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Fun With Garden Sheds

Fun With Garden Sheds

by Ruhia

I have fond memories of the pastoral joys found in my grandfather’s old garden shed. There were various saws, scythes, spades, and clippers hung from the walls like some ancient castle’s armoury. Big bags of fertiliser and grass seeds to sit on, and various garden vehicles like the riding mower and garden tractor parked in the gloom waiting to be deployed on sunny Saturday afternoons. The place always had a heady aroma about it. The summery scent of freshly mowed grass mixed with the pungence of machine oil and gasoline.

The combination was pleasant somehow. I can still smell it just thinking about it. The garden shed was one of our favourite hangouts, a place to hide from the grown-ups and discuss the pressing issues of children. Such as who was the strongest superhero, and just how was it that outer space aliens could all speak English. Many happy hour was spent there. We would sometimes linger in the shadowy recesses of our hideaway until Grandmother called us in for supper.

Unconventional Garden Sheds: A Creative Tour of Personalized Spaces Beyond Storage

Now I am grown up with a garden of my own, and yes, I am the proud owner of several garden sheds. Although my pre-built models are constructed of sturdy modern materials instead of the old. Slowly decomposing wood of my grandfather’s shed. I have endeavoured to present one of them as a homage to my memories. That’s where I keep the actual accoutrements necessary to maintain my garden. But the others… well, they have been put to different uses.

You see, a garden shed doesn’t necessarily have to be a repository for lawnmowers and hedge trimmers. It’s a straightforward structure that can house just about anything you can think of! I will now give you a tour of my garden’s modified sheds. Hoping to inspire other garden owners to experiment with theirs.

From Daydreamer’s Sanctuary to Kids’ Play Haven: Unveiling the Versatile Garden Sheds!

The Art Studio – I requested some custom windows and a skylight when I ordered this one, making it a bright, sunny indoor space surrounded by a lush growth of weeds, er, I meant to say flowers. I have easels and canvases, paints and brushes, a workbench and a stool, all just waiting for me to eventually get around to using them. What I usually do in there is engage in my daydreaming, um, I meant to say heavy thinking.

The Fortress Of Childhood – This shed is a playroom just for youngsters. They keep all their toys in there so I will never have to step on a loose Lego in bare feet again (OW!). It’s their space and they can do as they please as long as no one gets hurt.

The Australian government has some rules, so make sure your garden sheds adhere to their codes and regulations. Now that I have shared my personalised garden sheds with you, I shall adjourn to The Art Studio to engage in some heavy thinking. Maybe I will paint a picture, too.

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