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Bathroom That Belongs In The Modern World

Five Tips for a Bathroom That Belongs In The Modern World

by Ruhia

According to a 2022 stat by Statista, more than 45% of American homeowners decide to get their space renovated because they no longer care for the old style. There are many reasons why you would want to get your bathroom redone. These include leaking pipes, old tiles, or walls that are now chipping paint. When your bathroom starts looking worn down, you should get it fixed. Bathrooms are an integral part of your house. They need to be aesthetically and functionally in good shape.

Depending on the extent of the work, you may be paying a good amount to get your bathroom to look better. For instance, in places like Louisiana, in a popular urban city like Baton Rouge, expect to pay about $7,100 to $44,000 on average for maintaining and upgrading your space.

1. Get A New Tub

One of the downsides of owning a tub is that it can get discolored fast, making it look unappealing. Louisiana is dry; the lack of moisture in the air may also impact bathroom fixtures like bathtubs. Eventually, you may see cracks on the porcelain surface. At this point, look into getting a new bathtub. Look for a reliable bathroom remodeling company and get a quote on a functional yet modern replacement tub to elevate the look of your bathroom.

A bathtub is an exquisite part of your bathroom. It pulls the entire room together, so you can’t downplay its importance. It would help if you looked into getting bathtubs made of acrylic that has long-term durability and a lifetime warranty. So if down the line your bathtub gets damaged again, you can get it repaired. A bonus of getting a bathtub is it allows you to enjoy a relaxing soak which a shower can’t give you.

2. Upgrade Your Lighting

Who wants to use a poorly lit bathroom? Whether you want to do your makeup or go for a shower, your bathroom’s lighting is an integral part of your home design. If you have a large vanity in your restroom, you should have that area illuminated appropriately. You can choose to get mirror lights, a fixed ceiling light, or sconces depending on the size of your bathroom. The light you choose must brighten up at least 70% of your bathroom.

Hence, pick carefully so you end up with a fixture that does the job. Modern bathrooms are all about ambient lights. You can choose to have a recessed light over the toilet or the shower to brighten it up, but if you want to add more sophistication to the details, go for a pendant light. These lights can also go over your bathtub, which can add a layer of creativity to your bathroom’s plumbing. If you want to be economical, LED lights are your friend. They can light up the room, consume less energy and look great in your bathroom.

3. Choose A Neutral Palette

Neutral colors make bathrooms look like royalty. They blend in with the bathroom’s plumbing, making your space look bigger. While you can experiment in bold shades, it takes time and numerous attempts before your bold paint can look pleasing to the eye. Therefore, if you want to play it safe, use a light and neutral palette that softens your bathroom’s walls. Most neutral colors, such as white, beige, and gray, are safe.

They always look good on the bathroom walls without making it seem like you went overboard with the color scheme. Once your walls are complete, you can also introduce a pop of color to your restroom by adding a plant or pictures. Contemporary artwork always looks good on neutral walls, allowing you to customize your bathroom space.

4. Add New Tiles

Your flooring also adds to the appearance of your restroom. Over time, tiles start losing their color, and if you have tiles made of cheap material, they crack right away. Every modern bathroom needs a good tile finish. It adds an extra layer of charm and sophistication to your restroom. Pristine tiles, such as those made of ceramic or stone, can be a fine addition to your bathroom. Most ceramic tiles are white, and when freshly installed, they make your bathroom gleam. But after a while, these shiny tiles may lose their potency and become old, which means you may have to get your tiles redone.

Stone tiles come in various sizes and shapes. Some may also have a matte finish, a soft layer of color applied to the wall’s surface. If you want your tiles to look modern, try installing them in a zig-zag fashion, you can also put them diagonally, adding allure to your bathroom. Go for big tiles instead of conventionally smaller ones.

5. Get Sensors

Sensor technology has made it easier to use appliances and devices. You should consider getting sensors in your bathroom, like in the thermostat, faucet, and flushing units. These will ensure that water is adequately used in the toilets and your restroom is kept in an ideal condition. Sensors also prevent humidity from building up; if too much moisture builds up in bathrooms, it can damage the plumbing and reduce their lifespan tenfold, so you should avoid this entirely by getting sensors.

You can also get an entire HVAC unit installed with sensors; this will immediately eliminate any moisture or dryness in the air. Moisture leads to mold formation, and once mold starts spreading into the crevices of your walls, it can become a nuisance to take care of. Mold is also a biohazard; if it spreads too much, you’ll need a professional to extract it.

Final Thoughts

Bathrooms are high maintenance. After a while, they may start looking worn down, old, and outdated. In such cases, it’s time you get your bathroom fixed. You can choose to get selected items replaced or do an entire restoration process. However, the only difference is that getting one item in your bathroom changed is cost-effective, but if you choose to re-do your entire bathroom, you may dent your budget.

However, if your budget allows and you want to capture and create a modern look, consider making changes like getting a new bathtub, changing your light fixtures, upgrading your tiles, and adding sensor technology to your devices and plumbing. Smart and modern: that’s what we all aim to achieve nowadays, right?

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