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Well-Written Au Pair Profile

Creating a Well-Written Au Pair Profile: Tips and Tricks

by Ruhia

A well-written Au Pair profile is one of the most important aspects of finding an Au Pair match. It’s an opportunity to showcase your childcare experience, personality, and goals to potential host families. But sometimes, your online profile isn’t getting enough attention. So here are a few tips on how to make your Au Pair profile more attractive:

Be honest

To create a great Au Pair profile, you must be completely honest. It is especially important in the “About Me” section, where families will ask you to write about your background, childcare experience, and hobbies. Host families will also be looking at your pictures and your video. If you have images that don’t represent your personality or look unprofessional, host families will move right along to the next candidate.

You must also be honest about your family’s expectations and lifestyle in the “Family details” section of your Au Pair profile. Being truthful will allow you to find the perfect match and make a great Au Pair year. Families seek a live-in childcare provider with the right skills and experience. Be honest when describing your skills and qualifications.

It’s okay to be modest in your description, but don’t be dishonest. For instance, don’t say you speak a variety of languages if you only know one. Families will see that you aren’t being truthful, and they may move on to the next au pair. Explain your goals for the year and be specific. Don’t be vague, like “to travel.” For example, a new au pair says that she loves children and has experience with ages three and up. She also enjoys playing sports, cycling, and swimming.

Be yourself

Creating your au pair profiles is a great opportunity to show off your personality and interests. You can include pictures of yourself, your family, and your hobbies.

Be easy on yourself if you struggle with your host country’s language. Most families will understand and be happy to help. Plus, most Au Pair programs provide a stipend for language classes! For some Au Pairs, finding a Host Family match comes quickly. But for others, it can take time. Be encouraged if you get a few interviews right away. Keep searching and be patient – your match will come!

Be specific

Au Pairs use an online profile to connect with host families. These profiles include an au pair’s personal information, photos, and details on their childcare experience.

Families often review au pairs’ profiles before scheduling an interview with them. They look for things such as if the au pair speaks fluent English and if they have childcare experience.

Some au pairs also provide their weekly schedule in their profiles so families can see if the au pair’s on-duty hours match their needs. This feature is especially important for families who want to ensure their au pair’s availability. Some host families prefer full integration into their everyday lives, while others are looking for au pairs who can take some time off during their stay.

Be relevant

When you register, you’ll answer basic questions about your availability, how long you want to stay as an Au Pair, and what you expect from a host family. Be honest, and don’t try to sell yourself with materialistic benefits like unlimited use of a family car or an au pair suite in the primary bedroom. Families will also want to see your photos – especially of children and pets. If you have a fun and smiley picture, they’ll be much more likely to move your profile along in their search for the perfect Au Pair for their family. If not, they may move on to the next person’s profile.

Be creative

Host families are looking for a pair that will be a part of their family and help with the children. You must stress why you would be the best choice for them. For example, if the family has one child and you know they need more than one Au Pair, that is fine; mention that you have experience with multiple children in your profile. It may be the tip that helps them choose you! Often, it is the little things that make all the difference. If you want to impress the family, try writing your profile in their language, even though it might be difficult!

Be detailed

Many Au Pairs invest much time into their application and even produce an impressive Au Pair video. While these are great tools for finding an Au Pair position, a detailed profile is equally important. Families want to see photos of their children, pets, home, and a bit of personality. Photos of family trips or a fun activity are always a winner. The Dear Host Family section is your chance to discuss yourself and why you are the perfect Au Pair for your family. Explain your experience with children, hobbies, career, and anything else that makes you a good fit for their family.

Be professional

Host families are looking for au pairs they can trust to be responsible and caring for their children. So, your online profile must portray you as a professional. Include photos of yourself, your family, pets, and home representing your personality and interests. Also, add pictures that show that you enjoy the outdoors, love traveling, etc.

Many families want an au pair with a similar lifestyle to theirs. Adding photos that demonstrate this will help you stand out from the crowd. Consider joining an info meeting (online or in person) to learn more about Cultural Care’s au pair program and what a great fit it can be for you!

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