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Custom Banner Errors and How to Avoid Them

6 Common Custom Banner Errors and How to Avoid Them

by Robin Smith

Are you using a custom banner to advertise your business? Ridding your ads of stock photographs can be one of the best investments you can make to find your customer base.

It can make your business look more professional and show off what your company does well.

However, there are several common custom banner errors. What do you do to avoid them? How can you deliver something that your audience will love?

Keep reading to find out.

1. Not Using the Correct Colors for Custom Banner

To avoid this error, it is important to pay attention to any predetermined color options your printing service has to offer. Additionally, it is important to understand and be knowledgeable about the differences between different color systems.

Using an incorrect color system can be costly if the final product does not come out as expected.

2. Typos and Incorrect Spellings

To avoid this, double-check all words and names when creating a banner. Have someone else reviews the material as well. Crosschecking against a dictionary or thesaurus can be an effective approach to spotting typos.

You can use spelling and grammar checker software to help you ensure accuracy. Using a larger font size can help to make typos more obvious.

3. Using the Wrong Banner Template

The template should be compatible with the banner printing software being used. Perhaps the most important factor to consider when selecting a banner template is the type of audience being targeted. The message that needs to be conveyed also needs to be considered.

4. Using a Low Image Quality for Custom Banner

This can lead to a pixelated and blurry appearance, ruining the overall banner image quality. To avoid this, it’s essential to ensure that the graphics are saved in a high-quality file format such as JPEG or PNG.

When possible, use an original vector graphic, as this will give the highest possible resolution

5. Sizes Are Disappropriate

When banners are too small, they may not accommodate all of the graphics and text necessary to make an effective display. On the other hand, when banners are too big, they can overwhelm a space and become difficult to read.

To avoid this mistake, consider the physical space you want the banner to occupy and plan accordingly. 

6. Not Using Contrast

Such mistakes include blurring of images, unclear text, and certain colors not being visible. To avoid these common errors, it is important to carefully consider the design of the banner and make the colors on the banner stand out.

By using darker colors for the images and text and brighter colors for the background, the elements on the banner will be more visible and easier to read. 

Beware of These Common Custom Banner Errors

Overall, ensuring these common custom banner errors are avoided requires attention to detail. Double-check sizes and colors to ensure uniformity.

Always proofread the text to make sure the message is accurate and clear. By following the suggestions here, you can improve the quality of your banners and get the most out of your investment. Start planning your banner design today! Did you find this article helpful? You can check out our website for more awesome content like this.

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