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Unicorn Cake

What Is Unicorn Cake? Truth about Originality of Unicorn Cake and Functionality

by Robin Smith

All of you know that a chunk of delicious unicorn cake is tasty. But it has more to stun you. The colors and wonderful décor of such sweeteners and confectionaries are indicative of the advent of happiness. The unicorn cakes bring pleasure to your family members. This is the embodiment of joy, delight, and affluence. On special occasions like your kids’ birthday parties, you can go for the unicorn cake design. People need to learn about the history of unicorn cakes and how it becomes a part and parcel of any formal and informal social functions. 

What Is a Unicorn Cake?

unicorn cake is a nutritious confectionary item but it is a colorful palatable dessert for any special event. For your birthday party celebration, wedding ceremony, and weekend special, you should entertain your guests with a mouthful of unicorn k cakes. 

Why Is Unicorn Cake Important for You?

The Unicorn cake is flavorful with so many nutrients. This sweetener is an essential thing for kids. If it is your birthday party, you can’t forget to design the unicorn cake for celebrating your birthday with pomp. You and your family members are united to cut the large-size colorful cake with a knife as a token of love and brotherhood. Your friends are delighted to have the small chunks of cakes to honor you. Unicorn birthday cake is specially designed for special events. People are emotionally attached to the Unicorn cake and pastry. 

Brief History of Unicorn Cake 

Herein lies the history of the unicorn cake, which is a special gift for a kid to remember his birthday. This is the right thing for boosting up a feeble patient groping for joy and happiness. Well, history speaks for itself surreptitiously, about the originality of this delicious cake. In ancient Greece, people knew and worshipped a mythological unicorn creature that resembled a horse with a single horn. This is the symbol of wellness and prosperity.

It is a great healer to remove the pain. However, today, it is the age of science and technology. This myth is replaced with a new thought. Unicorn cake is used as a dynamic gift that inspires people. It stimulates humans. For example, unicorn cake for a birthday is always wonderful for you. 

What Is Rainbow Unicorn Cake?

Unicorn cakes are designed with mythological one-horned horses. On the top of the cake, there is a unicorn with a decorated single horn. It is mysterious and adventurous for kids. The rainbow unicorn cake must have different colors producing a combined effect. The multi-colored unicorn cakes have a presentable design and, of course, marvelous taste. 

Who Is the Creator of Starting Unicorn Cake Design?

Unicorn Cake

A unicorn cake looks like a horse shape. It is one of the most attractive palatable cakes/sweeteners. A Canadian bakery expert is proud of preparing a typical birthday cake with fantastic toppings resembling a unicorn creature. 

Truth Behind Unicorn Cake 

The truth is that Jenna Hutchinson who is the co-owner of running Jenna Rae Cakes in Winnipeg is thought to be the designer of the unicorn cake. She introduced this superior-quality birthday cake to his fans. According to Jenna’s neighbors, she prepared a big-size birthday special cake containing a unicorn creature with a ponytail behind the one-horned horse. They believe that she is the one who gave the realistic shape to the top delicious unicorn cake. 

Jenna Hutchinson uploaded the photo of her created unicorn cake on social media sites. This snapshot went viral surprising a million viewers. She became an iconic celeb overnight. 

Unicorn cake design templates reached over a trillion people who search the internet to collect more updates about the latest creation. Nowadays, the internet is easily available at home and café. It takes information to the corner of the world within a second. Through mobile handsets and computers, people got unicorn cake details including the latest colorful photos to share. Within a few days, the unicorn cake template is listed as top 10 wonderful trendy things like Bitcoin, Fortnite, and Black Panther. 

Rainbow Unicorn Cake Décor to Celebrate Birthday Party

Rainbow unicorn cakes are sweeteners that are given to guests and friends to enjoy the birthday celebration of the kid. A child is an innocent human being. He wants love, care, and affection. Parents should think of how to make the birthday party unforgettable and unique. Rainbow unicorn cakes have sparkling toppers with several special items to cheer you up deeply.

