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How to Improve your Soaps’ Retail Shelf Impact?

by jenniferalex781

Ever wonder what your soaps’ shelf presence say about your brand? Well, it says a lot. The retail shelves are often buyers’ first point of interaction with your soaps, so stacking your items in the store can determine the faith of your business.     

Today, shoppers are inclined towards brands that have aligned their core values with their purpose. And research shows customers spend roughly 46 percent more on brands that are offering value. However, you can convey the personality of your brand to prospects at the shelf level, only if you can capitalize on the key opportunities.

Custom soap packaging is one such element that gives you the opportunity to accomplish this goal. But it works in combination with shelf placement and unit price.  So without further ado let’s delve into the tide of retail shelf impact.     

Custom Soap Boxes

An effective bespoke packaging tells your customers the whole story at first sight. This means color, shape, size, material, and words together play a vital role in how your soaps are perceived. Maintaining the balance between being insightful and on-trend is key to recording more sales volume.

Trends such as thoughtful messaging and smaller packages require you to be thoughtful when designing for the present-day retail environment. Let’s see how different brands have embraced these new trends:

Do you know what Honey Stinger, Clif 5, Nuun, and Hour Energy have in common? They all use bright and bold hues in their packaging. These enticing colors make more sense of businesses that are targeting active customers, who engage in high energy activities. 

Strategic Product Placement

Strategic placement of products can give you an edge over the competition. Of course, more facings means more customers will see your product and more units will fly off the shelf. But consider other factors too. 

For example, use the metric Share of Visual Inventory (SOVI) to mark your presence in the product category. To get an exact percentage, divide your facings with the number of facings in the category. This will give you the SOVI.

Note the height at which your soaps are being placed. As a general rule, eye-level is considered the most ideal facing, but one should also think practically. For instance, you don’t want to put the bundle pack of your soaps on the top shelf because it would be tough for customers to get their hands on them. And that too if they can spot them. Similarly, a single pack of soaps sitting at the bottom of the shelf would be awkwardly difficult to reach.   

However, if you aren’t able to place your custom printed soap boxes at the most attractive height, you can still make a shelf impact and dominate the category by occupying entire shelves.

Besides this, product assortment is something that one should also consider. Having more SKU’s on the retail shelf will allow you to limit customers’ purchasing options. But if you are placing your soaps next to direct competitors, it requires you to have custom soap box packaging. Bespoke packaging will also favor your products when you will place them with indirect competitors. How? You and your indirect competitor might be targeting different audiences, but there is a probability that your products could appeal to the same customers.     

Price your Product Intelligently

Price greatly affects customers buying behavior. Several studies have divulged that price is one of the top three considerations for half of the buyers when purchasing a product. But, offering products at cheaper prices doesn’t guarantee record sales. Sometimes, a higher price point can make your product look more premium and tempting.  

Take Honey Stinger and Nuun for instance. The two brands sell similar products in similar sizes but there is a significant difference in their prices. That’s why companies adopt different pricing strategies to cast a wider net of prospective customers. 

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