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How to effortlessly give your bathroom that spa feel?

How to effortlessly give your bathroom that spa feel?

by Ruhia

You deserve to have a bathroom that helps you feel truly relaxed at home.

Amid the cost-of-living crisis, many homeowners are delaying upgrades and renovations. But did you know that if you start with your bathroom, you don’t need to break the bank to add a little bit of luxury to your daily routine?

If you complete the work to a high standard, renovating your property could increase its market price by 15%. Add to that the wider personal perks of having a beautiful bathroom, and there’s no reason not to indulge in the space.

By starting with the bathroom, you’ll not only safeguard the value of your home for the future, but you’ll be able to enjoy your private oasis every time you go for a shower. Here’s how.

How to feel pampered in your own home: Four simple steps to a spa-like bathroom

1. Add natural décor

Creating a spa-like bathroom involves stripping back the room to its most elemental state. Where possible, focus on sourcing raw materials and incorporating foliage. These simple touches and natural, earthy materials will add a naturally calming aura to the room, helping you and your family feel relaxed from the moment you step in.

Humidity-loving plant varieties like Boston Fern and trailing green ivy make great houseplant choices for a bathroom. They add that decadent, soothing green tone that should strike a wonderful contrast with the natural stone and ceramic materials in your bathroom.

If you’re painting the walls, try using neutral, inoffensive tones or perhaps one dark feature wall. You could even cover an entire wall with tiles to provide a practical yet stylish solution.

2. Clear the clutter

Forget the jam-packed shelves and busy countertops. Any clutter in your space is likely to distract you from the day-to-day routine, make it easier to lose your belongings and stop you from feeling proud of your home. By giving everything its place and tidying the shelves in your bathroom, the space will naturally feel calmer and more inviting.

Aim for a streamlined space that only draws attention to the main pieces in the suite – including the sink, shower, bath, and mirrors. If you need to store cosmetic products and personal belongings, try to make sure that they’re out of sight or in purpose-built storage.

3. Upgrade your shower and bath

Every luxury bathroom needs to emphasise the key pieces in the suite. If your bath and shower both look a little bit dated or simply don’t meet the needs of you and your family, it could be time to swap them out for something more stylish and modern.

You could go for a four-piece suite, a shower-over-bath, or perhaps even a jacuzzi-style tub with jets for ultimate pampering. No matter your preferences, visiting a bathroom showroom will help to complete your vision for a new, luxurious space in your home.

4. Get the right light

Lastly, lighting will help to define the atmosphere in your bathroom. Aim for something that can be dimmed or adjusted to suit both relaxation and practical moments in your bathroom.

LED lights, especially those surrounding the borders of large mirrors, make a stylish choice for any suite. They’re also very handy for applying makeup or getting the detail just right during your skincare routine.


Redesigning your bathroom doesn’t need to cost the earth. When you focus on materials and the most important pieces in the space, you can transform them without needing to change the structure of your home. And with the finishing touches of a few luxury bath products, you’ll be ready to unwind every evening.

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