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How to Plan an Epic Two-Week Trip in Europe?

How to Plan an Epic Two-Week Trip in Europe?

by Ruhia

Mainland Europe is jam-packed with stunning towns and cities. With the convenience of short-haul flights and the Eurostar. There’s no reason why you can’t see multiple locations in just two weeks.

With the treasure trove of continental destinations on our doorstep, a European tour is something everyone should do at some point if they can!

Plan an itinerary

First, do a bit of preliminary research into the cities. You want to visit and what the transport between each one is like.

Find a methodical way of tackling the city, perhaps starting in our very own London first. From Heathrow, there are 214 destinations open to you and the flights are often cheaper.

The Eurostar train also runs from London St Pancras station and is a convenient way to hop from city to city. It’s more comfortable than a flight and takes you to a train station within the city centers themselves, erasing the need for a transfer!

Connecting flights

Before you lock in any plans, ensure you can get connecting flights or trains between each location seamlessly. Cities like Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen go together nicely. Another easy combo is Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.

Don’t force yourself to connect at times of day that don’t suit your body clock. At least not every single time you do it! Traveling at unsociable hours is often cheaper but remember that you want to enjoy your holiday. Too many disrupted nights can put you out of sorts, and that’s no fun!

If you’re flying, make sure you get an accurate picture of transfer times and costs before you book flights. This can save you a lot of stress.

Consider accommodation in areas that make it easy to transfer when it comes time for your next flight or train. If you don’t want to do this for the whole trip, you can always save it for your last night in each city.

Seeing as you’ll be on the move a lot, try to pack a little bit lighter than you usually would for a holiday! Your back and shoulders will thank you.  

Get some help with the planning

If you’d rather sit back and let the European holiday happen to you, you could always find one that has been readily prepared.

Explore package deal options and preview their itineraries. The good news is that they’re planned by travel experts who know how much time you need to connect and where the nice hotels are. They also might be able to show you the best of European rural locations that you’d otherwise struggle to access.

Two weeks is a perfect length of time to pick a corner of Europe that interests you and hop around between spectacular cities.

With all the planning done carefully, there’s no reason why you can’t have the time of your life.

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