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Archie Heaton

Short Biography of Archie Heaton and His Wiki Age/ Date of Birth/Family Background

by Ruhia

Archie Heaton is not a local boy but he belongs to a respectable family. He is the son of Charles Heaton- a top British actor. This eight-year-old boy is proud of his parents. He is a dynamic young boy who has a sweet experience to share. Charles Heaton has earned a lot of accolades and appreciation by performing in Stranger Things- a Science Fiction TV show/series (released in 2016).

Charles Heaton is known for his presentable personality and superior acting skill. Akiko, Archie Heaton mother, is a lucky Japanese woman who is the mother of Archie Heaton. Through this article, you will have a glimpse of the life of this young boy who has the dream of being one of the best actors like his father. 

Who Is Archie Heaton?

Archie Heaton is not a mature guy but he is a sibling of Charles Heaton. However, his exposure on social media has stunned his fans. This promising boy has a lot of futuristic plans to complete. People know him through the worldwide recognition of Charles Heaton and Akiko-Japanese mother. 

Archie Heaton Age

Archie Heaton was born on 19th May 2014. He is just a young lad who will have to force his way through hurdles to become an iconic figure in near future. Charles Heaton is a role model for him to emulate his father’s ideologies. Self-help is the best help as the maxim goes. He is trying hard to build up his profile. He has the higher ambition of reaching the top position. 

Brief-up about Archie’s Father

Archie Heaton

Needless to say, Archie’s father is a well-known celeb who has already proven his acting expertise. Stranger Things gave him the platform to establish his career. He is a Britisher by birth. However, he dated Akiko – a Japanese frontwoman. She is a drummer in a music troupe. He is a bold actor.

However, in the first part of his professional career, he was discovered as a drummer cum musician. Besides, he did acting in dramas. Stranger Things was a great movie series. He came into contact with several Hollywood rising stars. This multi-talented actor starred in other movies like AsYou Are, Marrowbone, The New Mutants, and No Future.

Who Is Akiko Matsuura?

Archie Heaton

Archie Heaton is mixed blood. His father is a British gentleman. His mother is a Japanese drummer. Akiko Matsuura was married to Charles Heaton. She reared up her son with care. Right now, she is the only parent who has taken custody of Archie Heaton. His father is a busy celeb. He meets his son occasionally. 

Archie Heaton – His Past History 

Archie saw the painful separation. He grew up amid controversy and turmoil. His father is a famous British actor. Charles married Akiko when he joined a rock music band- Comanechi. He toured for stage performances in many cities. In 2013, he got a chance to change his lifestyle after seeing Akiko working in the same troupe as a frontwoman. They were married legally after spending a few days. They were happily married partners who thought of performing together. After a year, this happy couple gave rise to Archie Heaton.

This is the bright son who is a pride for his parents. However, luck was not so much favorable. Rainy days returned bringing untold miseries and displeasure. His parents decided to live separately after a legal suit. Misfortune, mistrust, and misconception made his life hell without allowing him to escape. He had to bear the pain and sorrow. Akiko was given the responsibility to take care of her child.

He came to know that his only father left him in the hollowness of pain, and loneliness. Frustration ate into his mind without any smart solution. Archie Heaton mother nestled her son without negligence. Her motherhood never betrayed Archie. His mother is kind-hearted and cool to understand what he wants to speak. She is a mentor of Archie. 

Quick Biography of Archie Heaton – Wiki/Age/Height

Name    Archie Heaton

Date Of Birth       19 May 2014

Age        8 Years Old

Residence             London, England

Gender  Male

Father’s Name   Charlie Heaton

Mother’s Name Akiko Matsuura

Ethnicity              Mixed (British, Japanese)

Religion               Christian

Nationality          British

Weight  28 Kgs

Height    4.5 Ft

Zodiac    Taurus

Marital Status     Unmarried

Education            Elementary

Sexual Orientation           Not Known

Birth Place           England

Famous For         Celebrity’s Child

Why Is Archie Heaton Popular?

