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Space Movie 1992

Space Movie 1992 – Know about Wiki Concepts/Movie Duration and more

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Man does not stop his journey from home to go beyond the sky to see the unseen. He is adventurous and innovative to explore for getting new things. Two powerful countries (America and Russia) have taken resolutions to send their air-crafts/rockets out of space. Their successful expeditions to Mars, Moon, and outer space have been depicted in top Hollywood movies. Space Movie 1992 is a different genre that has delineated the intergalactic lifestyles of gay aliens. These awkward creatures are homosexual but they have come to the earth for winning the male-dominated class destructing the female generation. This movie got a lot of good and bad remarks for black exploitation in the film. Intergalactic citizens are all black humans who like to transform all their neighbors into black gay males.

what space movie came out in 1992?

 Modern teens and science-conscious people like to watch science fiction films. In these movies, they come into contact with various odd strangers who are extraterrestrial aliens. They do not look like human beings living in this world. They are supposed to be superiors, intelligent, and much more rational. A review on “what space movie came out in 1992” actually indicates Gay Niggers from Outer space. The short movie scans the condition of black communities that are exploited.

The White community members do not honor the black. In these short-range movies, the director has captured the interesting lifestyles of extraterrestrial representatives residing in Anus. They are all gay males with the same sexual feel to enjoy. They started their aerial journey to land on the earth in the long run. This voyage to the world is unforgettable. These foreign intergalactic citizens want to eliminate all-female groups to give power to black men with homosexuality. The background and plot construction of this seem what space film came out in 1992 to be based on racism, and homosexuality.

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Synopsis of Gayniggers from Outer Space

The anus is far from human society. It stays multi-million light-years back from the world. A group of intergalactic extraterrestrial navigators began their mission to leave for the unknown world. Their spaceship hovering in the labyrinth of the million galaxies experienced technical defects. So, a few aliens planned to take another vehicle to travel what outer space came in 1992. Suddenly, they encountered the Earth by chance and alighted down on the land of this planet.

Space Movie Brief

  • Year: 1992
  • Operating time: 26 min.
  • Nation: Denmark
  • Language: English
  • Director: Morten Lindberg
  • Editor:: Prami Larsen
  • Screenwriter: Morten Lindberg, Per Kristensen
  • Cinematography: Henrik Kristensen
  • Cast: Coco C.P. Dalbert, Sammy Salomon, Gbatokai Dakinah
  • Production Firm: Lindberg/Kristensen Movie
  • Producers : Dino Raymond Hansen and Lamont Sanford
  • Style: Comedy. Sci-Fi | Homosexual & Lesbian. Area Journey. Half-length Movie

Space Movie Shooting Crew/Cast

  • Gbartokai Dakinah as Sergeant Shaved Balls
  • Konrad Fields as Mr. Schwul
  • Lars Bjarke
  • Roland Engelhardt
  • Verner Mollerup Christensen
  • Torben Zenth
  • Anne Busacker
  • Jzecke Prvroche
  • Bob Harris
  • Bob Rockwell
  • Sammy Saloman as Captain B. Dick
  • Gerald F. Hail as D. Ildo
  • Cristiaana Sabella
  • Johnny Conny as a professional Black Homosexual Ambassador
  • Tony Thomas played White Homosexual Ambassador
  • Tove Kristensen
  • Heidrun von Wildenraut
  • Yon Hee Kim
  • Ehi Yeon Kim
  • Chapter
  • Dan Marmorstein
  • Rob Pederson
  • Scott Ritter
  • Dorte Høeg Brask
  • Jens Rungo
  •  Heintz Heinrick von Grundstead
  • Maiksen Thorsson
  • Nina N. Rosenmeier
  • Tone Nielsen
  • Coco P. Dalbert as ArmInAss

