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Best Low Light Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

The Best Low Light Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

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Are you an apartment dweller and seeking any greenery in the home? Perhaps the best low light indoor plants can aid in bringing life and cheer to the apartment or home. These indoor plants are counter-intuitive to the common belief that a plant’s health and vitality correlate with high light.

You can flourish with some carefully selected low-light indoor plants. So, read on to check out these wonderful apartment decor ideas.


Dracaena is a popular choice for apartment living. It’s a low-maintenance, low-light, drought-tolerant plant that tolerates overcrowded conditions.

This hardy plant thrives on shelves or window sills. It doesn’t require much attention. It’s especially effective in rooms with little natural light. It has glossy, thin leaves that adapt to both direct and indirect sunlight.

Its foliage comes in a variety of shapes and colors. They range from bright greens to speckled ivory and pastel tones.

When it blooms, Dracaena can produce sweet-scented flowers. Dracaena plants can even be trained into topiary patterns


Pothos is one of the best low maintenance indoor plants for apartments. It has sturdy vines, attractive leaves, and minimal maintenance. Pothos does best in bright, indirect sunlight. It thrives in temperatures ranging from 55-80ᵒF.

It’s also incredibly tolerant of a range of different soil types. It needs minimal watering. Just make sure to empty any water that collects in the tray to avoid root rot.


The Philodendron has an elegant combination of lush green foliage. These plants are low-maintenance and thrive in indirect sunlight or bright, filtered light.

Philodendrons can be found in a variety of colors. They are a popular choice for hanging baskets due to their tendency to vine.

They do best when watered regularly when the soil is partially dry. In lower-light conditions, Philodendrons have been known to grow more slowly but with minimal effort and care.

Additionally, Philodendrons can help clear your air of toxins. They even absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. 

Snake Plant

Snake Plants are one of the best low-light indoor plants for apartment living. They are low maintenance. They are tolerant to an array of conditions and air purifying. These plants can thrive in low light. They are also drought-tolerant.

Their tough, succulent-like leaves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This makes them perfect for any decor.

These plants can also last for years. They are also known to absorb toxins out of the air, creating a healthier environment that is beneficial for a number of reasons.

Low-light indoor plants can bring a touch of natural beauty to your home, so be sure to check out Fountainsapt.com to find the perfect one for you!

Choose the Best Low Light Indoor Plants Today

Low light indoor plants can let you bring a bit of nature to your small apartment living space. From long-lasting Snake plants and easy-to-care Philodendron to Pothos, you can enjoy a splash of color throughout your space.

They also help improve the air quality of your home. Choose a plant that best suits your needs, and enjoy watching it grow and thrive!

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