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10 vacation tips that are important when booking a holiday home

by mr.manjeetsingh10

Renting a holiday home is often done like this, with a click of the mouse, you have a dream house.

What are the important points to look out for if you are looking for that dream villa on the beach or that fantastic apartment in Spain?

Early booking guarantees that you can search from the best houses
It is very popular nowadays to look for the best holiday home at the best price just before departure. That is of course also possible. Often, however, the best houses are already rented out. Internationally, a holiday home or villa is reserved on average 3 to 6 months before departure. And if you are looking for a property with a special characteristic, for example a group accommodation or a holiday home close to the water, then it is good to know that these properties are often booked months in advance for the holiday periods. That does not mean that you are overpriced. Research shows that with early booking discounts the best prices are often given in advance, certainly in combination with the quality of the houses that are booked at that time.

Early booking has the advantage that you of course also have ample opportunity to read into the area. Bungalow.Net can also inspire you to search online for a holiday home on the Zeeland coast or a villa in Tuscany , towards the mountains in France or opt for winter sports in the Black Forest.

Is there a supermarket in the area?
This is important for anyone who does not intend to eat out every night. Many holiday homes do have their own kitchen. If you can do good shopping at a short distance from your home, you can therefore save by regularly enjoying culinary delights at home. Quite apart from the fact that you can save a lot with a well-equipped kitchen and supermarket in the neighborhood, it applies to many women (and men) that certain luxury on holiday is nevertheless desirable, such as a dishwasher. Take this holiday home on the Costa Brava , for example for two people, it also has a dishwasher ideal for a romantic getaway without washing dishes.

Do you need to rent a car and is there parking available?


If you have already found your holiday destination, then that is simply fantastic. Now you have to think about how you will get there. You can go by plane, but then you have to be close by and also look for an airport for a means of transportation from the airport to the accommodation and back.

Or maybe it’s easier to rent a car, but then you need to know if your vacation home has a parking lot, and whether you have to pay extra for parking. Nowadays you fly from Eindhoven, Schiphol, Rotterdam or from Brussels to almost every European destination. Renting a car from the airport gives comfort and for car enthusiasts the chance to do something different. You can save by going to the airport by train, parking at the airport is often just as expensive as renting a car, reservations can often be made and are much cheaper. If you really want to make a calculation whether it is cheaper or not, when weighing yourself or driving in combination with renting a car always keep in mind that you save a lot of time because you do not have to spend 2 days (round trip) to drive. By the way, don’t forget to check the arrival and departure times before you book so that they match. If these do not match, call Bungalow.Net’s travel advisors, they are able to make customized arrangements with the park or owner that are ideal for you.

Are you looking for a family holiday?

We all know that traveling with children changes everything. A family holiday is a great experience but you really have to be well prepared.

Whether you choose Spain as your destination or nature in the Belgian Ardennes, your accommodation must be child-friendly, for example with a playground, smoke-free and preferably close to the beach if that is the case. With small children it is wise not to sit too close to the swimming pool or water, but rather next to the playground. Due to the view, most guests book the best bungalows on the water or at the edge of the forest, but with small children your pleasure and that of your offspring is best served next to the playground, you can keep an eye on your deck chair right away. Ask for it before you book!

Is there a good internet connection?

Let’s face it: we live in the age of internet technology, and although we may be on vacation, we are still curious to see what Facebook has to say, or maybe we want to do a little research online to find the best restaurant in find the neighborhood of our holiday accommodation or the best things to see and do in the neighborhood and so on.

Regardless of the location you are looking for, make sure that you specify this directly in the filter criteria when searching, this way you will only find holiday homes that have an essential internet connection, such as this house on Lake Balaton .

Read the full rental contract

This is a fairly important advice that is often skipped. Bungalow.Net is a member of the Thuiswinkel organization and that means that the rental conditions are standard and are drawn up in consultation with, among others. the Consumers’ Association. In addition to the standard travel conditions, there are often also specific conditions of the owner. These can differ per property. Here you can, for example, find details such as that you are only allowed to park 1 car or that you are not allowed to book with a group of young people. You will always find these conditions before you make a reservation. Another tip that we would like to give you is to check the property on arrival and report defects directly to the owner (this in connection with the deposit). If the defects are so serious that you actually want to leave immediately, contact your travel advisor at Bungalow.Net immediately. The owner always has 1 day to resolve the problem or to give you a replacement home. If you do not report it and / or just make a right turn, your right to compensation will lapse. And that is of course a shame. To prevent all this, you can always see what other tenants thought of that property. You can find the reviews (if any) directly on the Bungalow.Net website.

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Can a homeowner have special rules?
As you can read, house rules apply to most properties. Most are pretty obvious things not to come for surprises, it is wise to read this beforehand. In some homes pets are not, or are welcome, smoking is not permitted. In some homes there is talk of noise rules or that you may be inconvenienced (eg close to the disco etc). Everyone has different wishes and preferences. It is therefore advisable to read this carefully and if you have any questions, please contact Bungalow.Net’s travel advisor. Incidentally, if you want to look directly for a holiday home that is suitable for pets, you can specify this yourself in your search criteria, click here to search for homes suitable for pets.

Do you now also have to pay a deposit? Will you also get it back?
Most houses often have a deposit. A deposit is often collateral of a few hundred Euro due to possible damage to the property. Consider, for example, crockery falling, a night light or something similar. In certain cases you are insured for this, always request a statement from the park or the owner for your insurer. You can always submit this. In certain cases, consumption costs such as electricity will be deducted from your deposit. If you have no damage, you will always get the deposit back from the party to whom you paid it. If you have not received your deposit within 2 weeks, even if this has to come from the owner or the park, please call your travel advisor at Bungalow.Net. We figure that out for you, sometimes only an account number is missing.

Do you get enough privacy?
Most of us always find it pleasant when an owner waits for us and walks around with us to explain where we can find something. If the owner puts a cup of real Italian espresso, it is also pleasant, or a fruity wine in the garden. Also an owner who has a vegetable garden and occasionally brings some fresh fruit or eggs, welcome. But occasionally the owner lives above or below you, or the grandmother sits by the pool as standard and reduces your privacy to zero. That is of course a damper on your vacation. It is also possible that you are in an apartment complex with many other groups of people. If you do not book an independent home, you sometimes run a risk in that regard. To be sure, you can just call to indicate what you want to exclude. Incidentally, it is the local character of these encounters that are very special. For example, we once booked a villa with our family that belonged to the Medici. This home has had a very special story from which one of the richest and most influential families has lived. A special house with a lot of history.

Check everything on arrival

Holiday homes are often subsequently rented throughout the season. Apart from the cleaning lady, there is therefore not always a good check on the quality of the home. So always pay attention on arrival. First, take the time for yourself, you don’t really have to go through everything immediately as a detective, but at least the same day it’s a good idea to check if it’s present and if it works. Sometimes it may happen that something small is not present or broken, report this to the owner or reception. This is important because in this way you do not end up in a discussion about whether or not you have created this. Should you encounter major defects or if your home simply does not match what you have booked? Then contact the owner first and let them know what you don’t like and what you expect. Always stay friendly, kindness often works wonders when it comes to issues like this. Also always contact our service team, we speak the language and contact the owner for you. If this is reported on the first day, there is almost always a good solution available so that you can quickly start a good start to your holiday. Click Here to reading more

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