Special Crew of Space Movie 1992

  • Maja Rasmussen              Makeup Department
  • Anne Nielsen                     Makeup artist
  • Jesper Andersen               Second assistant decorator
  • Bjorn Nymand                   First assistant decorator
  • Joakim Zacko Weyland   Third assistant decorator/Sound Department
  • Jens Bangsholt                  Sound director
  • Peter Schultz                     SoundSpecial Effects by
  • Per Kristensen                   Special photographic effects
  • Uffe Hanghøj                     Lighting technician (as Uffe Hangoj Johansen)
  • Niels Reedtz Johansen    Camera operator
  • Robert Juhl                        Lighting advisor
  • Henrik Kristensen             Camera operator
  • Carsten Madsen               Gaffer
  • Jesper Brahe Nymand     Assistant camera
  • Klaus Voss           …           Key grip
  • Randi Pontoppidan          Script writer

What Space Movie Was Made in 1992?

The existence of a supernatural entity forces man to use his powerful imaginative vehicle to grope for the unknown thing to appear. An alien is an extraterrestrial animated object who can speak like a normal human being. He is more intelligent and wise. The technology of extraterrestrial navigators coming from Anus is superior to that of man. Take a synopsis or a remnant of a glimpse when you watch a space movie named Gayniggers from Outer Space directed by Morten Lindberg. Expand your intuition to analyze what strikes you. Story plots take the attention of the audience to gangsters who are not ordinary humans. They are aliens who are reinforced with laser weaponry to torch the enemies. They are peculiar with raw anti-womanhood concepts to terminating women.

A gang of black homosexuals with strange identities appears with their laser weapons, and ultra-modern technologies to remove the existence of women. They want to make everyone gay male. This type of racism or gender bias may damage the sentiments of people coming from other religious sects. Bigotry is not condemned but appreciated in this Space Movie 1992.

 People want a straightforward answer to this big question” What space movie was made in 1992?” It is a type of comedic genre and this cult has no other intention to harm one’s religion and identity in society. Prima Larsen, the chief editor, used his scissor to cut many offensive episodes or superfluous content from the story to resize the movie. Its satiric tone is not tactfully handled. Henrick Kristenson improved the visual effect of Space Movie 1992 as a successful cinematographer.

The videography, picture quality, and audio can beat any top Hollywood movie. Movie fans will get the touch of ultra-light basic erotic enhancers roasted in comical materials. However, the central objective of this movie is different from what many critics think. They smell the presence of negative insurgency, racial profiling, and jingoism in this comedic film.

Space Movie from 1992

While Googling, you will get a number of classic science fiction movies which are known for hi-tech science. For example, Alien and Westworld gained a lot of popularity due to awesome cinematography, the touch of hi-tech tools, and superb visual presentation. Audio quality attracted viewers to see this box-office hit movie. However, the space movie from 1992 minimizes the interests of the black members fighting for equality in America. Such an embedded comedic homophobic tempo runs through the whole story. It is a less thought-provoking comical film. Actors in this short-ranged movie are depicted as funny characters to lambaste the women groups. Doing that raises bigotry and vengeance toward women’s emancipation.

The inspiration behind the Creation of Space Movie 1992

The director borrowed concepts and themes from another well-known movie titled Plan 9 from Outer Space. Most scenes are shot in black and white colors. Therefore, people like the classic scenario with awe-inspiring graphic pictures to make someone dumbstruck after watching the 26-minute duration Space Movie 1992.

In Which Language Was This Space Movie Made in 1992

Gay Niggers from Outer Space hit the Danish movie industry in the English version. This film does not suit the intelligentsia community. Basically, this is a comedic edition and it delineated every character in the radiance of satire.

Is `1992 Space Movie a Type of Blaxploitation?

1992 Space Movie is a stereotypical comedic film based on blaxploitation. The protagonists of this film are extraterrestrials. They have landed on the earth as their space station got international technical hemorrhage. It forced a few intergalactic gays to enter the new ambiance of humans. They are all black men who are also homosexual. They do not like women who are supposed to rule the world. They force other male persons to become gays. This bigotry harms society by handling the emotions of common people badly. This movie gives freedom to white members to criticize black using provocative words. The color distinction is enhanced in this short-range movie. It is the strong ingredient to ignite chauvinism and anti-womanhood sentiment.

