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Nike Maxsight

Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses with Color Filtration –Best for Athletes-Review

by Ruhia

Nike Maxsight is a high-quality contact lens attachment. Especially, athletes prefer such superior, anti-UV eyewear accessories to play in the open sky. They wear Nike Maxsight contact lenses which are protective of their vision. Besides, there are a handful of benefits to facilitate them to track any minuscule object in the low shadowy beam. Besides, they get wonderful ultra-thin contact lenses which are easy to carry. Before using Nike Maxsight contact lenses, you need relevant product reviews to know about the features, benefits, and prices of fancy colorful eyewear attachments. 

What Is Nike Maxsight?

Nike Maxsight is a colorful contact lens that has a sportive look and elegance. For corrective and non-corrective vision, you can try this type of fancy eye-wear attachment. For enhancing vision clarity and improving object identification, you should get a nice Nike Maxsight eye-wear lens. In strong daylight, this eye protective system is user-friendly. Wear a grey-green colored lens that helps you play golf in shining light. The glare resistance of the Nike Maxsight is awesome giving you perfect vision to watch the running game.

What Are the Features of Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses?

Nike Maxsight

The perfection in the vision is necessary for a sportsman who has to track and chase others. Keeping it in mind, specialists have designed Nike Maxsight contact lens systems. Features of this type of detachable eyewear attachment are varied as well as innovative. For example, the beam filtration process is smooth screening the UV rays to prevent the glaring tendency.

Blue light is harmful to your eyes. With sophisticated anti-glare sealant, you can wear the lens to overtake direct attacks of UV rays. The visual acuity is enhanced. Besides, the running objects are easy to track. Golf players feel comfortable using Nike Maxsight contact lenses. These eye-wear attachments are found in grey green and amber hues. 

Benefits of Wearing Nike Maxsight Lenses

Nike Maxsight lenses have perfect wavelengths to maintain accuracy in light filtration. Approximately, 90 percent of harmful UVA and UVB light is scanned to purify the vision. This light clarity is essential for you to watch the objects in motion without feeling pain. Nike Maxsight contact lenses do not get obstruction due to the fog and smoke. 

Views should not face distortion. It causes the blurring of visibility. Wearing Nike Maxsight lenses, you will have a different feel. You will see any small object clearly. The distortion-free vision transparency is enhanced. 

The contact lenses cover the pupils of your eyes. Therefore, the risks of getting infected are low. Dust particles, dander, and remnants do not affect the interior space of the eye compartment. The grey-green color is suitable for golf players and athletes. They can use Nike Maxisight eye-wear attachments. On the other hand, the amber color is a perfect fit for the swimmers and baseball players. The deep blue color is not suitable for any sportsman. 

Nike Maxsight Contacts- A True Replacement to Sunglasses 

Nike Maxsight

Nike Maxsight contacts are beautiful eyewear accessories that give you a refined vision. It is difficult for you to wear sunglasses which pinch your eyes. While doing outdoor activities, you should have no burden to bear. Using contact lenses, your pupils and other parts of your eyes are protected. The tinted lenses are screeners to screen the blue color and UV rays. Therefore, the user gets the refined and double-filtered beam to see the running balls. Nike contact lenses are therefore alternatives to sunglasses. 

What Is Nike Maxsight Alternative?

Nike Maxsight contact lenses are incomparable and qualitative. This lens manufacturer was in collaboration with Bausch and Lomb to design light-weight contact lenses. Specifically, these eye-wear attachments are beneficial for athletes who have to run with time. Their vision should be clear and stable. Nike Maxsight lenses take care of the specific elements of the sports to improve your eyesight. That means, the amber color puts a clear focus on baseball and hockey. The particular color is helpful for you to monitor any running object. 

The grey-green hue adjusts your vision to playing golf. At the same time, this type of contact lens improves the particular wavelength area. There is no Nike Maxsight alternative. The reason is that the Nike Maxsight lens blocks the blue color through the filtration process. Other contact lenses have no efficacy to separate the blue color from other prominent hues. 

