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Robert Kelly Jr.

Robert Kelly Jr.-A Rising Star in Basketball Game –Short Bio

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Robert Kelly Jr. is the son of a famous R&B artist whose name is Robert Kelly. However, he is more than a biological heir. He has a promising future with his emotional bond with sports. He is a renowned basketball player. His achievement record is glossy. Know about his lifestyle, career, and personal relationship by reading this article.

Who Is Robert Kelly Jr.?

Robert Kelly Jr. is a talented basketball player who loves sports. Though he is proud of being the son of a musician, he engages himself in the world of sports. Basketball is his passion and he never parts with this domain.

A Quick Short Bio of Robert Kelly Jr.

Full NameRobert Kelly Jr.
Date of BirthDecember 2, 2002, Powder Springs
ParentsR. Kelly and Andrea Lee
SiblingsJoann Kelly (Buku Abi) and Jay Kelly
Social Media PresenceInstagram
Relationship with MotherStrong and supportive
Future PlansNot publicly known, but shows promise
HeightSix foot seven (2m01 / 6-7)
His Designation in the Basketball TeamSmall Forward/rebounder playing for Savannah
Stats in the Current SeasonHe earned 9.7 points on average, 6 rebounds, and 1.2 assists in 26 NCAA games 

Robert Kelly jr and His Family Background

Robert Kelly Jr.

Robert Kelly jr is a good rebounder and small forward on the Savannah basketball team. He has bagged many rewards for his excellent performance. His family is small but complicated. Robert Kelly who is a musician fathered him biologically. However, in reality, he grew up under the care of Andrea Lee. His biological father ignored him. Robert Kelly faced trials and cross-examinations many times. He was a drug addict, criminal, and imposter. Therefore, Andrea decided to take the custody of her son. Robert Kelly Jr. is not a solitary son of Andrea. He has also a sister and a brother – Joann Kelly and Jay Kelly. Theresa Kelly is his beloved aunt.

Short Physical Profile of Robert Kelly Jr Basketball Player

Robert Kelly Jr basketball player has a smart physical profile. He has won several matches defeating hardcore rivals. His physical height is 1.60 m with 50 kg body weight. He prefers hair trimming. Therefore, he trims and shapes his hair shafts frequently. His hair color is brown. He looks dandy with his dazzling brown-colored eyeballs. The whole body measurements of this player have been given on Wikipedia.

Quick Brief-up about Robert Kelly Jr’s Parents

Robert Kelly Jr had to struggle to stay fit to fight adversity. His childhood days were stormy as his parents were not happy. Robert Kelly led the life of a goon. He tortured his family members. Andrea and Robert were married in 1996 but they were separated in 2009. This painful separation damaged the personal relationship of this famous basketball player. Earlier, his father had a former wife and later he married Andrea. Due to the family feud and showdown, the relationship was at risk. His respected mother showed her bravery in raising children going out of reach of her husband.

What Is the Controversy of Robert Kelly Jr.’s Life?

Robert Kelly Jr. and his other siblings suffered a lot due to the controversial issues. People came to know that the birth of this popular basketball player was not normal. There was the least chance of getting recovery. The childbirth was not easy. Andrea Lee was submerged in mental trauma and stress. She received the caustic treatment from her husband. This troubled conjugal life snatched pleasure and happiness from their lives.

Robert Kelly Jr.’s birth was painful and uncertain. His father did not sacrifice to keep the family members joyous. Even he was not ready to give financial boosters to his other children Jay and Joann. Andrea moved to the court to register a complaint against her former husband. He was sent to jail for child abuse and atrocities.

Robert Kelly Jr. – Career and Achievement

Robert Kelly Jr. passed through hardships and torment. He was deprived of parental love. However, he was supported by his mother. He built up his career as a basketball player representing several national soccer teams. The tail of achievement is long and appreciable covering various rebounds, points, assists, and blocks. On 27th November 2020, Robert Kelly Jr. had terrific success by overtaking rivals with a signing score including 24 points with a handful of 9 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, and 3 blocks in the NCCA game.

On 30 November 2020, he accelerated his success by getting high rebounds. 11 rebounds went to him in the NCAA game. The scoring board also displayed 13 points, 3 assists, and 3 straight blocks.

