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Three Main Factors That Determine Ad Quality?

Fīnd out the Main Factors That Determine Ad Quality

by Ruhia

Nowadays, it does not matter whether you are creating a blog post, PPC ad, Social media post, or any other Strategies; all the marketers are today only focusing on creating quality content. The whole thing depends on Google as Google measures the quality score between 1 to 10 scales. Google is the one that decides when and where your quality ads will appear what will be the minimum CPC and decide many other important elements as well.

As we all know, this grade is also named Ad Quality score and how it affects different types of PPC accounts. To create the qualities for Google uses different things like Different Signals and factors as well. However, three main major factors determine the ad quality eventually. There are thousands of people who are wondering what are the three main factors that determine ad quality?. With the help of this particular text, we will elaborate those three major factors with you all everyone. 

There are numerous things that people can refer to while talking about this ad quality score. One might know the effective sites of quality score or not as well. Besides that, the most important and common thing in this main topic is the quality score. If you are thinking about the quality score for your website, you will also have to know the three major factors about the quality score and determine the quality score. You will have to keep all of your focus on the three major factors and work on each one of them if you want to increase the quality score for your website. 

What Is Quality Score?

The Ad quality score is something that Google decides every time about seeing your ads, the landing page’s performance, and keywords. Google will see how good performance your ads are and will give the rank between 1 to 10 depending on ads’ performance. 

Moreover, on the other side, it is the ad quality score, which sees your website’s overall performance and estimates the rank for your website. The more you will work on your landing pages, your keywords and ads, the more you can increase the score day by day. 

Why Should You Care About Your Quality Score?

If you have the question in your mind, why should you care about quality scores? Then here in this section, we will elaborate on the topic gradually.

 It is always essential to care about your quality score as it decides your CPC and ROI. Depending on the performance you will create on ad quality Google, the better result you will receive on the other side. Moreover, it will gradually decrease and increase the Google charges on ad clicking as well. 

If the ranking of your website remains between 1 to 5, then Google will decrease or offer A discount on CPC. However, on the other side ranking above 5 will increase the CPC price as well. Hence it is always better to score between 1 to 5. By working on the landing pages, keywords, and ad quality, Google will automatically notice your website and add value to an explosion to the website. 

what are the three main factors that determine ad quality?

Improve your knowledge by reading this topic; It is very important to know all of the three main factors that determine ad quality, and here we will discuss each of the factors in detail. Let us give our all attention to this very traffic and know each of the factors immediately.

Improve the quality score of your website; you will have to gradually focus on the below 3 things. The three major factors are-

Relevance of Ad

Google can hold any of the higher or lower ranks for your website according to the ad’s relevance. All credit goes to Google, which helps all the people understand the ranking performance and many other essential things related to the relevance of AD. It also helps all those people improve the ad quality and bring relevance with the keywords.  

Moreover, Google will also notice how relevant your keywords and ads will be to each other and provide the ranking depending on this relevance. Therefore the relevance of ads is an important part of increasing your website ranking and quality score. Google divides into three sections that identify the ad performance for your website. The three sections are 

Below Average

If Google offers you a ranking below average, it means you will have to work on your keywords, Topics, and you need to focus on add grouping to improve this status. It also means that you need to be more specific about your keywords topic and other important things related to your ad performance. Without working on these things, you cannot improve the status as well.


 Moreover, if Google offers you the ranking of average, it means Google does not find any major issues both with the keywords and Ad relevance.

Above Average 

Lastly, if Google offers a status above average, it means Google does not find any major issues with your website keyword and Ad relevance. 

Expected CTR

 Mainly it is a Keyword status that decides the likelihood of each of the keywords And also predicts how many times it will be clicked as well/ the status is divided into three parts as well which is

 Below Average

The below-average means one needs to fix Ad text with the Related or top keywords. By focusing on these two things, you will need to increase the below-average status to above or above average. 


On the other side, the average status predicts that there are no major issues with your CTR. 

 Above Average 

Lastly, the above-average indicates that there are no such issues with the CTR as well.

Visitor Experience on the Landing Page

It simply means the experience of the landing page by every visitor of your website and divided into three sections. 


These are the main three factors that determine the quality score for your website. 

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