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A Guide to the Different Types of Grapples

A Guide to the Different Types of Grapples

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Are you tired of having to pick up heavy objects by hand from places that are hard to get to? Or annoyed that you have to handle simple boxes by hand when you want to pick up more complicated ones at the same time?

If you said “yes” to either of these questions, you might want to get the right grapples. But how do you know which types of grapples work best for you?

In this article, we will talk about the different kinds of grapples options. Read on to find out which will help you in your working life.

Hydraulic Grapple

Hydraulic grapples are powered by hydraulic systems and are often used in building, forestry, and material handling. They have two or more mouths that can open and close, making it easy for them to grab and drop things.

Most of the time, excavators, loaders, or cranes have hydraulic grapples attached to them.

Skid Steer Grapple

Skid steer grapples are small, multipurpose machines that are often used in building, landscaping, and farming. A grapple for skid steer is typically designed with two or more hinged arms or jaws that can open and close to grip objects.

The jaws of the grapple are hydraulic, allowing for precise control and efficient handling of various materials.

Orange Peel Grapple

This type of grapple is often used in businesses that deal with moving materials, recycling, and scrap metal. It has a set of jaws that are flexible and fit together like the peel of an orange. The jaws can open and close on their own, so the grapple can move items with odd shapes.

Clamshell Grapple

Clamshell grapples are so named because they have two buckets that open and close like a clamshell. They are often used for mining, digging, and moving large amounts of materials.

These grapples are great for picking up things like sand, gravel, or trash that are loose.

Log Grapple

Log grapples are grapples that move logs and other pieces of wood. Most of the time, they have curved, pointed tines or jaws that hold the logs firmly while loading, unloading, or sorting. Log grapples are often used in cutting, forestry, and sawmill work.

Demolition Grapple

Demolition grapples are strong grapples used in building and tearing down tasks. They handle big, heavy things like concrete waste, rocks, or old buildings that have been torn down.

Demolition grapples are often made with strong jaws and sturdy frames so they can hold up under big loads.

Rock Grapple

Rock grapples are strong grapples used to move rocks and blocks. They usually have strong, serrated tines or mouths that help them hold on to rocks with odd shapes. Most of the time, people use rock grapples for gardening, quarrying, and digging.

Learning the Different Types of Grapples

There are numerous types of grapples available to suit different applications. It is important to understand the attributes and benefits of each type in order to choose the most suitable grapple for your needs.

If you need help, contact a local shop for advice. Take the time to find the grapple that will make your job easier.

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