On 8 December 2018, he again proved his swiftness to snatch higher assists taking the lead over the opponent players. He got six assists including 9 points and 5 rebounds.

Way back in 2019, he bagged a total of 5 steals to make him a hero of the day. He got 3 points and 5 rebounds as well in another NCCA game.

Robert Kelly Jr. and Married Life

Robert Kelly Jr.

Robert Kelly Jr. is not married but he is alone still. The reason for his loneliness is not fully clear but family members and friends blame parents. His father was so cruel that he did not take care of his son anymore. He left his children in a turbid situation. He has no sweetheart to spend weekends with him. Nor is he planning to go for the permanent settlement right now. He has declared that he is interested in his sports and he never forgets his role as a dedicated basketball player.

Facts Which You Do Not Know About Robert Kelly Jr.

Robert Kelly Jr. is an experienced basketball stalwart whose career is strong with a serpentine performance track record. However, his lifestyle is stormy. He grew up with his siblings and mom. His father was not responsible for nourishing his kids and wife. Jay Kelly is his brother but this man is transsexual. The previous case history of Robert is not appreciated by others. He is a criminal and morally degraded. Therefore, he has closed his social media accounts to maintain privacy to hush up the tumultuous past.

Another unforgettable flashback jeopardizes the life of this top basketball player. He confirms that he got an unexpected offer from his sister to get involved sexually. She abused him sexually when he was a boy. This tragic episode of molestation affected the latter part of his life.

Top Teammates of Robert Kelly Jr.

Throughout his career, he met many good friends. His 20 top teammates gave support to him for success. They are cooperative and kind-hearted to feel his pain. They share their experience with him. Check the list of top co-mates who never overlooked him.

  • Josh Ajayi
  • Maurice Anderson
  • Jordan Andrews
  • Reece Bray
  • Abdul Dial
  • Logan Foutz
  • Kory Holden
  • Markel Hudson
  • Jayven Humphrey
  • Darvin Jones
  • Max Keebaugh
  • P.J. King
  • Tadeas Manas
  • Herb McGee
  • Trhae Mitchell
  • Kevin Morris

Robert Kelly Jr Age

Experts calculated Robert Kelly Jr age counting time from his birth. He is now around 26 years old. His date of birth is 02 December 1997.

Regular Season Record of Robert Kelly Jr.

Robert Kelly Jr. is a successful versatile rebounder with the expertise in playing basketball game skillfully. Go through his season record to guess the warmth of his success. He is a genius who tries to bring back the trophy every season overcoming all hurdles.

28NCAA20-21Nov 27th, 2020For Mobile RamsSouth Alabama Jaguars95-75
22Same as above18-19Nov 11th, 2018For South Alabama Jaguars  Huntingdon College Hawks106-76
18Same as above18-19Dec 8th, 2018For South Alabama JaguarsTulane Green Wave81-60
17Same as above20-21Nov 30th, 2020Mobile RamsJacksonville State Gamecocks85-66
16NCAA18-19Jan 3, 2019South Alabama JaguarsAppalachian State Mountaineers79-73
16NCAA18-19Nov 23, 2018South Alabama JaguarsTexas A&M Aggies74-62
13NCAA18-19Jan 5, 2019South Alabama JaguarsCoastal Carolina Chanticleers84-77
12NCAA18-19Jan 10, 2019South Alabama JaguarsArkansas State Red Wolves66-65
11NCAA18-19Dec 19, 2018South Alabama JaguarsAlabama A&M Bulldogs79-67
10NCAA18-19Dec 1, 2018South Alabama JaguarsFlorida A&M Rattlers66-57


Robert Kelly Jr. is a leading basketball player. He is crazy to play his basketball. He is now 26 years old but he has the dream of representing his team in the next season. He is determined to become a sought-after sports personality with a million fans. He is also social media friendly and he likes to share photos and videos on Instagram.


Q: Who is Robert Kelly Jr.?

A: Robert Kelly Jr. is a top Basketball player who has won some national matches.

Q: Is Robert Kelly Jr Single?

A: Robert Kelly Jr. is a single guy who has not dated till now.

Q: Why is Robert Kelly Jr. famous?

A: Robert Kelly Jr. is popular for his outstanding performance in basketball playing.

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