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Can Adding Commercial Trash Receptacle (S) Cure Your Litter Problem

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Littering is a significant problem, especially for those operating a public facility. Despite trying to stay on top of it, people passing by or those patronizing the establishment will often unknowingly or subconsciously scatter trash in their hurry to get to their next appointment.

It’s difficult to presume why people litter; stopping the behavior is unlikely. Instead, the focus will need to be on finding a better way to manage the litter and solve the trash issue around the property. Perhaps, try to figure out when it happens most to see if there’s a pattern: mornings, evenings. 

Perhaps if more commercial garbage cans were available, spaced out over a greater area, the problem would decrease. The first step would be to develop a plan for making improvements and then establish a budget before moving forward.

How Can Commercial Garbage Cans Reduce Litter for Your Facility

Litter can be a major problem for facilities, with people rushing in and out, not paying attention, and dropping things as they go. As a business owner, you find your property trashed by the end of a workday. 

You can post signs asking people not to litter or toss the trash in the closest receptacle, but when people are in a hurry, they not only drop things, but they don’t usually pay attention to signs. 

It’s more difficult to change a person’s behavior than it is to offer more convenient ways for them to dispose of their garbage. If it’s easy and quick, they’re more likely to take that extra second. Go to https://blog.zogics.com/how-to-pick-the-right-commercial-trash-cans-for-your-facility and find commercial trash can options for your small business, and then follow here for tips on how to better manage the litter situation for your facility.

Commercial garbage cans

Take inventory of the litter around your facility, where it occurs most, when it happens most often, whether in the morning or at the end of the day. The best way to get it under control is to become more familiar with how it’s occurring. 

You’ll need to assess the types of litter accumulating around the outside if there’s any on the interior, and how much you’re getting. Knowing the sort of litter, you have most of will help you decide on a solution. Maybe you have a significant number of cigarette butts. 

That would call for a commercial can with a dispenser for these. You can also prepare better signage and alerts directing people to start using the new containers and where they can be found.

The spacing

People won’t go out of their way to get to a trash can, especially if they’re in a hurry. Unfortunately, in many cases, instead of carrying their garbage to their vehicle or returning to the building, they will leave it sitting in an inappropriate spot.

In a top-rated world resort, the trash cans were mandated to be placed at most 25 feet apart, and that resort was always well-kept. People didn’t have to go too far to toss things away. It was convenient and easy; there was no reason to litter.

When you have plenty of garbage cans spaced properly in strategic locations, the litter should decrease. An excellent place to start is near the entrance of most facilities, particularly restaurants or fast-food places. 

The number

You’ll want to have an adequate number of commercial garbage receptacles for the size of your property to reduce the litter issue. While you might have them conveniently placed, if there are not many of them, they’ll start to overflow with trash falling over the ground.

That will cause people just to toss what they have on the pile. This usually happens in parks or fairgrounds when there’s a concert or event and not enough trash cans. People leave their trash everywhere. 

If you have a lot of people passing through at a specific location constantly, you’ll need a few “high capacity” garbage containers. These will ensure the litter stays under control. You want to avoid getting them too big, however. If you don’t empty the cans regularly, they can develop foul odors.

Taking out the trash

Commercial garbage cans (check here) will fill up quickly with a busy facility. You’ll need to enlist some help to monitor these and keep them emptied following a routine schedule to avoid overflowing and prevent odors. 

If litter starts to build up or the bags are not getting full, the schedule needs to be adjusted.

Final Thought

Often, if you keep the property well-landscaped, clean, and tidy, guests won’t want to be the ones to make it messy. They’ll be more likely to search for a trash can or take their garbage to their car. If the place is unkempt and there’s other litter lying around, other people will feel it’s acceptable.

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