A hand-made rainbow unicorn cake has a handful of treats like a single-horned unicorn, and pictures of clouds. and glittering stars. The whole unicorn cake topper is beautifully decorated with balloons and other items. It is an attractive treat for pleasing your child by providing such a palatable birthday party cake containing the unicorn horse. 

Unicorn Cakes Are Lovable Gifts for Celeb Kids 

Unicorn Cake

Unicorn cakes are palatable desserts for small kids who like to eat flavorful nutrient-packed cakes. Celeb kids are joyous when they are given desserts containing a special treat like the colorful two-tier unicorn cake. This confectionary sweetener is decorated with several components like a one-horn mythological horse-shaped unicorn and other decorative items like balloons. Celebs throw birthday parties at their luxurious apartments.

They invite friends and VIP guests. What they choose as a gift is a beautifully decorated unicorn cake surrounded by sparkling candles. This unicorn cake makes the evening special and remarkable. The lovely kids are excited to have the pieces of high-quality unicorn cakes. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kim Kardashian West are such popular celebs who buy rainbow unicorn cakes to celebrate birthday parties. 

Personalized Unicorn Cakes with Superior Design 

Unicorn cakes are the most fabulous confectioneries to surprise guests. Instead of preparing oversize cakes, buy personalized nutritious unicorn cakes to spoon-feed a large size crowd or group at the social event. The unicorn cakes are majestic in color. You can instruct the cake makers on how to design your precious unicorn cakes. The prices of such sweeteners depend on the size of the cakes and the quality. For example, a large-size unicorn cake is available for $80.

There are different versions of unicorn cakes. The Sheet variant is sold for 30 dollars. The huge shape of the unicorn cake resembles Jane Rae without compromising its quality. The aesthete of the whole oversize cake is fantastic due to the usage of colorful confetti and balloons. The cosmopolitan cake is unmistakably large and it is also found at competitive rates. By paying $70 to your vendor, feel free to bring your home such a nice-looking delicious elite unicorn cake. 

Unicorn Cake Décor for Kid’s Birthday Celebration 

Unicorn Cake

People are united to celebrate special events like birthdays, weddings, V-day, marriage anniversaries, and homecomings or reunions after a long period. They need to share sweets, flowers, and aromatic herbs. Their friendship stays evergreen and fresh. Well, unicorn cake décor should be classic to match the particular event. On the Birthday of your kid, you should select the best unicorn cake which refreshes your mind giving you a lot of joy. There are variants of unicorn cakes which range from rainbow style, three-tire cosmopolitan, and sheet confectionaries with toppers.

The fancy delicious unicorn cake for the birthday celebration is an iconic figure. It is suitable for your kids’ birthday parties. The thick layers of the confectionary are stuffed with cream toppings, buttercream, and different types of fruits. The cake is designed with a unicorn creature bearing a tail and main. The superior vanilla aroma is so much flavorful and it stimulates people. The rainbow colors are so deep and unfathomable to make you sublimed. The elitism seems to be enhanced by this multi-tier unicorn cake. 

Cake Frosting Period

Unicorn cakes are wonderful desserts for guests who are fond of eating palatable cakes. Well, one of the important things to make the cake is its frosting period. To do better cake toppings frosting, you should store the trays of unicorn cakes in the fridge for producing an amazing icy-cool effect. You can preserve your cake inside the fridge for over a month before serving. However, you should take the frozen cake to the outside environment 1 day before the birthday celebration. The crunch and crumb areas of the cake will be soft after the period of frosting. 

Decorate the Unicorn Cakes before Serving 

Unicorn Cake

The decoration of the unicorn cakes for presentation should be decent and vibrant. The gorgeousness of the frosted birthday confectionary excites young participants in the birthday party event. The buttercream coatings can be colorful by combining various natural colors like orange, green, purple, and red. However, it depends on you what type of color combination you are comfortable to use. 

