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Debra Bollman

Debra Bollman- A Mini Biography Including Her Professional Career and Family

by Ruhia

Debra Bollman is a popular celeb but she has got media exposure differently. She is an ordinary sports stenographer cum reporter. However, she is lucky to become a famous social media superstar or celeb through recommendation. A group of basketball players met her at a sports conference. She was found taking quick notes, catching the voices of sportsmen and other dignitaries.

This amazing conference kept her in high esteem through discussion. A young sports personality was surprised to see her beauty. She is so cute and fashionable that anyone falls in love with her. Within a few minutes, she became viral on social media. She is now a celeb with a net worth of 1 million dollars. 

Who Is Debra Bollman?

Debra Bollman is a familiar name on the internet. She is a professional sports stenographer with efficiency to do reporting. While transcribing voice messages into simple text by typing, she was caught by a group of basketball players. They were joyous to see her and they applauded. Her elegance and slim figure even at 40 is undoubtedly a surprise for them. Since then, she is considered to be one of the most cute women in the world. 

A Short Bio of Debra Bollman

NameDebra Bollman
ProfessionReporter with expertise in stenography
Age43 Years
Date of Birth1973
Birth PlaceUnited State
Home TownUnited Sate of America

Total Assets of Debra:-

Net Worth$ 1 Million Approx.
Monthly Income$ 80,000

Physical Details:-

Weight66 Kg & 145 Lbs
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorDark Brown

What Is the Incident That Changed Debra’s Life?

Every day, Debra communicates with million viewers. Her fans increase in number and they are fond of sending messages to her. Her worldwide recognition is a reward for this woman. She is a regular ASAP sports steno-typist taking notes. Her job is to make reports and reviews by interviewing. This type of reporting job is attractive. However, she got an awesome response from viewers after a remarkable incident. 

Sudden Change to Expose Her

A team of players was waiting at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for Debra. Debra was busy jotting down something for typing. A few players used difficult jargon and terms that are not easy for a stenographer to transcribe. They tried to play tricks with Debra. Nigel is a sophomore forward who was present at the conference. He waved his hands appreciating her for beauty. She is a fairy lady. She is a goddess with a superior look to preserve. 

The microphone accidentally switched on to vibrate Nigel’s words in the air. Everybody heard his remarks about the aesthetic quality of Debra. In a single moment, the whole world came to know her. The video was uploaded on the social media portal. It is a great event for her who is now in her profession as a ASAP steno. 

A Summary of Debra Bollman’s Life 

Debra Bollman leads her life like an ordinary female employee. She is beautiful and smart. Her age is around 43 years. She is happy to talk to friends her age. Reliable sources have pulled up more information about this stenographer who is now bobbing up on major social media channels. Her followers list is swelling steadily giving her a strong platform to promote her beauty and talent. Debra Bollman has three children. She has a little boy and two daughters underage. Debra is a fancy lady who is funny and less serious. She is not reticent after all. 

Where is Debra Bollman Now?

Debra Bollman is a sophisticated woman who is satisfied with his professional domain. A unique incident changed the course of her life. She became a well-known iconic social media celeb. Her smiling face is attractive and charming to tempt youngsters. This woman is now in Norco, California. She is married and therefore she likes to spend weekends with family members. Her husband is responsible to manage difficult issues to keep her happy. Anthony J. Farfan is her hubby and he does not obstruct her fame. She gets the freedom to work in her office without any hindrance.

Any New Update about Debra Bollman?

Debra Bollman is an experienced steno-typist whose working experience is over 24 years. She has no problem staying tuned up to her regular projects. However, her family is not too small. She is occupied handling three kids and her husband. In a special interviewing session dating back to 2015, she admitted that her younger daughter took an interest in singing. Sophia is an amazing girl who is a member of a music troupe called Detour 91. Her singing genre is excellent. Sophia would not derail from her dream to become a world-famous singer to entertain the audience. 

Debra Bollman Daughter Participated in the 13th Audition for Winning 

Debra Bollman

Sophia, Debra Bollman daughter, has the quality and talent. Sophia who is her daughter is a good singer. Same way, Debra is also attached to the music world. Her passion for music is so deep that she can’t detach herself from the mainstream of music. While talking to reporters at The Voice show, Sophia was screened for selection at the 13th audition. She did stage performances to earn a lot of credits.

Eventually, she was not lucky to win the show. This competition was getting tougher with the arrival of top singers like Team Miley and Brooke Simpson. After a third round of screening, she was expelled from the list of winners. She stood last to Brooke Simpson who defeated her. 

Debra Bollman – Debra Bollman Instagram

Debra Bollman Instagram is an excellent social media influencer. She has an active Instagram account which is expanding with numerous site visits. She posts colorful shots and photos of family members. Debra Bollman writes gigs and short infographics on her timeline. She is a powerful social media participant. 

Debra Bollman Reporter- Updates about Her Career 

Debra Bollman reporter is a specialist stenographer. She types 300 words in a minute. So far as her professional world is concerned, she has not broken into despair even during the tough recession. In 1997, she was nominated to join and work with the management of the National Court Reporters Association. Her expertise in stenography took her to a new height giving her a new opening. She worked as a steno for Caption CART Inc. Her outstanding working experience and performance brought rewards to her. She became CEO of CART. She covered many sports events like the French Open and the World Series including the NBA Finals. 

Debra Bollman is a qualified reporter and steno. She was welcomed to do media coverage at seven world tournaments. She is a sportive lady with deep insight into sports and athletes. 

More Career Details of Debra Bollman

Since 1997, she has been serving the nation with dedication. She did not sit behind the bench. She is a forerunner with good performance as a journalist with stenography. Debra Bollman is involved with sports and athletes. She was given the chance to be on the Board of Cal-CCRA. Her designation was a board member at California Court Reporters. In 2016, she was selected as the vice president of CAL-CCRA. This multi-skilled woman is also a good presenter with expertise in eloquence. She is remembered for her performance as a speaker at Humphreys University’s workshop. 

Debra Bollman’s Net Worth

Debra Bollman is not a Hollywood celeb or a world-class singer. However, she is not a backbencher as she is also a good reporter. She is CEO, reporter, and steno. Certainly, she has earned a lot of money to increase her credit score. Her earnings touch $1 million and she is still in her professional arena. She is also a global traveler traveling across Europe, Canada, and other parts of the world. 


Debra Bollman is undoubtedly a famous elegant woman. She is a high-profile executive with a lot of working experience in stenography and reporting. Debra Bollman is a qualitative stenographer and reporter who joined several classic sports conferences. She is also a visitor to visit social media sites. Debra Bollman Instagram is her new identity for her with continuous exposure to Instagrammers and Facebook visitors. 


Q: Who is Deborah?

A: Deborah is the nickname of Debra Bollman, a reporter and stenographer.

Q: Why is Debra famous?

A: Debra Bollman got a sudden chance to become famous. At a sports conference, a basketball player thanked her for her physical beauty. Her name was heard by the audience. She became an iconic figure on social media.

Q: What is Debra’s identity?

A: Debra Bollman is a reporter but she is also a sports stenographer. She is also connected with social media.

Q: Who is Sophia Bollman?

A: Sophia Bollman is the daughter of Debra Bollman.

Q: What is the hair color of Debra?

A: Deborah has dark brown hair color with hazel color eyeballs.

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