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Digital Footprint with Rich Media Ads

Maximize Your Digital Footprint with Rich Media Ads

by Ruhia

Brand recognition and awareness in the digital domain depend on how successful marketers have attracted their target audience. However, Rich Media Ads achieving such a feat is easier said than done. Modern consumers are becoming increasingly aware and sophisticated.

They are bombarded with various advertisements and conduct their research before associating themselves with a brand. In the constantly evolving digital landscape, in-house marketing teams and external digital marketing agencies need to come up with innovative concepts to entice audiences to interact and engage with brands.

One of the most potent tools in any digital marketer’s arsenal is the rich media ad. Rich media adverts have increased advertising efforts by performing comparatively better than traditional ads.

If numbers are to be believed, rich media advertising click-through rates have surpassed standard banner ads by 267 percent. Companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to attract customers and are increasingly leaning towards rich media banner advertising to gain potential customers and retain existing ones.

With the unprecedented rise in the popularity of rich media ads, it is predicted that marketers will shift a major portion of their advertising budget into making and distributing rich media adverts.

What is Rich Media Advertising?

Google defines rich media advertising as “a digital advertising term for an ad that includes advanced features like video, audio, or other elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content.”

So, rich media will have images or videos and contain an out-of-the-box call for consumer interaction. To entice the audience, the rich media ad format can also include live streams and audio components to help customers interact and engage with the ad.

Rich media ads are responsive and can be created for any screen size. This adaptability has made rich media adverts perfect for mobile advertising. The best digital advertising companies create high-impact ads to engage with mobile audiences, allowing brands to penetrate the market further.

How Can Rich Media Ads Help You Establish Your Presence In The Digital Market?

Helps You Attract The Audience

As mentioned earlier in the article, the best rich media ads can attract the audience’s attention. Rich media ad formats are created in such a way to help the customer retain as much information as possible while interacting with it.

Rich media ads are perfect for people who lean toward visual content, as this format will help them easily retain and recall brand information. This is crucial today in digital marketing as the attention span of an average user has decreased to about 8.25 secs only.

That being said, marketers just have a few seconds to capture customers’ attention. The audience is more likely to understand the message in a rich media format than just getting a static ad full of text.

High User Engagement of Rich Media

In line with the previous benefit, rich media ads, while grabbing attention from the audience, also increases user engagement simultaneously. Digital advertising and marketing agency is rapidly evolving and has brought the benefits of utilizing interactive adverts. Marketers have quickly noticed that, leading to the rise of rich media ads.

Rich media ads are visually attractive and present the audience with an opportunity to take action. Integrating appropriate images, videos, graphics, and audio increase the likelihood of getting clicks from the ads.

Offers Enhanced User Experience

Audiences are exposed to all kinds of ads every minute they spend on the internet. This fact is not very shocking, as an average person sees 6,000 to 10,000 ads every day on all communication mediums. So, it is natural to feel some degree of ad fatigue being constantly surrounded by ad “noise.”

So, how do you counter ad fatigue while advertising for your brand?

A better user experience is the best way to deal with such situations. In order to combat “banner blindness,” rich media advertisements offer a visual experience that enhances the user’s interaction.

The engaging format of the rich media ads makes the consumer excited to know more about your brand, products, and services you are marketing. Using rich media advertising will improve user experience and bring in potential leads and revenue for your company.

Creative Independence With No Restriction on Space

Rich media ads give comparatively more independence to artists and graphic designers when creating the ad. Given that this particular type of ad can be designed in various formats like Interstitial Ads or Pushdown ads, advertisers and marketing enjoy a kind of creative freedom that is seldom experienced while making other digital ads.

Given that rich media, ads include many dynamic elements like audio, video, and other interactive segments. Its marketers can diversify the content without overwhelming the audience.

Apart from creative freedom, there is also less restriction in terms of space. In the past, static ads allowed advertisers to include all the information in a single frame. However, times have changed. With rich media ads, marketers can advertise their content on a much larger scale, regardless of the device’s size.

In Conclusion

Brands are always looking for the latest and best way to advertise their products and services while simultaneously connecting with their target audience. Rich media ads convey your brand story to the audience and catch their attention.

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