Nike Contact Lenses VS Clear Regular Lenses 

Nike Maxsight

Nike contact lenses are appropriate for athletes who need to correct their eyesight for proper object recognition. They should not have difficulty seeing and tracking the ball. Nor are they stuck to the poor daylight or distortion. For this reason, Nike Maxsight produced the new line of eyewear accessories through the joint venture with Bausch and Lomb way back in 2000.

The tinted contact glass texture is unique and qualitative compared to the regular lenses. The vision correction is possible if you isolate the bad light from the good one through refinement. The regular clear glasses are not able to filtrate the light.

Nike contact lenses restore natural vision clarity. Besides, the interchange color combination is another vital feature to fix your vision. For example, for bright and shadowy light, you need amber and grey-green colors for perfection in recognizing the particular object.

Nike Maxsight – Who Really Needs This Lens?

Nike Maxsight lenses can be worn by anyone irrespective of gender. However, athletes have soft corners towards these vision corrective accessories. Athletes need proper wavelength measurement to wipe out the possibility of poor vision. Wavelength between 200 and 380 nm is detrimental to your cornea. It is seen that ultraviolet ray has 380 to 500 nm which damages the inner retina of the eye. The blue color is powerful enough to penetrate the eyes to distort the vision.

Nike Maxsight lenses are tested to maintain the wavelength without exceeding 380nm. Professional athletes and swimmers require such comfortable lenses to wear. They do not need to depend on traditional colorful sunglasses. Their vision acuity is not at risk because of the use of the advanced Maxsight contact lenses.

Why was Nike Maxsight Banned?

Why was nike maxsight banned

People need the perfect answer to this question- why was Nike Maxsight banned? Grievances were shared with social media portals as well. Nike and Lomb collaborated to produce the tinted contact lenses. This joint approach is important for Nike and Bausch & Lomb to manufacture classic refractive correction lenses that have the tinted texture to resist glare. The visual inspection will be fast and smooth after proper color filtration.

Maxsight lenses are also color screeners. However, unfortunately, Maxsight contact lenses were lifted from the market. The extraordinary vision perfection gives advantages to athletes to have the lead over the rivals without lenses. The red-colored lenses are also dazzling to create suspense to put pressure on the minds of the rivals. Therefore, sports authorities banned the use of max sight lenses to wear in the race course. 

Any Update about the Re-launch of Maxsight Contact Lenses?

The return of the Maxsight contact lenses depends on the decision of the higher authority. The tinted opal contact lenses are protectors shielding the eyes from the sun’s rays. The anti-glare texture of the lens soothes your eyes including pupils and cornea in the sharp light. However, sportsmen should not wear these contact lenses as they will get extra mileage to compete. They will create a different environment to dominate in the competition. So, there is no official declaration of the introduction of the modified eyewear system in the market.

Nike Max sight-Precaution

The new units of modified Nike Max sight are scheduled to be brought to the market soon. Remember that officially the company has not fixed the date for the premier show to promote the new arrivals in the industry. Precautions are also given by experts. According to them, the upgraded versions do not give protection to the white part of the eyes. Secondly, these lenses work in only daylight outdoors


Nike Maxsight contact lenses are vision protective systems to correct your eyesight. These eyewear attachments minimize the side effects of glaring blue rays or UV rays. Tinted contact lenses are useful for athletes, and golf players who need to identify the running objects properly. These contact lenses are available in amber and grey-green hues. So, you need to choose the perfect Nike Maxsight pair to enjoy the outdoor expeditions. 


Q: What is the Nike Maxsight contact lens?

A: Maxsight contact lens is tinted with anti-glare protection to help you do visual recognition.

Q: Who is allowed to wear Maxsight contact lenses?

A: There is no restriction for people to wear max sight contact lenses. Especially, sportsmen and athletes feel comfy to wear such awesome lenses.

Q: Are Nike Maxsight contact lenses found?

A: Right now, Nike Maxsight lenses are nowhere in the market. The company discontinued manufacturing the eye-wear lenses.

Q: Where to get Maxsight contact lenses?

A: Right now, maxsight is out of stock after being banned. Usually, you will find this line of products on the internet.

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