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Can you choose a new lease car soon? Together with ALD Automotive, we have prepared 6 smart tips that you can look out for when choosing a lease car so that it fits within the lease standard and within your own budget. Curious which they are? You can read that below.

1: Valuable options
Metallic paint, climate control, an automatic gearbox, and leather upholstery are fixed-value options that affect the lease price of a car. But also a built-in navigation system has a favorable effect on the lease price because the residual value of a car with these options often turns out to be higher. The depreciation is the largest cost component of a lease car, so residual value increasing options and accessories are interesting to choose.

2: The personal contribution
The lease car is often also used privately. The employer can, therefore, ask its employees to pay a personal contribution to the lease car. If the personal contribution has been designated as a contribution for private use, the addition may be reduced by the amount of this personal contribution.

3: Duration
Car costs (such as depreciation and interest) are divided over the term of the lease contract. For example, it is possible that a more expensive lease car falls within the lease standard if a longer term of the contract is concluded.

4: Occasion lease
Leased cars often return earlier, because an employee leaves, for example. You can then lease these (second-hand) lease cars as an occasion. It is often possible to choose a larger car that falls within the lease budget because the car is offered at a competitive rate. In addition, you can drive this lease car quickly because it is in stock and a shorter term of the contract is possible. An additional advantage can be that the addition is lower because the car has been registered before.

5: The electric car
A fully electric car can have several advantages. These cars have an addition of only 4 percent *. There are currently several models with a large range (+ 200km) such as the Kia e-Niro, Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, and the Opel Ampera-e. Good to know is that you can extend your lease contract with a so-called holiday car. For this, you reserve a small monthly amount with which you exchange the electric lease car for a few weeks a year for a car with an unlimited range and/or a class larger.

6: Keep an eye on the lease offers.
A lease car with an upgrade package or in a lease version has just a few extra options and often at a competitive rate. It pays to keep an eye on these offers to take advantage of an extra discount.

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