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How Does Brexit Affect Travelers

by sarahmarri7

Finally, Brexit is happening and it will cause many changes with the relations of EU states and Great Britain. It will also affect the travelers coming to and from the United Kingdom. Holiday lovers must be afraid of the circumstances of the future traveling but don’t worry, there is a relaxation of one year as it would go under the Eleven Month transition period to settle things in a smooth way.

Things to Consider:

Here are some important things to consider about traveling for the holidays during the transition and after the Complete Brexit.

Your Passport should be Renewed As early as possible:

Britain’s passport is gonna be changed by some elements. The government of Great Britain is working on it and you will have to renew your passport before December 31, 2020.

There is a relaxation during the whole year of transition because the EU and the UK have to settle things while separating. After that for every traveler from Britain, it would be compulsory to renew the passport at any cost. The standard passport production time is 3 weeks, but it can be asked for urgent on extra payment.

The same would be for travelers from Europe to the United Kingdom.

Driving Your own Vehicle would need some more documents:

Driving to the other states, countries would be different after Brexit. For example, you would need an international driving permit, (IDP) to travel in the European and non-European countries.

It is not enough, you also would have to attain a green card which would like a permit of one-month duration. A GB Sticker would also be displayed on your windscreen. There may be a need for some other travel documents for this type of travel, the relevant department will keep you updated about this.

Your Health, And Travel Insurance:

Health and travel insurance is necessary for every type of travel but it would not be working after Brexit. You have to apply for your insurance card. Travel insurance also depends on the company you travel with. I have traveled with Virikson Holidays and it worked for me very well.

I don’t have any idea about the other travel companies but get to the right decision because you can be fooled anyway. Travel insurance includes every disturbance in your traveling would be on the travel company and all your service providers, and especially the governments.

Pets are gonna be in trouble after Brexit:

It would be difficult for your pets to accompany you during the holidays after the transition period ends. During the transition period, you can bring your pets on the same pet passport and other documents.

After the transition period ends, you will have to contact your vet to gain the passport for your pet. It would also be difficult that you would have to inform the authorities at least four months before you want to travel with your pet.

Standing in the EU lanes on the airports is past now:

You will not be standing on the EU queue on the airports anywhere in Europe or the states close with the EU. That would not get you a very different situation, it is very normal.

Visas, Passes, Tickets Balance Check on the Borders/ Airports:

You will be showing your Passport, Visa ticket and other documents after the transition period. There would also be a condition to have enough money in your pocket, bank balance to get stay and afford your holidays on a specific holiday destination.

Your Mobile Phone Usage would also affect:

It would also affect your mobile phone usage in the other states after Brexit. Your mobile or network company would guide you better than how to internationalize your Sim and your mobile.

Get to your mobile and network company to make your number international before planning to any of the European states after Brexit. Again, in all this transition period, you are not gonna be affected by anything. Things will get changed by January 1, 2021.

Exchange rates on the Holiday destinations:

The exchange rate would be affected by the place you are intended to visit on your vacations. This is reality. You are gonna be beside yourself from the European world, it would impact our travel experiences too, in a good manner or bad.

You may face a costly exchange so keep in mind, always keep more than enough cash or bank balance so you will not face any difficulty.

My opinion on how Brexit impacted on Traveler Community:

If you take my opinion, I’m literally worried about all the changes gonna happen. For my country, would it be good or bad, this is a separate question. As far as travelers are concerned, it would be so difficult for them to manage their things. A sense of fear is evident in the brains of travelers all around the world.

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