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Michael Galeotti

Michael Galeotti-Ex-Husband of Bethany Joe – Died after Divorce –Reasons

by Ruhia

Michael Galeotti was a multi-faceted musician and entertainer whose promising life was unfortunately stopped. Michael Galeotti has a tragic history that torments people. After the separation from Bethany Joy Lenz, he joined his family-run business. Unfortunately, his untimely demise shocks family members and neighbors. He is not a big boss in the entertainment industry. His life ended at 31 due to overconsumption of alcohol. The reason for his death has not been officially clarified. Family members believe that the addiction to wine and narcotics may be the source of his slow movement to death. This article gives you basic information about Michael and his short-lived life. 

Who Is Michael Galeotti?

Michael Galeotti is a rock musician and keyboard player. He is also an actor whose acting efficacy satisfies the audience. He worked with Enation- a musical troupe. Michael Galeotti died of acute pain and inflammation in the liver. After being divorced, he became a maniac to had bottles of alcohol to forge his previous miseries. This is a very tragic story that threatens him. 

Birth Details of Michael Galeotti

Michael Galeotti was born to Sheila and Mike dating back in 1984. His emotional attachment to the middle-class family is a turning point for him to live in a homely environment. His parents lived in New York where he got an education at the primary level. 

Early Part of Michael’s Life

Michael Galeotti grew amid trees and flowers. His parents ran a small family-owned winery shop. Father took care of his business and mother taught high school students. So, he got an excellent environment and association to enrich him culturally. Michael had a unique passion for music. He hummed and buzzed in the solitary room rhythmically. 

Entry into Professional Domain 

Michael Galeotti was a musician and creative actor. After leaving college, he decided to play his keyboard in the rock band Enation. This rock band is owned by Richard and his associate. In 2004, he was found performing in Jersey, the Disney television show as the artist. His penchant for music inspired him not to change his stream. Through the short course of career, he gained a reputation as a rock band musician. Even he acted in a movie in which he sang. 

Galeotti Michael’s Untimely Death – Any Reason?

Michael Galeotti

Galeotti Michael’s untimely death raised concerns. He was a drunkard. When he parted with Bethany, he could not bear the isolation. He tried to go for another date but he was discouraged. At 31, he lay on his bed in his residential home forever. Doctors declared him dead. There are many possibilities for Galeotti Michael’s sudden departure for heaven. A few persons suspect the involvement of his ex-wife to terminate him. There is no legal proof. 

The Main Cause 

The main cause of his death is overexposure to wine. The story is long and tragic. When he dated his sweetheart in 2005, he was already addicted to narcotic elements. Bethany complained that she tolerated much pain and humiliation over a year. She had a daughter fathered by him. He became irresponsible neglecting his family members. After tug-of-war, she claimed the permission to live alone with her daughter. The divorce was filed in 2012. 

Aftermath Effect of Divorce 

She and her ex-husband preferred mutual separation. She took custody of her daughter Rose. Michael became lonely and spent his time idly. Then, he thought of sharing his time with the family-run winery business. This settlement did not bring any solution to his life. He slipped into the addiction. Finally, he expired in his home due to chronic cardiac arrest. 

Michael Galeotti Obituary

Michael Galeotti obituary was published on the internet. One of his friends discovered Bethany’s husband at home way back in 2016. He was sunken in a pool of wine. The error he made boomeranged to destroy his life early. The condolence ceremony took place at his home. Near and dear ones were seen paying floral tributes to keep the soul in peace. His only daughter reached the condolence party to pay homage to her respected father. On the internet, there was a new page for viewers to post their obituary comments and sympathy towards their beloved friend, Michael.

Michael Galeotti Passed Away

Michael Galeotti passed away accidentally and surreptitiously. He survived slowly shrugging off his connection with wine. However, the death is merciless and cruel. He consumed a lot of wine to forget his misery. This bad habit forced him to kiss the ground. He is a good man but he is also unfortunate. The divorce from Bethany did not leave him in tranquility. He was very disturbed and tense. 

Michael Galeotti Cult

Michael Galeotti cult related data are not available. He had a family dispute regarding his sweetheart. He was not in a particular cult. On the other hand, Bethany revealed that she had a 10-year cult experience. At first, she did not speak much about her cult. Later, she posted a blog in which she mentioned Mosaic church. By the name of god, many guys loot innocent victims. They cheat people. She wanted to purify her life honestly. The mosaic church is the destination for her to do religious practice. 


Name   Michael Galeotti
Aged    31 years old
Date of Birth      August 28, 1984
BirthplaceLong Island, New York, USA
Known forKeyboardist for Enation rock band
Father  Mike Galeotti
MotherSheila Galeotti
OccupationMusician with expertise in acting
Notable acting roleJersey (2004)
DaughterMaria Rose Galeotti
Ex-WifeBethany Joy Lenz


Michael Galeotti is a musician and actor. His appearance in Jersey attracted millions of viewers to watch the movie. He is not present physically right now because of his abrupt death. However, his short biography must hold him in high stature for his brilliant keyboard playing, singing, and acting. 


Q: How old is Michael Galeotti?

A: 31 years as of 2012. He was born in 1984.

Q: Is Michael Galeotti still alive?

A: Unfortunately, Michael Galeotti died of being addicted to alcohol.

Q: What is Michael Galeotti’s profession?

A: Michael Galeotti is a good musician, keyboardist, and actor.

Q: Is Michael Galeotti divorcee?

A: Yes he got legal separation to live separately without the consent of his wife.

Q: What is the name of Michael Galeotti’s sweetheart?

A: Bethany Joe Lenz is the ex-wife of Michael Galeotti.

Q: What is the nationality of Michael Galeotti?

A: Michael Galeotti is an American actor.

Q: What is the darkest side of Michael Galeotti’s life?

A: Michael Galeotti had to sacrifice by making distance from his wife after divorce. Later he was tracked in his home dead.

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