While designing your unicorn cakes, think of opting for sugar cones that are varied in size. The tiny sugar cones look like unicorns with horns. To make it more thematic and important, try to add the candy versions, marshmallows, and cotton candies to the unicorn figure-in standing on the base of the cake. it is the most eye-catching birthday gift for your junior sweetheart. 

Unicorn Horn Décor- Process 

From ancient times, people are emotionally connected with the unicorn horn which looks fantastic. When you try to give it a realistic shape by designing the horn on the unicorn of the cake, you need to complete a few processes. By painting sugar ice cream cones in gold color, you can put your signature on the unicorn to make it the cutest confectionary item. 

The unicorn horn looks so fancy but is simple to make! A few sugar ice cream cones are painted gold and used to give this unicorn cake its signature unicorn quality. In this connection, to have a natural color effect, use the spray on the exterior portion of the cake. The golden color is awe-inspiring and it impresses people who catch a glimpse of the delicious large unicorn cake. 

Points to Remember

If you find leftovers from your big-size confectionary cake, you should bake and process the remaining parts before freezing them inside the fridge. Loose remnant parts of the confectionary can be assembled to make it a small size cake for serving guests in upcoming days. 

Check Essential Ingredients to Prepare Unicorn Cake 

While baking and giving the final touch to your delicious unicorn cake, you should have a list of components for cake design. Check below to have a list of essential ingredients to prepare the unicorn cake. 

  • 1 3/4 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 3/4 cup with 1 tablespoon (225g) all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt to prepare the cake
  • 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons (260g) granulated sugar
  • 11 tablespoons (141g) unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 large eggs at normal room temperature
  • 3/4 cup (160g) buttermilk, room temperature
  • 1/3 cup (55g) sprinkles
  • 1 large egg white, room temperature

For the Butter Cream

  • 2 1/2 cups unsalted butter adjustable to room temperature
  • 5 cups (500g) powdered sugar
  • 2 tablespoons whole or 2% milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

To Decorate

  • Americolor Gel lemon yellow
  • Americolor Gel soft pink
  • 3 ice cream sugar cones
  • Americolor Gel super black
  • Americolor Gel leaf green
  • Wilton edible gold spray
  • Americolor Gel sky blue
  • Americolor Gel violet

Check Special Unicorn Cake Preparation Equipment

  • Large-size offset spatula
  • 1 (12-inch) piping bag fitted with a small size round tip
  • 1 large (21-inch) piping bag which is fit with a large star piping tip
  • 5 (18-inch) disposable piping bag
  • 3 (6-inch) round cake pans
  • 3 (6-inch) round parchments
  • 1 (8-inch) cardboard cake round

Take Online Guide to Design Unicorn Cake

If you are not efficient to bake and design the unicorn cake, you need the proper guide. The online live training and demos are useful for beginners to have an effective guide to preparing the best unicorn cake. Themes are generated by experts who are also creative and innovative. They give you examples and a lot of tips on how to decorate colorful unicorn cakes maintaining superior elegance and aesthetic quality. 

2-Tier Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorn birthday cakes are attractive treats to keep you rocking and rolling with immense excitement. The strong vanilla flavor of the confectionary item is so long-lasting that you will sense it even after eating the whole chunk. For a birthday celebration, you need to arrange a nutritious colorful two-tier which has a brilliant topper. 

The two-tier unicorn cake has multi-layers of butter and cream. The availability of special ingredients like Chocolate, Pineapple, Mix Fruit, Strawberry, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Butterscotch, White Forest, Red Velvet, Blueberry, etc. is determined by the cake bakery specialist. The deep aroma of the two-tier cake makes you fresh around the clock leaving you in deep intoxicated pleasure. 

Size of 2-Tier Unicorn Cake 

You will get different sizes with varied weights ranging from 2kg, 3kg, and 5kg to the standard size as per your direction. There is no hard and fast rule to design the cake in a particular size. 


Two-tier unicorn cakes are served on various occasions. A 2 kg unicorn cake spoon feeds 20 to 24 guests in a single go. If it is a 3kg cake, it is capable of taking care of 30 to 36 guests. 5 kg heavy two-tier cake can satisfy 50 to 56 people.

