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A Bathroom That Jingles: 5 Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Christmas Vibe

by geccabinetdeport

Christmas is such an occasion that calls for home decoration. And all of us get down decorating our living spaces with pine trees, wreaths, snow globes, and all other decorative items. But the question here is, as much attention as we pay to our living space, do we pay the same to our bathrooms? They too are, after all, a part of our living space too and deserve to be decorated. Isn’t it?

Perhaps, bathrooms should be decorated in such a manner which gives out the Christmas vibe without compromising its usages. From discount bathroom vanities to soaps to towels, there are many options for you to add a subtle Christmas touches to your bathroom décor.

Here are 5 ways in which you can give your bathroom a perfect Christmas vibe:

  • Bathroom cabinets: Opting for cherry-colored RTA discount cabinets, available in customizable options, can be great to give your bathroom a perfect Christmas vibe. The rich-toned cherry finish is very much symbolic of the Christmas vibe. Other than cherry finish, there are other finishes like toffee or walnut which carry the same Christmas look.
  • To add to the look, you can hang bells and baubles on the knobs, pulls and other suitable spots (keep them away from water).

  • Odor: In any bathroom, odor plays a vital role. You would certainly not visit a bathroom for the second time if it emits a bad smell. Thus, for Christmas, what you can do is give your bathroom a festive fruity scent. For example, light cinnamon and cranberry-scented candles. Or, you also opt for spicy air-fresheners. Place one of these in your bathrooms for use whenever needed.

  • Bathroom products: Replace your regular bathroom products with those that carry a festive vibe. This can be done opting for Christmas bath bombs and cinnamon bubble baths for a better bathroom experience. During Christmas, many stores also sell Christmas hand-soaps. All you have to do is choose those with festive bottles in order to add a festive touch to your Christmas bathroom décor.
  • Open shelf discount bathroom vanities allow you to showcase these items in the perfect manner. Moreover, the open nature of the cabinets makes the bathroom appear more spacious.

  • Accessories: You can also incorporate the Christmas vibe in your bathroom accessories. One effective way to do this is by opting for festive-themed towels e.g. snowflakes pattern, bells pattern, and many such patterns on a white base. This is a sober addition to your bathroom which can provide your bathroom with a serene elegance while carrying the festive vibe. As for the kids, a great Christmas addition can be the all-time favorite rubber duck or other seasonal toys. The kids will have great fun having a bath in the tub and nothing can be more satisfying for Christmas.

    RTA open-shelf discount bathroom vanities are perfect for storing such accessories which turns them into potential showpieces. The customizable nature of the cabinets also makes them easily accessible and within easy reaches.
  • Lighting: One of the most important aspects of Christmas is lights. And this needs to be incorporated in your bathroom as well. Lighting a few candles in certain areas of your bathroom (make sure that they do not come in the way of accessing the essentials). Use festive holders to have a better effect. You can also use tea-lights inside cut-out lanterns that project patterns on the ceiling and give your bathroom a magical touch.
  • A great way to enhance the looks of your bathroom is to place such tea-lights on the open-shelf discount cabinets.

    Keeping these 5 points in mind will help you give your bathroom a perfect Christmas décor. Giving your bathroom a Christmas look will add to your overall home décor and have a positive effect on your guests as well.

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