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Ten Things You Must Have For a Pool Party

by RoyDeMeo

Throwing a great and memorable pool party is always more than welcome for all the people you know. However, it does require some planning. Having this in mind we have created a list of the ten things you will need for an unforgettable party. So let’s begin!

Inflatable rafts and floats 

Inflatable rafts and pool floats of various shapes and designs will surely make your backyard worth sharing on social media platforms. They look amazing on any photo and besides that your friends will have a comfortable place to have a chat with you. We highly recommend buying some inflatable drink holders to boost relaxation by having your favorite drinks close. 

Pay attention to decorations

There is a wide variety of decorations for your pool party. These can be really fun and exciting and brig your pool party to a new level. Paper drink umbrellas have the power to make you feel like you are on the Caribbean.

Another good way to decorate your pool for the party depends on the time of the day. If you are having a party at night throwing a dozen of glow sticks into the pool will create an interesting ambience. Or you can simply put them into balloons and let them float. While you are taking care of the pool decorations, it is wise to check the pool chemicals and filters to make sure the water stays perfectly clear for your guest. 

It’s all about games and activities

In order to make your pool party lively and energetic it is good to prepare some games and activities. When choosing these games and activities make sure to take care of the age of your guests to make everyone happy. The good thing here is that some games and activities for kids will be more than entertaining for older guests. They will easily let the child within out, and have fun all the time. Fortunately there are a bunch of pool games to choose from – from water balloons to poolside basketball, you name it.

Another thing you can do is to prepare all the games before the pool party begins so your guests can easily see what’s available. It will make them aware of the fun they can have.

Portable speakers and a good playlist

Don’t even think to start a pool party without a prepared playlist. A good playlist and a pair of portable speakers will easily make your pool the main entertainment spot. Portable speakers are probably the most popular products on Amazon and are very affordable. Placing several Bluetooth speakers around the pool and pairing them up will create a great surround sound. By doing this you will have music everywhere while you are playing yard games or having a snack by the pool. A good playlist can definitely switch the party mode to ON, just make sure to choose your songs wisely. Of course, if the party continues in the night make sure not to disturb your neighbors. 

Have your towels ready

When throwing a pool party most guests will bring towels. However, make sure to have some extra towels ready just in case. A great way to make people sit in smaller groups for small talks is to spread out a large blanket or a beach towel. Place those on the grass to increase the comfort. At the end, a towel rack or something else to hang the wet towels is always good to have.

Take care of the snacks 

There is a wide variety of snack you can serve at a pool party. Just make sure to serve small snacks and have your paper towels close by. And one important thing: make sure the snacks are in the shades and covered with nets. It’s always better to keep the bugs away.

Portable coolers

Is there anything better than grabbing a cold drink on a very hot day? Of course – not. A cooler is there to save the day. While we are talking about coolers keep the following ideas in mind. It is always better to have two coolers available – one for adults and one for the kids. You can also get a cooler that floats so if you don’t mind spending some money it’s a good thing to have for your pool party. You don’t have to use them to cool down drinks only. Watermelon and other fruits are better when served cold on a hot summer day. The ice in the coolers will last longer if you keep them in the shades. 

Insulated bottles and cups

Having a cold drink all the time is awesome. If you want to have this you can easily get some insulated cups and bottles designed exactly with this in mind. They also come in different colors so you can easily match them with the decoration you choose for the pool party.

Canopies and umbrellas

While some of your guests will love spending their time in the sun, others will like to enjoy in the shades. If you need a smaller shade an umbrella will be more than enough, while canopies are designed to make more shade. Just think how many guest you will have and how much space you want in the shade and you will see whether you need a canopy or an umbrella. However, don’t forget to protect your food and coolers from direct sunlight. 

Sun cream is important

Having sunscreen by hand is very important. Set up a place where the sunscreen will be easily available for all the guests. Since you are inviting them for a pool party it would be the best to choose water-resistant sunscreen. 

Final words

If you have decided to throw the best pool party this summer, make sure to check this list. Just take your time and plan ahead. By doing this you will definitely throw one of the most memorable pool parties for your guests. And most importantly – have fun!

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