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Helmut: The Forsaken Child

Helmut: The Forsaken Child- The Story of Redemption

by Ruhia

Helmut: The Forsaken Child manga is a true adventure story of resilience and salvation. The hero is an abandoned child whose identity is at stake and uncertain. Parents threw this unlucky boy in the bush at his birth. The forest was deep and dark with avenues of trees. The demons collected this neglected child crying in the weeds. They took him to their shelters to raise him. People have to be more careful while fostering children. This manga exposes the dark sides of human characters. The transformation from a demonic existence into a human is the essence of the story. 

Helmut: The Forsaken Child-Who Is the Boy?

Helmut: The Forsaken Child is a manga in which you will encounter a little boy. He did not get parental care and love. During his childhood days, he found himself in the deep jungle. Monsters and beasts dominate in this forest. Somehow, he was rescued by a woman with skills in sword brandishing. Demons did not allow him to mix with normal beings. The Sword Saint Darien came to him as a savior. 

Helmut: The Forsaken Child- Synopsis 

Helmut: the Forsaken Child is a popular webtoon manga. Readers are excited to read this manga which is the tale of a forsaken boy. Helmut is this unfortunate child who did not get compassion from his parents. In the first chapter, Helmut is seen shouting and crying amid the forest. Beasts and demons are barbaric. They are insurgents to demolish humans. It is a different world for any man. The arrival of this child is a surprise for demons. They decided to rear him up till maturity. Therefore, his soul is transformed into the beast. The basic instincts Helmut: the Forsaken Child possesses are rough and wild. The introduction is simple and it gives you a synopsis about the plots. 

The Child Rescued 

Helmut: The Forsaken Child was tracked by a versatile woman. She tried to make him a true human. For the first time, Helmut understood and felt the essence of humanity. He is a human with a natural flow of love to experience. Through the first meeting with the woman, he changed his mindset. He was an uncivilized demon but now he had the human heart to cry for others. She is the mentor for him. She has taught him how to brandish the sword for self-defense. He is the recipient of the practical knowledge to become self-reliant. With this transformation, he goes for salvation – redemption. He is indebted to the Sword Saint Darien.

Helmut: The Forsaken Child Light Novel-Resilience in Adversity 

Helmut: The Forsaken Child Light Novel tells about an abandoned boy whose life is shattered. He has nothing but sorrow, misfortune, and miseries. He did not learn the lessons of preservation, love, peace, and humanity. However, a man does not stay unchanged forever. He found Darien who appeared as a spiritual mentor to purify his heart and mind. He thought that she would destroy him through the regression. The warmth of her love and friendship was worth the effect for him to modify his life. He got the outlet to have the taste of liberty from the bondage of barbarism. 

Helmut the Forsaken Child – Journey to Redemption

Helmut the Forsaken Child manga glorifies the triumph of humanity over barbarism. Demons can’t be guardians of society. They are man-eaters, inhuman and brutal. While being trained by the female saint – Darien, the child was energetic. The wilderness in his behavior disappeared slowly with the given teachings. She redefined his life by punching moral values into his mind. With the new wisdom and knowledge, he discovered a different perspective. He was a killer earlier. Right now, he is a good man. He can’t spare demons as they are enemies to him. 

Helmut the Forsaken Child –Measure the Impact of Enlightenment 

Helmut the Forsaken Child is a descriptive story that narrates the glorious victory of a young child. His trip from the darkened world to the brightest universe is brilliant. He has got the enlightenment which detoxifies someone removing all ignorance. Helmut undergoes regression, transmission, and purification to take a new human figure. He does not want to go back to demons who are evil spirits. They hushed up his sense of humanity, love, and compassion. Only enlightenment motivates him to attain redemption. It is the state of mind to humanize the soul. it is a pure concept for him to become a kind-hearted boy. 

Helmut the Forsaken Child- Characters Sketching 

Helmut the Forsaken Child manga is awesome because of the excellent story, plot, and character sketches. The author has used various tools and mechanisms for character development. As it is a manga, there will be a touch of artwork in shades of colors. The important part of the story is the characterization. Here, the author opts for the characters as a medium to illustrate his plot. Every participant in this manga lives a life full of energy.

Helmut is a half-human figure because of abandonment from human society. Later, he met a saint who brought a breakthrough to his life through transformation. They have great potential to guide the next generation. They will be emulated by youngsters to become genius in the society. 

Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 41

Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 41 release date is not yet fixed. It is on break. After the successful publication of all 40 chapters, the creators and publishers wait to solve technical issues. Something is going wrong to delay the release of this 41st chapter officially. It is due to the unavoidable circumstances which compel the publisher to stay back for the time being. The audience should not feel frustrated as the next episode of this adventure series is on the way to hit the site soon. 

Helmut the Forsaken Child Novel- Why Do You Read This Manga?

Helmut: The Forsaken Child

Helmut the Forsaken Child novel is a suspense-packed manga that delineates the character of a mysterious boy. He suffers rejection and isolation. He was born half-human with seeds of demonic spirit. His parents parted with him without showing their leniency. Those who like adventure and thrill should collect this manga.

