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Self-Care Tips for Mental Health

7 Important Self-Care Tips for Mental Health

by Ruhia

Did you know that more than 20% of adults live with a mental health disability? Depression, anxiety, and similar issues are exceptionally common, making it so that self-care resources are plentiful. Some self-care tips for mental health are effective but are not a substitute for medical attention.

If you’re struggling with your mental health, we’re happy to help guide you. Here are seven tips to help improve your self-care while you manage your mental health.

1. Physical Health First

When it comes to benefitting your mental health, you should start with the physical. Studies show that our physical health is directly correlated to our mental health.

Physical activity, such as time outdoors or exercise, can help to reduce stress. Many activities will benefit serotonin and dopamine generation in your brain as well. These benefits will improve your sleep quality, mental health, and more.

That isn’t to say that clinical depression or severe anxiety is solved with a hike by any means. However, engaging in these pastimes and hobbies is a great way to reduce your negative symptoms. You may also find that having these moments scheduled in your day can help give you something to look forward to, further boosting your health.

2. Break Away From Screens

Many studies have shown that there is an adverse effect on our mental health when spending too long in front of screens. For activities most people don’t enjoy, such as working or studying, this negative effect is increased.

But even if you enjoy your time in front of a screen, there are still drawbacks. A few moments away from your screen is a good way to help your mind recharge and reduce your mental strain.

The best way to do this is to find something you enjoy that’s away from the screen. Is your primary hobby video games? Consider taking a trip to a local gaming hobby shop.

Spending an hour or so browsing board games, gaming accessories, and more stays within your comfort hobby. You’ll have the benefit of stepping away from the screen without having to force yourself into habits you don’t enjoy.

3. Passionate Hobbies

Speaking of hobbies, finding a new enjoyable activity has immense benefits for your mental health. You should look for new hobbies and passions that you can find joy in.

Cooking is a common hobby that has utility in your life. Some people find themselves growing depressed or struggling with positivity as a result of poor food.

Has your diet mostly consisted of junk, fast food, or other items that aren’t great for your health? Picking up cooking can give you more options for food.

If you’d like, you can work other hobbies into your cooking hobby. Spending some time gardening can give you herbs, veggies, and fruits that you can use while cooking. Look into the Hatton Garden blog for more cooking and gardening ideas.

Cooking and gardening are two popular hobbies, but far from the only options. Music, literature, hiking, exercise, new games, experiencing new areas of your town – all of these are some of the many passions waiting for you.

4. Saying Yes

Many of us struggle with saying yes when it comes to social events. Some of us suffer from social anxiety that makes even minor social events feel overwhelming. Others may have no motivation to leave their homes and engage with their friends or peers.

Forcing yourself to step out of your comfort zone is the first step to growing in the same zone. Find the motivation to make yourself spend time with your friends, peers, loved ones, and even strangers. 

Spending a few hours socializing is proven to have benefits to our mental health, positivity, and energy levels. However, this isn’t true for everyone, and many of us are simply introverts that are drained from social activity. Weigh what’s best for you, but don’t be afraid to take the jump.

5. Politely Refusing

Do you have the opposite problem and find yourself socializing more than you’d like? Many people have difficulty saying no when asked about plans or events. You may find yourself taking on extra stress to help others or aid in their problems without giving yourself time to unwind.

Packing your schedule with events that are stressing you out isn’t good for a healthy lifestyle. Self-care means putting yourself first when it’s right for you to do so. Look after your mental health by putting up reasonable barriers and enforcing them.

6. Seek Connections

While socializing, there’s more than small talk. A great way to benefit your mental health is to seek connections with other people.

Try to connect to your friends and peers on common ground and interests. Do you share a hobby, passion, pastime, or interest? Spark a discussion on these topics and keep the conversation flowing.

If you’re unsure about discussing your own interests, try to talk to others about theirs. Engaging someone in their education, musical interests, work, and passions is a lovely way to show you care about them. You also can learn new things and expose yourself to passions you weren’t aware of.

7. Professional Aid

Ultimately, there are many issues with mental health that can’t be solved with hobbies, the outdoors, exercise, and socializing. While these methods are fantastic ways to help alleviate the symptoms and improve your healthy lifestyle, you may need to see a professional.

Don’t be intimidated by the concepts of therapy or medicine. If you suffer from a chemical imbalance, such as the many that can cause depressive disorders, medication may help fix the issue.

Always discuss medications and lifestyle changes with your therapist or medical professional. Self-medicating is dangerous and should be avoided.

Practicing Self-Care Tips for Mental Health

These self-care tips for mental health are a great place to start improving your mental health. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, practicing positivity, and exercising will aid you in self-care. You should also socialize and consider talking to a professional while setting healthy barriers. For more informative reads, be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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