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Cost for Pool Maintenance

How To Calculate the Cost for Pool Maintenance

by Ruhia

Investing in a pool can bring your home all kinds of benefits, such as higher property value and a fun space to relax and get some sun. However, there are pool maintenance costs to take into consideration on top of the initial installation cost. 

For example, pool service will be necessary to keep your water safe and clean. Neglecting this can result in algae, bugs, and malfunctioning filters. You also want to make sure that your pool hasn’t developed any problems like a leak. 

Here’s how to calculate the annual cost of pool maintenance. 

Overall Cost for Pool Maintenance

The cost to install a pool will depend on things like the pool dimensions and if it’s above-ground or built into the ground. Furthermore, there are additional pool needs you may need to invest in such as lighting, decking, and filtration systems. 

When it comes to the actual maintenance, you’re looking at the cost to keep your pool running as expected. That could mean fixing up the drains, sealing cracks, and monthly cleaning. 

In total, you should expect to spend at least a thousand dollars a year up to a few thousand, depending on the kind of pool professionals you hire.

Pool Maintenance Costs Broken Down

Your main pool service costs break down into repairs, chemical testing, and cleaning. Furthermore, these costs will be affected by the type of pool you own. 

Repairing Leaks

Pool owners should repair their leaks as soon as possible before their water bill starts rising. Leaks also mean that any added chemicals can end up diluted and will need to be re-added. 

Pool professionals can use chemical leak finders to locate problem areas so they can fix them. 

Testing and Apply Water Chemicals

An important part of keeping a pool clean and free of bacteria is chemicals like chlorine. However, you want to maintain a certain ratio to also keep the pool safe for its owners. 

Testing your water and adding these chemicals is part of your monthly pool maintenance costs. 

Monthly Pool Cleaning

On top of adding chemicals and fixing leaks, your outdoor pool will need some kind of routine pool service. Bugs, leaves, twigs, and more can easily get into the water and clog up your filters. If you want a good cleaning, you’ll need to hire a professional every month. 

Type of Pool Service

The biggest factor affecting your pool maintenance costs are the pool dimensions and its type. For example, saltwater pools use a salt chlorine generator to stay clean. Natural filters rely on filters and water movement to stay clean.

Keep on Swimming

The cost of pool maintenance isn’t exactly cheap, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. Indoor pools require much less cleaning than outdoor ones, and above-ground ones are easier to maintain. You can also skip maintenance on months you’re not using it, such as during the winter. 

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