It is a unique story that has all the spices of adventure, supernatural elements, and comical ingredients to make the manga more interesting. Helmut the Forsaken Child novel is the portraiture of the sufferings of a boy. His life is stressful and stormy. Know more about how he transformed himself into a human being. 

Helmut the Forsaken Child Novel- Positive Aspects 

From the beginning, the audience is anxious with eager to know about the future of the hero. Helmut has a demonic shape with mesmerizing power. He is an abandoned boy who is isolated from his parents and society. However, the author of Helmut the Forsaken Child novel is very much optimistic. The progression can’t be stopped or delayed. The collaborative effort must bring a solution as soon as possible.

Success Story

Teamwork and good management are the foundations of success. Helmut gained new practical knowledge and technical know-how to utilize. To combat the adversity, he uses his skills. Later, under the influence of Darien, he again came back for redemption. Only resilience with good purpose can make you confident of standing firm in the face of any tough situation. 

Helmut the Forsaken Child Chapter 1

Helmut the Forsaken Child Chapter 1 introduces the audience to the opening scene. The hero is a boy who is a demon after being enchanted. He was forced to leave the house for the revelation of the demonic symptoms. Parents did not take care of their little children. The forest is very dangerous for humans.

Monsters and beasts co-exist in the jungle. Helmut grew up alone without nourishment. Demons who did not kill him planned to nestle the boy. In this Helmut the Forsaken Child Chapter 1, readers are made to understand the situation in the next phase. They should guess what to happen with time proceeding. It is a thrilling and high-grade fantasy story. 


  • Illustrator –Knit Studio 
  • Genres – Action, thrill and suspense 
  • Publication date – 30th August 2022

What Is the Helmut’s Concepts about Home?

Helmut is a brave boy but he is also a child of rejection. For him, home is a different place that has no peace and respect for the child. In the society, abandoned children are considered to be worthless. They have no prestige, honor, and social presence. Certainly, Helmut has experienced a lot of the negative impact of home.

He thinks that the abode is nothing but the hell. It has given him uncountable misery and pain. However, returning home is also the last resolution of the boy. The emotional attachment to the saint gave him an opening to explore. He recovered from the loss and headed towards his abode for salvation. Right now, he is a new person with unfathomable respect for humans. 

Helmut the Forsaken Child Review

Helmut the Forsaken Child reviews are well-written. Readers get a lot of new facts to evaluate the characters by reading these short reviews. In a published review, a guy writes that it is a unique action-packed manga with excellent plot construction. An abandoned child has got bad treatment. It is not a good sign of humanity. Later he achieved new skills like swordsmanship to prove his machismo.

He is now a warrior to leave the dark world. It is not easy but he is a successful boy with high expectations for becoming a representative of human society. The author has penned the story artistically without leaving you morose eventually. Helmut the Forsaken Child has got higher scores to challenge other mangas in different genres. 

Another Review

In another review of Helmut the Forsaken Child, there are so many facts to cover the different tools. The story writer has brought an assortment of tools of regression, transmission, and meditation. The hero has attempted to awaken his soul in the sublimity of redemption. It is a permanent solution for him to atone for misdeeds. He wants to detach from the world of demons. This atonement helps him find enlightenment. This manga has good morals for the new generation. 

Helmut the Forsaken Child Manga -Where to Read Free?

Many readers are enthusiastic to go through the online mangas and short stories. A recent trend is given to manga reading on the virtual platform. Without downloading the whole manga book for offline reading, you can choose a free subscription. It is easy to go to the site to read Helmut the Forsaken Child chapters for free. Online streaming portals do not force you to go for the direct download. Enjoy with your children and friends by mugging up all chapters of Helmut the Forsaken Child manga. 


Helmut the Forsaken Child is a light novel with elements of action, adventure, suspense, and romance. Helmut, a rejected boy, found solace in unison with the Saint. His comeback from the bad association is unexpected for the readers. it is a great surprise for the audience. The whole manga story has many positive aspects increasing its importance. Children like to read all the chapters of this manga again and again. 


Q: Who is Helmut?

A: Helmut is a mysterious protagonist in the manga entitled Helmut the Forsaken Child.

Q: Why is Helmut hero?

A: In Helmut the Forsaken Child, Helmut is a protagonist who converts his life from sinful activities into a state of redemption.

Q: Who is the mentor to guide Helmut?

A: The Saint of Darien is the mentor to teach him the lesson of humanity.

Q: What does Helmut gain?

A: Helmut has gained some technical skills like swordsmanship.

Q: Why is Helmut called an abandoned child?

A: Helmut bears the pain of rejection from their parents and society due to their demonic appearance.

Q: Is Helmut successful in fulfilling his resolution?

A: Sure, through redemption and salvation, he transformed his soul into a humanized entity.

Q: What is the moral of the story?

A: Man should try to enhance humanity by removing all insurgency, and violence. Redemption is the best answer for you to become a complete human.

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