arena.

She never complained when he was nowhere to support her during pressing times. As a mother, she brought up her children. She sacrificed a lot to smoothen up the lifestyles of all the kids whom she loves very much. Nowadays, she handles her grandkids and the small family. She is a responsible mother and wife to set an example for you. 

Dorothy Bowles Ford- A Philanthropist 

Dorothy Bowls Ford is a philanthropist. She is aching in pain for destitute. She tells her friends not to show arrogance towards poor men. Dorothy Bowles Ford attends many charity shows and orphanage centers for the rehabilitation of the poor. Her universal love is immense to make society peaceful. 

Dorothy Bowles Ford Picture- Where to Get?

Dorothy Bowles Ford picture is not rare. Easily you can collect her photos visiting her social media timeline. However, she also shares her private album with friends as well. She is a cute and elegant woman with a superb profile


Dorothy Bowles Ford is a proud woman who likes to contribute a lot to the development of the underprivileged class. She is against the poverty, inequality, gender bias, and injustice towards women. Though she is an unsuccessful wife, she has done a great job to protect her children from disaster. After the divorce, she shifted her focus from her professional career to family members for rescuing her kids from insecurity. 


Q: Who is Dorothy Bowles Ford?

A: Dorothy Bowles Ford is an elegant wife of Harold Ford Sr.- a Congressman of the American parliament.

Q: Why is Dorothy Popular?

A: Dorothy Bowles Ford is popular because of her strong social connection with elite society. She is the wife of a political leader and social worker to serve the nation.

Q: What is the age of Dorothy Bowles Ford?

A: Approximately, she is over 50 and under 80.

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