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Çeciir – Top Turkish Food to Keep You Fit and Healthy

by Ruhia

Çeciir is a very popular chickpea stew that provides several health benefits to people. This food contains important components to control blood pressure and diabetes. In Turkey, people eat cooked Çeciir to have the necessary nutritional backup. Professional dieticians prescribe fresh Çeciir food for wellness throughout the month. 

What Is Çeciir?

Çeciir is a nutritious street food that is sold in the metro cities in Turkey. Besides, this food is also available in other regions like the Balkans and ME. To get major health benefits, you can try to include Çeciir in your regular diet program. 

History of Çeciir

Çeciir has a long historical background. If you go back to 2000 years, you will know about the originality of Çeciir food. In ancient times, this particular food was used by nomads living in Anatolia. Turkish aborigines and highlanders liked to eat such nutritious food in the eleventh century. It was known as the chickpea stew also. It was a flavorful dish for a nomad who prepared Çeciir to eat and keep them energetic. Gradually, in other parts of ME and Europe, Çeciir food became popular. 

How Is çeciir to Taste?

Çeciir is a hard crunchy dough-like structure with a lot of fillers melting in heat. The all-natural sweet currants of the Çeciir give you flavor. The savory and melting fillings of the dough give you an amazing taste to experience. Bite the crunches of the Çeciir dough to enjoy the evening on weekends. The creamy texture of the Çeciir must enchant you. It is a qualitative food for people who need to shrug off the extra fat and sugar to become slim. 

Where to Get Çeciir?

Çeciir is a household name for Turkish people. They are fond of eating the Çeciir food with fun. You will see this type of hard delicious food in any street kiosk/restaurant and food stall in Turkey. Even in the Bulkans region, you will find such tasty Ceciir food. Besides, you can buy Çeciir food from online stores. 

Various Usages of Ceciir 


Çeciir does not disappear. It will exist in modern times. Forefathers ate Çeciir at their breakfast table. They have a lot of vitamins, proteins, fiber, and potassium. Their complicated health hazards were minimized. It was due to the Çeciir. It is a good agent for your health. In modern days, it is still a sought-after food. Turkish cuisine is not complete if you forget to include Çeciir in your regular lunch pack. 

There are various usages of Çeciir. It is taken as one of the best alternatives to the flour. You can prepare glutton-free tasty bread to eat. Children are comfortable eating this food which is easy to digest. With vegetables, you can opt for Çeciir to make the flavorful broth. Those who are vegetarians can handpick Çeciir-made pancakes and stew to have more stamina. 

How Does Çeciir Help You?

From the beginning, you should know all about the functionalities of Çeciir food items. It is a flavorful palatable dish to eat. After the intake of Çeciir, you get more energy, potassium, protein, and vitamins. Your cardiac-related issues are controllable if you take this popular spicy food in restricted amounts. According to experts, a cupful of Çeciir gives you a list of hygienic components such as 

  • 269 calories
  • 1.25 grams of fibre
  • Approximately 14.5 grams of protein
  • 4.7 grams of oil
  • Sufficient amount of manganese
  • Seventy-one percent of the folate RDI
  • Nearly a third of the phosphorous ADV
  • 26 percent of the copper’s daily value

The Availability of Sufficient Fiber

Extensive research has proved the high potential of Çeciir. It has a sufficient percentage of fiber to keep you safe from bad cholesterol. If you suffer from high blood pressure followed by cardiac arrest, you should select Çeciir containing fiber. In the case of arterial plaque, Çeciir is considered to be a suitable food for preventing blood clotting. 

Çeciir Gives You Solution to Bowel Syndrome and Indigestion 

Çeciir gives you the stamina to fight back for fitness. Irregular bowel movements, constipation, and indigestion are a few hazards for a person. To have the regular safeguards to survive, feel free to eat Çeciir. You can add Çeciir to vegetables and burgers to make a tasty dish for eating. Çeci ensures the regular improvement of health dynamically. 

Çeciir is Packed with Fiber, Protein, and Potassium

Çeciir, a Turkey dish, never frustrates diabetic patients. Its high fiber, protein, and potassium are essential components to lower the risks. The insulin sensitivity increases due to the consumption of this nutritious food. The chickpeas start working quickly to inhibit the overflow of sugar in the bloodstream. The special food is conducive to the faster development of your body controlling sugar. Diabetic patients need to ask for advice from experts before taking Çeciir to minimize the symptoms of diabetes. 

Çeciir – Great Food for Obese Community

The presence of protein in Çeciir is a plus point for an obese patient. The fat reduction process takes place faster due to the intake of Çeciir with adequate protein. It makes you less hungry. Therefore, you feel the fast control over the obesity regulating sugar, high cholesterol, fat, and calories. 

Çeci N’est Pas Une Pipe


Çeci N’est Pas Une Pipe is a well-known phrase which is coined by René Magritte. It means “The Treachery of Images”. In simple language, it is not the pipe as you see. René Magritte is a surrealist painter who used the new phrase- Ceci N’est Pas Une Pipe in French. After the translation, the experts came to know that the phrase is indicative of an image that is not in reality. It is a little bit complex. Suppose, you see an image of a pipe, it is not a pipe at all. It is just a photo and it has no connection or physical relationship with the object you touch. 

The Symbolical Importance 

There is much implied symbolical importance of this particular phrase given by Rene. In reality, a word can’t match the image. If you name an object as a car, people identify the particular thing as a car. However, only by naming the car, you can’t complete your job. If you put a different name for the vehicle, the actual concept of the car does not change. If you call a rose a car, you can. There is a difference between the actual object and the name for the identification of that thing. 


In art, the painters use many symbolic images to express thoughts and emotions. That doesn’t mean that his symbols are actual things in practical life. The same thing applies to the usage of general terms for specifying particular objects. A global map is not the territory to specify the boundary of the world. It is a general term for locating places in the world. The universe can’t be compared to the map. Same way, the word “chair” is not the same as the object or furniture piece for sitting. You can’t sit on a word “chair” but it is the hard object on which you rest your body. 

Words or terms and real objects may be different. It is called surrealism. You can combine different types of elements to build up a mystical and adventurous thing. For instance, a melting clock that ticks silently in your room. Here melt is the particular word that has no connection with the hard rock clock device. A surreal artist makes a blend of odd objects and components to form surreal artwork. 

Çeci-What Does It Mean?

Çeci is a French word that forms the whole phrase – Çeci N’est Pas Une Pipe- Treachery of Images. However, the individual meaning of Ceci is “this”. Cela stands for “that”. It is up to the user how to apply Ceci and Cela whenever it is required. 


Çeciir food has tons of nutrients that help you lower the negative impact of sugar. It is sensitive to insulin. So, diabetic patients can take the prescribed dosage of Çeciir to have fibre and other elements to prevent diabetes. Besides, to have a slim figure, you should prepare a healthy food containing Çeciir dough.


Q: What is Çeciir?

A: Çeciir is a popular Turkish dish which gives you a lot of health benefits.

Q: What are the health benefits of eating Çeciir?

A: By taking Çeciir, your blood pressure will be under control. It makes you slim with less fat. It is a low-carb food.

Q: What is surrealism?

A: Surrealism is the practice of making something odd which does not match the reality.

Q: What is the symbolic importance of surrealism?

A: Surrealism indicates the scientific revolution removing all conventional legacies. It supports innovation.

Q: Who is René Magritte?

A: René Magritte is a renowned surreal artist in the 19th to 20th century.

Q: What stands for Ceciir?

A: Ceciir is a type of bag or tote.

Q: What is the originality of Ceciir?

A: Ceciir is a Turkish derivative of çekirdek.

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