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Need Your Cabinets Replaced

7 Signs You Need Your Cabinets Replaced

by Ruhia

The kitchen is the heart of a home. And when you enter a kitchen, cabinets are the first thing to notice. Beautifully designed cabinets can make any kitchen look outstanding – be it small or simple. But dated or dirty kitchen cabinets do the opposite, even if you have invested in the latest kitchen appliances.  

When to Change Cabinets in Your Central Valley Home?

In recent times, Central Valley, CA, has been attracting a lot of Californians and Americans from other states. The primary reason for this migration is the low housing prices. While the median housing price in Central Valley is $352.5k, the USA median is $416.3k. 

If you have moved to Central Valley because of the low housing costs, you can save up more if you choose a home that doesn’t have a stylishly designed kitchen. But you might want to change your cabinets to transform the look of your kitchen, making your Central Valley home look like it’s out of a magazine!

Here are seven signs that indicate that it’s time to replace your kitchen cabinets:

Scratches and Dents

Fresno City has more expensive homes when compared to other areas in Central Valley. The median house price in Fresno is $375k, much higher than the Valley’s average of $352.5k since Fresno is quite popular amongst migrants. To save up, you can go for houses where the sellers have not invested in home or kitchen repairs. 

And if your cabinets have only surface damage, you can always go for refacing the cabinets rather than investing in a complete change. You can hire Fresno cabinet refacing experts to transform the look of the kitchen. Once you have had the cabinets replaced, you will see that your kitchen looks transformed, and it also reflects on the overall look and feel of your house. 

Water Damage

If your cabinets are made of wood, chances are that over time, the wood absorbs water to become squishy or soft. Some other signs of water damage are swelling and mold in places.

If your cabinets have water damage, refacing is not enough. You will have to replace the cabinets because they are not only an eyesore but also pose a health and safety hazard.

If you inhale in an environment where there is mold, it could trigger allergies. Structurally unsafe cabinets could also fall off, damaging appliances or injuring people nearby. 

Dated Design

When it comes to interior design, there is always something new in the market. Although cabinets have long lives, you might want to revamp your place by replacing your kitchen cabinets.

For instance, wooden cabinets look aesthetic, but only if you’re going for a traditional or vintage look. If you want something modern, it’s time to let go of the cabinets that look like they’re from the 80s!

If you are planning a kitchen renovation, start by replacing your old cabinets with something more modern. In 2023, some popular cabinet styles are:

  • All-white cabinets
  • Shaker cabinets
  • Bright colors with wooden elements
  • Furniture style cabinets

Cabinets that Look Mismatched

If you have cabinets that look dated but don’t pose a health and safety hazard, they might be great for you as long as they match the look and feel of the rest of the house. However, if your house has a matte finish and exudes a modern look, dated kitchen cabinets would be a mismatch.

In this case, the old cabinets can look like a sore thumb. It is better to replace these cabinets and go with something more harmonious with the overall look of the house. If you’re not sure which cabinets will go best with your house, or if you’re planning for a house renovation and don’t know what look it will give, go for the safest option. All-white cabinets are in style and look perfect in any home. 

Your Cabinets Always Look Dirty

If you have old cabinets, chances are that they will always look dirty, no matter how much you clean them. Fading paint or accumulated grease might make your cabinets look worn out and dirty, even if you try to keep them clean.

In these cases, cleaning and polishing cannot restore the former glory of these cabinets. So, when your cabinets look old and worn out, it’s time for a replacement. 

Cabinets are Misaligned

One of the most common issues with kitchen cabinets is misalignment. Doors that won’t open or close properly or those that look lopsided reflect poorly on your kitchen. Often, as cabinets age, their doors warp, causing them to hang crookedly.

If you have children in the house who pull on the cabinet doors harshly or hang on the doors with all their weight, your cabinets are likely to become misaligned. Poorly installed cabinets also have gaps that cause them to have misalignment issues.

The Layout isn’t Efficient

Many times, cabinets are designed in a way that isn’t efficient for your kitchen. You might have a cabinet that is too small to store anything. Or a cabinet that causes your utensils to stick to the back, out of your reach. Another case of layout inefficiency is crashing doors.

All these layout issues make them less efficient for your kitchen. If that’s the case, you could invest in a new set of cupboards with more functional storage options. 

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets?

New cabinets can change the look of your kitchen and add to the look and feel of your home. However, you might be unsure about investing in kitchen cabinets if you fear the messy nature of the project. You might also fear selecting a cabinet that doesn’t make your kitchen look appealing.

When you’re considering your options, you might want to look at designs that match the other elements in your kitchen. For instance, silver kitchen appliances might look great with bold color choices. 

Final Words

This blog gives you several signs that indicate it’s time to change your kitchen cabinets. But you can also change your cabinets if you want a different color in your kitchen. This reason is enough for taking up a project like a cabinet replacement. But make sure you consider your budget options and consult kitchen replacement experts before you choose a look. 

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