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High-Efficiency Furnace Installation

High-Efficiency Furnace Installation

by Ruhia

It may be time to replace the old furnace with a new high-efficiency one. There are many things that you should know about this. You might even want to have a professional do it for you to make sure that it is done exactly right.

You can find the right professional by doing a quick internet search. You can also read this blog about high-efficiency furnace installation to get the information that you need. There is a lot of information in this blog.

This article will help you to learn more about this subject, as well. It will give you some information that you might need. You can also do more research to find the information that you are looking for.

Installing a Furnace

1. Venting –

Venting is a particularly important part of the process. If it is not done correctly, you can have a buildup of carbon monoxide and you don’t want that: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/carbon-monoxide/symptoms-causes/syc-20370642. This could be deadly for you and your family. You also want to check with your fuel providers to see if there are any laws that regulate your venting.

2. Get Your Site Prepared –

Before you begin you need to make sure that the area all around your furnace is cleared with no debris anywhere near it. You do not want to have any combustibles around it. You want at least a three-foot clearance for these. You will also need to be near a gas line and an electrical outlet.

3. Do not Forget to Read the Instructions –

You need to make sure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions before you begin – they will have essential information for you. Some information that might be included is how to prepare for installation, how to make gas or electrical connections, and how to position your furnace and burner pipe assembly. It can also tell you how to check your flue for clearance and test the electrical and gas systems on your furnace.

4. Properly Position Your Furnace –

The first thing you should do is to make sure that the heater is on a solid surface. You do not want it to move while it is operating. This can also help to prevent any accidents while you are trying to attach the pipes and wires.

You can put down a piece of plywood just in case you need to. You will also need to know whether you should place the unit in your attic or your basement. Some units are specially designed for these spaces.

5. Electrical Connections –

You will need to know local building codes before you make any electrical connections. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before you do, as well. Before you begin, make sure that you have turned off all power supplies for the area.

You then need to make those electrical connections. You need to be careful to do this correctly or your furnace will not work as you expect it to. One thing that is helpful is to use color-coded wires to help make those connections.

6. Installing Your Gas Lines –

You do not want the unit to have any clogging or corrosion in the future, so you need to make sure that there is enough room to prevent this. You want to make sure that all the connections are made tightly, but not so tightly as to cause obstructions. At about 100 – 200 feet you need to begin to install a gas line that can supply up to 7 million BTUs per hour, even if your furnace only has 4-5 million BTUs.

7. Properly Drain the Unit –

After you have set up everything you will need to drain the unit – you do this by opening the air intake damper all the way. Read more about this here. You will then allow the cool air to enter from the outside. Do this until water begins to trickle out of the drain line. This should not take a long time because the furnaces usually run under high pressure.

8. Test Run the Unit –

Once you have everything set up, turn the power back on. You should wait for at least ten minutes to see if it is running properly. You will listen for any unusual noises while it is powering up. You will know if everything is okay with the unit because it will begin to accessorize itself by using the inducer fan to begin heating up.


The best way to install a furnace is to have a technician from an HVAC company do it for you. If you are handy and want to do it yourself, you can follow the instructions that the manufacturer provides for you. You can also follow the instructions listed above. You need to be extra careful when installing it yourself because you can harm yourself and your family if it is not done correctly.

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