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Upgrade Your Homes Curb Appeal

Upgrade Your Homes Curb Appeal: Five Exterior Transformations You Can Consider

by Ruhia

The charming cottage boasted a delightful home’s curb appeal, drawing the attention of passersby with its well-manicured lawn and inviting front porch. San Bernardino has a unique definition of a home’s façade. The houses here are not just mere properties but stunning works of art that compete for attention and admiration within the community and its competitive real estate market. In a city where potential buyers are mostly young adult dwellers and retirees, a home’s exterior is essential to draw their attention and seal a lucrative deal.

As a homeowner in San Bernardino, you understand the importance of creating a lasting first impression. Your home’s exterior is not just a reflection of your taste but a statement that echoes your commitment to creating a remarkable personal sanctuary. A beautiful home exterior makes your home stand out from the entire neighborhood, capturing the curiosity and attention of visitors and turning the heads of those who pass by.  

If your San Bernardino home lacks this extra touch of elegance and allure. It’s time to make some easy yet impactful transformations to boost your home’s exterior and curb appeal. Continue reading to explore five impressive exterior upgrades that can breathe life into your home and make it stand out in San Bernardino’s real estate market. 

1. Upgrade Windows

Windows are the eyes of the house; they serve as an extension of your home. Connecting your stunning interior with the beauty of the outdoors. An upgrade as small as replacing your old and bland windows with stylish frames can completely transform the personality of your home. Even if a comprehensive redesign scheme does not accompany them.

Hire a reputable and experienced San Bernardino window replacement company to explore some trendy window design options. That aligns with your home’s unique persona and adds character to your home’s exterior. Fortunately, window replacement is among those home upgrades that don’t need prior planning permission.

You have the freedom to select and install replacement windows, modify the shape and size of existing window openings, and even introduce new frames. If you want to give your home a contemporary exterior layout. Opt for metal framed windows with a sleek and stylish finish that blends modern aesthetics with added functionality. You can choose from various window styles – from bow or awning windows to garden windows or a custom design that harmonizes with the overall exterior.

2. Light Up the House

Lighting holds incredible power to create a fascinating ambiance in your outdoor oasis. Revamping the outdoor lights and illuminating your outdoors can drastically transform your home’s exterior and boost curb appeal.

If you have an old and fading light bulb installed at your front door. It’s time to revitalize your home’s exterior with a splash of strategically-placed lights. Bid farewell to your outdated pendants and faulty lights. And light up your front porch with the soft glow of LED lights. If your front porch is slightly elevated. Take it up a notch with LED tape and channel lighting. Illuminate your pathways with solar-powered garden lights. They create a stunning look, liberate you from the hassle of securing wires, and help you save some extra bucks from your utility bills.

Suppose there are any architectural details, beautiful topiaries, or landscapes that you want to highlight. In that case, you can carefully place accent lights at a perfect angle and bring the best features of your home’s exterior into the spotlight. Install lights around your home’s perimeter for added safety and security.

3. Breathe New Life Into Your Front Door

If you desire to transform your lackluster front door into a captivating style statement. You don’t have to break the bank by replacing your entire door. Sometimes, a little attention and a touch of creativity are all it takes to breathe new life into it. Simply scratching away the old paint and adding a splash of bold colors to your door will work wonders. Leaving anyone who passes through it in awe with its stunning beauty and style.

Don’t hesitate to play with vibrant and eye-catching colors that perfectly contrast your home’s exterior color scheme. Adorn your front door with trendy door fixtures and hang an antique gaslight or stylish chandeliers next to it. Place seasonal plants with colorful flowers around the door and place a welcoming floor mat to give your entrance a perfect finishing touch.

4. Treat Your Front Porch like Any Other Room

Your front porch is an extension of your house, bringing the warmth and style of your home’s interior to the outdoors. A stunning front porch brings your home’s curb appeal to new heights and creates a charming little space where you can enjoy the cooler winters and rainy summers of San Bernardino with your loved ones.

Create a charming ambiance for your outdoor living by adding comfortable furniture adorned with colorful pillows that complement the overall design scheme. However, make sure the furniture size is proportionate to your front porch dimensions. Remember to use water-resistant fabrics that remain fresh throughout the seasons. Inviting you to unwind and relax in this outdoor sanctuary.

Consider the timeless charisma of rocking chairs or porch swings. Adding a touch of charm and welcoming allure to your space. Regularly clear away cobwebs and remove any clutter that spoils the exterior. Including gardening tools, unnecessary electronics, toys, withered plants, sports equipment, etc. Finish the perfect look of your front porch with fancy outdoor decorations like a windchime and hanging pots.

5. Revitalize Your Home with a Touch of Green

A green grass belt, mesmerizing landscape, and beautiful green plants hold the power to elevate your home’s curb appeal. Plant seasonal plants along the pathways and place planters and window boxes to frame key visual points like entryways and windows. Adding fresh plants doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can incorporate San Bernardino’s native plants that are cost-effective and thrive in the city’s hot and humid climate. These plants include deer weed, common fiddleneck, California sagebrush,  chamise, tarragon, reg brome, and Plummer’s mariposa lily.

If you want to create landscapes in your front yard. Take the advice of experts to choose the best landscaping structure together with hardscaping. Remember to strike a balance between taller plants and trees, green bushes, seasonal flowers, and grass carpets. Try to keep your landscaping well-manicured and avoid overplanting.

Hot summers in San Bernardino can quickly dry up the grass. So try to regularly water your grass and plants, maintain your lawn, trim bushes, and refresh planter beds with fresh mulch. Soften the hard surfaces of your exterior with potted plants that add layers of color and texture, and enhance the sculptural beauty of your home’s exterior.


Upgrading your home’s curb appeal is not only an exciting endeavor but also can captivate prospective buyers’ attention and elevate your home’s value to new heights. With these effortless yet impactful upgrades, together with a little creativity and attention to detail. You can boost your home’s curb appeal, make it stand out in the neighborhood, and skyrocket its overall market value.

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