Archie Heaton is God’s gift. The young lad has beautiful parents. He is the son of a world-famous British actor named Charles Heaton. In the fourth season of Stranger Things, Charles appeared as a protagonist character – Jonathon. In this Netflix series, he projected himself as a bold hero who faced the horror and supernatural world. His acting enchanted a million fans. Archie Heaton got the exposure when he was born to such a celeb. In a magazine, Charles shared and posted a few rare photos shot with Archie sitting on the lap of his father.

 Any Secret about Archie Heaton to Share?

Archie Heaton has got pre-maturity through experience. Though he is much younger, he has seen a different world. He encountered a tragic end in his relationship when his mother divorced Charles Heaton. This is due to the growth of another unlawful relationship. Charles fell in love with Natalia Dyer, co-star acting in the Stranger Things Netflix series. The hidden unlawful romance seemed to hit the family as a boomerang crashing love and trust into pieces. This tragedy frustrated a young boy who had nothing but miseries. In this connection, Archie Heaton 2020 photo session on social media site gives you a quick brief-up about the unknown details of Archie. Charles Heaton is fond of loving his only child. 

Why Is Archie Living with Akiko?

After the confirmation of another date with Natalia way back in 2016-2017, Akiko broke in pain. She did not accept the entry of another female partner to challenge her. She took drastic steps by getting separation from Charles Heaton. 

What Is Net Worth of Archie?

Archie Heaton is a magnificent boy who is considered to be the lucky child. His parents are famous celebrities. Even co-star Natalia is also an actress who has dated Charles. Media associates have enquired to get information about the net worth of Archie. This eight-year-old boy has just started his life. He is a student and he will have to complete his studies. Heaton has no source of income. He is under the control of his parents. However, being the son of Charles Heaton, he is the heir to enjoy the ownership rights over the property owned by Charles Heaton. This British actor has a rough estimation amounting to $4 million. Akiko has 1 million dollars earned through stage shows. 

Any Unknown Facts about Archie Heaton?

Archie Heaton is basically famous for being the son of two celebs. His parents have established a big regime. They are much sought-after and elegant. That’s why, on social media networks, the audience identifies this youngster sitting and playing with Charles Heaton. A few rare photos have been posted on social media. Charles admitted that he loves his son deeply. He revealed the rarest details about Archie. He is a young talented boy who will be surely a great celeb. Charles wants to make his son a renowned actor. 

Educational Background of Archie 

Archie Heaton is a growing child who is just 8 years old. During his boyhood days, he crossed barriers and obstacles. He is emotional when he feels lonely due to the absence of his father. In between, Archie was admitted to elementary school. Charles and Akiko prefer privacy without giving any new updates about the schooling of their only son. 


Life is not easy for everyone. Archie Heaton attracts people by being a devoted son of celebs. He faces the camera, media associates, and journalists due to the closeness to his celeb parents. It is a sign of good luck. He gets mileage over other children. It will help him get a chance to become world famous. 


Q: Who Is Archie Heaton?

A: Archie Heaton is the child of a renowned British actor named Charles.

Q: Why Is Archie a popular figure?

A: Archie Heaton has not played roles in movies. Nor is he a sportsman or athlete. People know him as the son of a celebrity.

Q: Who has brought up Archie?

A: Archie Heaton is now living with Akiko- his mother. He has the least connection with Charles.

Q: What is a typical fact about Archie Heaton?

A: The fact is that Archie is mixed blood. That means he is half-Japanese by birth and half being Britisher.

Q: What is the profession of Akiko Heaton?

A: Akiko Heaton is a rock star and frontwoman in a musical troupe. She is a drummer by profession.

Q: What is Archie Heaton Age?

A: Archie Heaton age is 8 years as of now 2023.

Q: Where is Archie Heaton now?

A: Archie Heaton now is based in London. He stays with his mother.

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