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beginner cryptocurrency trading mistakes

6 Beginner Cryptocurrency Trading Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

by Robin Smith

If you’ve been staying tuned to investment news, you know that crypto dominates headlines today. 

About 21% of Americans today have some crypto investments. People are recognizing the benefits of these investments and are choosing to spread their money around on different tokens. 

The more you can learn about these tokens, the easier time you’ll have generating some serious profits. Above all, avoid the following beginner cryptocurrency trading mistakes so that your portfolio can thrive. 

1. Not Having a Crypto Trading Strategy

Many people go into crypto trading haphazardly and full of excitement. The excitement is justified, but you should never invest in anything without having a strategy. 

Your strategy should allow you to time the market and buy crypto at a low enough rate to eventually get a return on your investment. Study tokens to the best of your ability so that you’re not entering the market with no rhyme or reason. 

2. Failing to Research Different Types of Crypto

Another of the most common beginner cryptocurrency trading mistakes is failing to get to know the different types of cryptocurrency available. People know about Bitcoin, and many know about Ethereum, but there are more than 100 viable tokens that you can invest in. 

And just because Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most known and stable of the coins doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t conduct research before buying tokens. Know why you’re investing in your token of choice and it will guide your path accordingly. 

3. Only Investing Based on the News Cycles

You will wade through a lot of headlines and advice once it comes time to weigh your options for cryptocurrencies. A big mistake that people make is seeing a headline, running with it, and dumping large sums of money into the token that they read about. 

Consider every story that you read, but always do your due diligence, rather than getting caught up in the hot token of the moment. 

4. You Didn’t Choose a Quality Crypto Exchange Platform

Take the time to research a crypto exchange platform before investing. This means getting to know the fees, rules, trading periods, and other points. 

Choose a platform that is secure and that you can trust, and read reviews from others who have used it. 

5. Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies to Get Rich Quick

Even though crypto is the next big thing, you shouldn’t treat it like a get-rich-quick scheme. While there are some opportunities for big, quick returns, you should treat crypto with the same diligence and care that you would the stock market or any other investment. 

Many people do some half-hearted research and then get discouraged when they don’t get instant returns. Take your time and resolve to be in it for the long haul. 

6. Failing to Secure Your Crypto

Make sure that you also secure your crypto trading profits against theft. Buy a crypto wallet and store it for safekeeping, along with your PIN. 

Invest wisely and only use platforms that are vetted and secure. 

You can find more information here when you’re ready to learn more about crypto trading. 

Beginner Cryptocurrency Trading Mistakes That Are Common

You’ll have a better chance of investing when you understand some of the most common beginner cryptocurrency trading mistakes that you should avoid.  Bookmark our website and check back to learn more about things like crypto investing and other ways to grow your personal wealth. 

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