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Secret Habits of a Great Strategist

Strategic Skills: 5 Secret Habits of a Great Strategist

by Irfan Haider

When an organization decides to implement some changes in its structure or its mission. It’s time for you to strategize to transition to this state that the organization wants to get to, you will need to become a great strategist. You will need to have the following habits at your core:

Be Reflective:

Thinking requires a clear mind, and with a lot of things on your mind, it can get hard to think and come up with new ideas.

Take a closer look at the organization and where it wishes to get, look for ways that will smoothen this transition in your mind.

Reflecting will take time, but with enough practice, it will get easier to see the final picture in your mind before making it real.

Learn the Organization Mission and Vision:

Take time and look at your organization, learn its core values, what makes the organization work.

Where is the organization headed? Then work towards achieving this goal. Develop a focused vision and create a process to achieve this.

Break down the process into manageable tasks with a timeline to accomplish them and have a list of the resources to be used.

Learn to take risks:

Take time and consider ideas before trying them out. For this to happen, you have to be curious and learn to take calculated risks. Taking risks will lead to professional excellence, get creative with new ideas and concepts.

Gather as much information as you can; this will improve your chances of making the correct decision at the end of the day. The more time you spend learning and putting in use what you learn, the easier it will get to make the ideas work.

Research new trends before anyone thinks to come up with fantastic pitches or even invent something.


Sometimes what you want to do though beneficial in the long run might not be applicable at the moment due to other factors. Maybe you want to implement your ideas, but for the organization to do so, it might lead to having some employees being laid off or having other projects on hold for some time. So you have to prioritize what’s most beneficial and put the rest on hold for future reference.

Get a Mentor:

Get mentors to learn from experts in your chosen field. Learn from their experiences and get essential tips that can help ease your workload. Know how they made it, their challenges, and how they overcame them. Get to know how your role plays in the larger picture. How will the industry gain from your input, consider what you have learned.


To succeed, you will need to move beyond your role and understand the vision of the company thoroughly. Think about ways to improve or solve the problems facing the company and change your thinking to one that will benefit the organization at large. Be open-minded and learn to ask relevant questions to gain knowledge. Once you get the information, evaluate it before making any decision. You can also take inspiration from experts like Bradley Fauteux and others in order to learn more about how to be a Great Strategist. Brad Fauteux is a Canadian executive seasoned business strategist with over sixteen years of executive-level and senior management experience.

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