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7 Family-friendly Things to do in Malaysia

7 Family-friendly Things to do in Malaysia

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Malaysia is a top-rated tourist destination in Southeast Asia. It caters to the myriad demands of finicky tourists from all age groups. From sightseeing and leisurely walking to thrilling adventures, it provides ample opportunities for explorers and wanderers. Appreciate the fascinating wildlife and the serene beauty of the nation. You can go hiking, notice the authentic traditions and rich culture, and savor scrumptious local food. Visit the astounding themed parks with your kids. You can also take a tour of the remarkable exhibits. Moreover, you can spend some time shopping for interesting gift items from popular marketplaces.

Here is a list of 7 family-friendly things to do in Malaysia for your convenience:

1. Sunway Lagoon: 

With pre-bought Sunway lagoon tickets, you can enter into a world of adventurous blends of six diverse lands. There are more than 90 attractions and rides. You can splash into the water and beat the heat of the city. Cherish your experiences at the cement ground, water pools, lost lagoon, and scream park. You can even enjoy extreme sports and rich wildlife. For more excitement, you can indulge in bungee jumping, flying fox, and archery. Moreover, you can attempt Malaysia’s 1st simulator ride, FlowRider. You can even admire the Vuvuzela, the world’s largest vortex water ride. Besides, you can try body slides, Jungle Fury, roller coasters, Monsoon 360, tube slides, Pirates Revenge, and river-rapid rides. The park also houses Malaysia’s 1st 5D Waterplexx.

2. Aquaria: 

You can tour the Aquaria, KLCC, one of the best educational and exciting tourist destinations in Malaysia. Moreover, it is best suited for families and kids. In a 90-m tall underwater transparent tunnel, you can tiptoe with the marine creatures. You can witness more than 150 species of aquatic and 5000 land animals. Moreover, you can explore the myriad exhibits of the Jewels of the Jungle, the Evolution Zone, the Touch Pool, and the Flooded Forest. You can see a green sea turtle, giant moray eel, tokay gecko, electric eels, sand tiger shark, sea cucumber, red lionfish, and starfish. Book Aquaria klcc tickets and Again, you can go through the numerous conservation projects displayed in the aquarium.

3. Sunway Pyramid Ice: 

It is an internationally recognized sports and leisure entertainment zone in Malaysia. Moreover, it is a pleasurable and soothing alternative to the city’s heat, shopping, and chaos. Several international tournaments like World Ice Hockey, Skate Asia, and Skate Malaysia are organized here. Crafted with a contemporary and smooth design, with adequate safety measures, it offers ample scope for learning and brushing your skating skills. You can pre-book your tickets for ice skating with your kids. Have fun interacting and learning from skating enthusiasts. You can book the place for birthday and wedding parties. Get a ‘School Holiday Package’ for new students. Even product launches and innovative business gatherings can be arranged.

4. Breakout Escape Room: 

Inside the themed rooms, you can solve mysteries and puzzles of life within 75 minutes. You will be hooked on the unique stories and challenges. Your game master will lead you to your tasks. You can choose from various missions, and play immersive and challenging games. As you play with your squad you can learn team-building and problem-solving skills. Find your way out of the dark room with some clues. Dive into the surreal ambiance of an ongoing movie scene. You can even host birthdays and events for a fun-filled day and memory. Thus, you can avail of affordable fun and entertainment.

5. Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary: 

Located within the Krau Wildlife Reserve, it brings you close to different kinds of elephants. Because of its strict visitor quotas, you need to pre-book your tickets. Visit it for an informative, learning, and exhilarating experience of a lifetime. You can greet the Asian Elephants in their natural habitats. Moreover, you can pet and feed the baby elephants. You can even the bathing of the elephants. Besides, you can prepare their food. You can hire a guide who can enlighten you about the welfare of animals. The park remains open from 10.30 am to 4.15 pm. Click photos and record videos to document every moment of your delightful trip.

6. Beast Park: 

It is located inside the 15-m high indoor space in Jumpa @ Sungei Wang. You should visit this new indoor-themed park for overwhelming adventure sports. Book your time slot in advance for a confirmed entry. Visit it anytime between 10.00 am to 8.00 pm. Both beginners and experts can enjoy modern climbing facilities. The professional belayers and instructors will assist you in your climbing. You can set your goals and accomplish them as you climb the indoor walls to the top. Push your limits and explore your talents. The spacious layout setting offers maximum thrill and fun. However, you can come here with older children, preferably 5+ years.

7. Laser Battle: 

It is the largest laser battle tag center in Asia with a 5000 sq. feet arena size. In this sci-fi world fitted with top-notch equipment, you can enjoy more than 55 interactive game modes. Come here anytime between 10.30 am and 10.15 pm for an immersive experience. Select various missions according to your convenience. You can even choose the difficulty level of the games. Indulge in team deathmatch that includes targets, base attacks, and mines. Moreover, you can play flag games. You can admire the state-of-the-art amenities like a touch screen display, fat green laser beams, and 6 vibration sensors with LED lights. The amazing light and sound effects make the games interesting and worthwhile. Know more Halal Hotels in Antalya


As you can see, when you visit Malaysia with your family, you can spend quality time. From spine-chilling adventures to edutainment, you can cherish them all. You can unwind from the stressful life. Moreover, you can better bond with your loved ones. You can browse through the various tour packages available online. Consult your tour operator for an optimum program, that matches your tastes, time, and budget. You can even grab luxurious services at no additional cost when you acquire lucrative offers.

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