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Celebrate the Veterans

13 Ways To Celebrate the Veterans in Your Life This Summer

by Ruhia

Summer months can be hard for military veterans. Summer is often a time of transition, loneliness, and isolation. They may be adjusting to life back home after being deployed or struggle with PTSD or physical health issues. Many veterans have difficulty making friends outside the military and feel like they don’t belong in civilian society. This can be especially hard when every time they look out the window, they feel like the world is going on without them.

Celebrating the veterans in your life is a wonderful way to show appreciation for their service and sacrifices. You can honor your veterans in tangible ways, such as giving them a way to display their thin ribbons. Let’s look at 13 ways to celebrate the veterans in your life this summer.

1. Attend a Veterans Event

Many veterans’ events are held throughout the summer, such as parades, festivals, and concerts. These events are a great way to show your support for veterans and to learn more about their experiences.

Many communities organize specific parades to honor veterans on Veterans Day. Attend the parade with your veteran friend or family member to show your support and gratitude.

2. Volunteer at a Veterans Organization

Contact local veterans organizations and see how you can contribute your time and skills. You could assist with events, fundraising activities, advocate for veterans’ rights, or offer your services to help veterans in need.

3. Donate to a Veterans’ Charity

Many charities support veterans and their families. You can donate to a charity that is specific to your veteran’s branch of service or to a charity that supports veterans in general.

4. Host a Barbecue, Picnic, or Potluck

Organize a gathering with family and friends, specifically inviting your veteran friends and family. Consider planning a special activity to celebrate and honor the veterans in your life. Plan a summer barbecue or picnic where you can share stories, play games, and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Visit a Veterans Hospital or Retirement Home

Spend time with veterans who may be hospitalized or residing in retirement homes. Bring small gifts and cards or simply chat and listen to their stories. It can make a significant difference in their day and remind them that their service is appreciated.

6. Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

Look for local businesses owned by veterans and support them. Whether it’s a restaurant, shop, or service provider, your patronage can help these individuals thrive and succeed.

7. Offer-Transportation or Assistance

Many veterans may require assistance with transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, or other errands. Reach out to the veterans in your life and offer to help them with these tasks. It can make a big difference and show your support.

8. Share Their Stories

Take the time to interview the veterans in your life and document their experiences. Share their stories through written articles, videos, or social media posts to raise awareness and appreciation for their service.

9. Participate in a Run or Walk Event

Look for local charity runs or walks dedicated to supporting veterans. Participate in these events with your veteran friend or family member or as a way to honor veterans collectively.

10. Display the Flag

Show your patriotism and support by flying the flag on appropriate occasions, such as Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day. You can also encourage others in your community to do the same.

11. Offer Your Listening Ear

Sometimes, the most meaningful gesture is simply being there to listen. Veterans may carry burdens or memories that they want to share or talk about. Be open and attentive — tell them you’re there to listen and support them.

12. Learn More About Veterans’ Issues

The best way to show your support for veterans is to learn more about their experiences and the issues they face. You can read books, articles, and websites about veterans’ issues. You can also talk to veterans themselves and learn about their experiences firsthand.

13. Write a Letter to Your Elected Officials.

Thank your elected officials for supporting the military and advocating for veterans’ rights. You can also ask them to support policies that will help veterans and their families.

Celebrating Veterans Every Day

While summer can be challenging for military veterans, there are ways to help provide support without putting your loved ones on the spot. Small acts of kindness, gratitude, and acknowledgment throughout the year can significantly impact the veterans in your life. By fostering connection and providing support and understanding, you can positively impact the well-being of veterans in your life. Remember celebrating veterans is not limited to specific days or occasions. It’s also providing the community and support they need to feel valued and appreciated in their day-to-day life at home.

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