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Ideas for Romantic Weekend Getaways

5 Ideas for Romantic Weekend Getaways to Consider for Married Couples

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Want to plan something truly special for your special someone? Romantic weekend getaways are the perfect way to unwind and rekindle anything you might miss during the workweek. Spend some time getting to know one another again in these amazing locations. 

1. Park City, Utah

Looking to make the most of the winter? Park City is a great romantic vacation destination. There are lots to do as far as outdoor activities for couples go, and even if you aren’t a fan of the slopes you can still cuddle up and enjoy the snow in front of a warm fire together.  

When you’re planning romantic getaways, don’t forget about the little details. Make the invitation itself a surprise with a nice card, even adding some love quotes, and a dinner to go along with it. That way you’ll be starting the romantic getaway before it’s even begun.

2. Paso Robles, California

One of the biggest wine regions in the country is sure to have you well rested and relaxed by the end of your romantic getaway. You can find plenty of cozy cottages to hole up in and also explore several wineries when you feel so inspired. This is a great spot if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of San Francisco or LA. 

3. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a beautiful city with plenty to do but still carries with it that small-town charm. You will have lots of options for hotels and this is an ideal destination if you don’t have the biggest weekend getaway budget. 

Explore the city covered in beautiful Spanish moss and enjoy the greenery along with the architecture. Savannah is a very artsy city so you will have plenty of galleries to visit and things to see on your trip if you make it out of the bedroom.

4. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

If you’re looking for a location south of the states, this is one of the most ideal romantic vacation destinations. You can stay at several luxury hotels and find lots of privacy awaiting you. There are beautiful beaches and plenty of additional outdoor activities for couples.

So pack up that swimsuit and don’t forget your passport. This vacation will be one to remember.

5. Naples, Florida

Want to spend some time on the beach without leaving the country? Naples is a beautiful part of Florida surrounded by white sand beaches and clear water. You can sit out in the sun, take a dip, or enjoy a luxury hotel in the area. 

There are plenty of additional water activities for couples to do. And you can also plan a side trip to see the Everglades nearby. 

Romantic Weekend Getaways

Planning perfect romantic weekend getaways has everything to do with your location. Choose a spot you both will enjoy and get to try new things together. A getaway allows you to make new memories and explore a beautiful place together. 

Pick a place that fits in your weekend getaway budget, and fits with your shared interests. And if this helped you figure out your next vacation spot, keep reading for more good tips.

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