Space Movie 1992 Supports Black and White Racism- Is It True?

Color distinction, ethnic clashes, and communal force are deep-rooted in America. Black negros are considered to be brute and illiterate. They do not get equal status to white people. This class division snowballs into the big size insurgency claiming innocent lives. The vision of the Space Movie 1992 or Gay Niggers from Outer Space is ambiguous and biased. The movie director has used a number of colors to highlight the difference between black and white. When intergalactic gays kill women, the colors of the scenes change symbolizing the enhancement of racism/bigotry in a different way. The dark shades have no value and they must backtrack giving the space for the growth of the white community to exist in America. This transmission reinforces the rights of the white over the black.

Who Is the Victim in Space Movie 1992?

Basically, Space Movies from 1992 is not a mainstream commercial movie. It is a cheap comic version ridiculing a particular black class. Many top movie critics do not like the story or themes of this movie because of the substandard plot construction and the negative impact of racism. However, still, it is a short movie for giving simple entertainment to movie viewers without expecting anything productive.

What Is Trick behind Space Movie 1992

On Reddit, online viewers take it as a shortcut trick to watch the only 25 to 26-minute-long homophobic film directed by a Danish comedian named Morten Lindberg. People should not wait for downloading a big size decent movie as this is a comedic joke for everyone with a desire to watch this short blaxploitation movie.

What Are Good Aspects of Space Movie 1992?

Though Space Movie 1992 does not give you any philosophical view of society’s welfare supporting humanity, it is qualitative in terms of cinematography, and classic character sketching in black and white colors. Often viewers try to listen carefully when gay males speak to one another in cracking sounds. They do not know English as they are outsiders of the Earth. It is contextual and relevant to depict the story of the movie.

Why Is Space Movie 1992 Controversial?

When Space Movie 1992 was uploaded on social media networks, viewers had nothing but to leave the portal in despair. They couldn’t find any reason to stay online to watch this movie as it is very short with the ingredients of racism. However, they do not know exactly about the motif of the movie director. The Danish artist revealed that he had made it for fun and pleasure. He didn’t punch any controversial element in the movie to irritate others. But many claims that his movie is a hot topic for intellectuals and movie viewers. His purpose is to give moral and emotional support to the white over the black. This is an injustice for women as well. The audience has to give final opinions on whether the movie director is right in the long run.


From the beginning, Space Movie 1992 was charged with human sentiments bringing a new set of controversies. Movie viewers are getting the warmth of racism when they keep watching the colorful movie in HD format. While discussing, they want to know about the source of getting the title to project this movie finally. According to the director, he has taken the concepts from Grave Robbers from Outer Space- the derivative from the popular movie “Plan 9 from Outer Space” which came to the box office dating back to 1959.


Space movie that came out in 1992 is a mimicry to defame the womanhood which has perished by a group of intergalactic gay representatives. They are well-equipped and resourceful to smash women for bringing a Draconian law to establish a regime for only men. This idiosyncrasy gets space to enhance the reinforcement of its grip challenging the bright aspects of the society in which everyone lives. The final verdict is that this short-lived 26-duration movie is considered to be a piece of entertainment for juvenile groups. Otherwise, it has nothing which can help you stand firm on the ground for overtaking bad elements like racism. The sound, visual effect, way of filming, and cinematography has added importance to this movie to some extent.


Q: What is another name for a space movie made in 1992?

Ans– Another name of Space Movie 1992 is GayNiggers from Outer Space.

Q: How Long Does Space Movie 1992 Last?

Ans: It is a short 26 minutes duration movie.

Q: Where Was Space Movie 1992 First Premiered?

Ans– Denmark

Q: Who Are the Producers of Space Movie 1992?

Ans – Dino Raymond Hansen and Lamont Sanford

Q: Who Distributed Space Movie 1992?

Ans– Det Danske Filminstitut is the distributor of this Space Movie 1992.

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