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How To Upgrade The Driveway To Sell Your House Fast?

by ariaakachi

Did you know that a bad driveway can break the house selling deal? Yes, it is true! Most homeowners do not want to invest in property with bad driveways. Therefore, if you want to sell your house fast, then do not forget to upgrade the driveway.

Here, in this post, we have listed some important things that you should do to improve the condition and visual appeal of your driveway:

Remove Unwanted Plants and Debris

If the cracks start forming in your driveway, then usually it results in the formation of unwanted plants. The first thing to do is to remove the weeds from the cracks to keep your driveway good looking and well-maintained. After that, take a broom and sweep your driveway to get rid of debris and dust. Your driveway should be clean and free from dust.

Get Rid Of Cracks

If you have a clean driveway, then you can precisely observe the damage on the road. The cracks on your driveway indicate that it is old and needs immediate repairs. If the cracks are small, then you can fill these cracks without the help of any professional. The cracks fillers are easily available in stores.

But, you should make sure that you purchase a quantity of filler according to the size of cracks. Therefore, it is recommended to the width of cracks and after that purchase the filler. Make sure the dust and debris are removed from the cracks before start filling them. Also, remove rocks and pebbles from the cracks and driveway as well.

To remove the debris, you can take the help of a wire brush and screwdriver. After that take a power hose and pressure nozzle to wash the crack and driveway. Finally, you can apply the filler. The cracks fillers are available in tubes so that you can easily apply it between cracks.

Once the filler has filled the gap, you should apply pressure to flatten the surface. It is known as the compaction process. You can also move your vehicle in front and backward direction to compact the filler.

Apply Sealcoat-

The newly paved driveway is rich in appearance and gives a matte black texture. With time, the rich black color starts fading and transforms into a soft gray color. The color fading does not just affect the visual appeal but it also degrades the protection layer of the driveway.

The lighter color asphalt driveway is more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. The light color asphalt driveway is porous, can absorb water and forms cracks easily. You should seal coat your driveway to increase its lifespan and make it good looking as well.

But, make sure you start the seal coating process after filling all the cracks in your driveway. You can DIY driveway seal coating by gathering the required information, collecting the important tools and material from the nearby hardware store. If you do not have time for DIY, then you can hire a professional paving contractor.

For DIY seal coating a driveway, you should have your whole day. Before starting the seal coating process, clean the driveway thoroughly and apply the oil spot primer to remove the oil marks. Now take a squeegee and start applying the seal coating solution on your driveway.

Once you apply the solution on the entire driveway, leave it for 2 days. But, make sure you check the weather report of four days before starting the seal coating process.

If you consider hiring a professional paving contractor who offers seal coating services, then you will have good looking and long-lasting seal coated driveway.

Replace The Driveway-

The normal lifespan of an asphalt driveway is more than twenty years with optimum maintenance. Check how old is your driveway. If your asphalt driveway has spent more than 20 years, then you should consider replacing your old driveway with a new one.

Also, if your driveway is full of cracks and potholes, then you should replace it with new. You can not replace your driveway by yourself because it requires specials skills and knowledge. Therefore, you should consider hiring professionals like driveway paving Sydney for replacing your driveway.

Final Words:

The badly maintained asphalt driveway will automatically age your house. The potential buyers will first see your driveway and make predictions about your property. Then it is imperative to maintain your driveway in good condition.

If the front look of your house is not appealing, then you should consider improving your landscape and driveway. The new driveway can make your house look attractive to potential buyers.

The driveway update is necessary to increase the number of potential buyers of your house. The above-mentioned tips will help you to enhance the good looks and structural integrity of your driveway.

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