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Septic Tank Maintenance

5 Septic Tank Maintenance Errors and How to Avoid Them

by Ruhia

A consistent septic maintenance routine is vital to keep your tank in excellent condition and your family safe from hazardous waste. An estimated 21 million households in the United States of America use septic tanks for their waste disposal, and septic tank maintenance errors could prove costly if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Knowing the proper methods for cleaning septic tanks and what not to put into your tank will allow it to last for years. Taking matters into your own hands with regular septic tank inspections will do wonders for your budget and health.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to preventing costly septic tank maintenance mistakes. Keep reading to get the most from your septic tank today!

1. Failing to Get Your Septic Tank Inspected

Getting your septic tank inspected is vital if you want to avoid costly repairs. A good rule of thumb is to get your tank inspected annually. You’ll catch any potential issues and fix them before they escalate. Inspections are inexpensive, especially compared to the costs you’ll face if you require repairs for your tank.

2. Flushing Cooking Oils and Grease

Never flush grease or cooking oil into your septic tank if you want to save money on septic tank repairs. You’ll increase the odds of clogging your septic tank and household plumbing if you make a habit of flushing these cooking byproducts.

It’s also a one-way ticket toward damaging your home’s drain field. If you find that your system is clogged, it’s best to contact a reputable professional for assistance. You canĀ view here for more.

3. Using Harsh Chemicals for Cleaning Septic Tanks

One of the worst septic tank maintenance errors you can make is using harsh chemicals to clean your plumbing and septic tank. Many homeowners will use harsh chemicals to solve a clogged system, but it’s best to contact a septic tank professional to resolve the clog. Harsh chemicals will damage your septic system and result in expensive septic tank repairs.

4. Flushing Hygiene Products

Brushing hygiene products like baby wipes down the toilet and into your septic system is also inadvisable. Flushing these items when connected to a sewer might not cause issues, but this is a sure way to clog your septic tank and cause a backup. Dispose of these items in a trash can rather than your septic tank.

5. Growing Plants on Your Septic System

Another mistake homeowners create with septic tank maintenance is growing plants in the drain field. The plants and trees will grow well, but their roots will damage your drain field and destroy your septic system.

Avoid These Expensive Septic Tank Maintenance Errors in 2023

Owning a septic tank is an excellent way to eliminate your home’s waste, especially if you live away from the city. Still, it’s vital to avoid making septic tank maintenance errors to keep your system clean.

Avoid flushing hygiene products and cooking oils into your septic tank to avoid clogs and septic tank repairs. It’s also wise to inspect your septic tank annually to prevent expensive issues.

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