Multi-tier Unicorn Cake Buying Guide 

Your birthday party loses its glamour and importance to guests due to the unavailability of the unicorn birthday cake with multi-tiers. Guests are in a festive and rollick mood by taking a few pieces of delicious unicorn cakes. They are amazed to have the wonderful taste and flavors. This is a high-quality cake that has top ingredients like Swiss Meringue Buttercream and vanilla toppings.

The big-size two-tier cake is filled with nutrients like butter and cream fillings. The unicorn cake is a buttercream-based single-horned unicorn in dashing colors. The cake is an excellent dessert item. The striking colors of this type of cake for a birthday celebration are not detrimental to the liver and stomach. 

Quality – A Big Matter 

Unicorn cakes are costly as these confectionaries have many valuable natural ingredients and toppers. The unicorn is a horse-like structure with a single horn on the head. While designing such dynamic tasty unicorn cakes, you need to take care of the quality of the product. You should not use subpar-grade colorants and fruits to design your 2 or multi-tier cakes. The raw materials for preparing the cakes should be screened before use. The whole tier of the cake including its base must be qualitative. 

Choose the Unique Unicorn Cake Design 

Unique unicorn cake designs are varied. Depending on themes, you need to decorate your small and big size cakes with multi-layers of buttercream, and vanilla. To match your birthday, there should be something classic and offbeat to stun your friends. The unicorn cake must have a beautifully designed unicorn with a horn.

There is a cosmopolitan cake that is heavy and spacious to manage 60 guests at a time. The big cake can be decorated with flowers, colorful confetti, and candles. In this connection, online information banks provide people with free data, pictures, and free templates of the latest variants of unicorn cake designs. 

Girly Unicorn Birthday Cakes

Girly unicorn birthday cakes are fantastic gifts for your girlfriend who has invited you to celebrate her birthday. This cake designs are really attractive with variance in color contrast. With fondant horns, you can opt for the butterfly, confetti paper and tier stands to beautify the cakes for women. Put a symbol of love in the shape of the heart on the base of the cake with your quoted lines. She will applaud you for giving her such a nice treat. 

Check Review/Rating on Unicorn Cake

Whether it is your 1kg portable unicorn cake or a 5 kg vanilla flavorful cake with a topper, you should read the latest reviews, and check the rating. The best unicorn cakes always get excellent feedback with a higher ranking on Google. 


Though you will face several unicorn cake suppliers, you should be careful. Especially, online shops are not fully dependable due to cybercrime, hacking, and information leakage. Fake sites can cheat you by hacking your important files and bank information. Besides, the prices of unicorn cakes are varied. By reading reviews, books and checking feedback online, you will have a lot of details about the fake cake sellers.


A nutritious unicorn cake is full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. You will get energy and stamina by eating pieces of palatable healthy unicorn cakes. However, people buy top-grade unicorn cakes which are vehicles of bringing peace, happiness, and prosperity to them. For different social functions, and special events, you must require the fantastic 2-tier unicorn cake dipped in buttercream and toppings. It is designed with a unicorn horn. The whole unicorn cake is an artifact for you. Without it, the next birthday celebration will be dull and incomplete.


Q: What is unicorn cake?

A: The unicorn cake is a delicious confectionary with multi-layers of buttercream and toppings. This cake has a single horn unicorn.

Q: Where to get unicorn cake?

A: You can place your orders online to buy affordable unicorn birthday cakes. You have another option of preparing the unicorn cake at home.

Q: What is unicorn?

A: Unicorn is a mythological creature resembling a horse with a single horn. The cake designer utilizes this symbol to make a world-class unicorn cake.

Q: Why is unicorn birthday cake popular?

A: Unicorn birthday cake is popular because it has a mythological unicorn with a horn. The cake designer has used this art to design the unicorn cake.

Q: What is the price of unicorn cake?

A: Prices of the unicorn cakes are given on the sites. You should check price tags and statutes to get the exact price of the confectionary item.

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