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5 Essential Lawn Care Tips for the Perfect Tennessee Lawn

by Robin Smith

Taking care of your lawn is one of your most important responsibilities as a homeowner. When you’re doing lawn care tasks in Tennessee, the specifics you need to take into consideration are often highly unique. Every lawn care decision you make will have a huge impact on your lawn’s overall health and beauty, after all. To ensure you can achieve a lawn that you can truly take pride in, here are five essential lawn care tips for the perfect Tennessee lawn in 2023:

1. Keep Your Mower Maintained

The fact that sharper mower blades produce a cleaner cut shouldn’t be surprising, even if you know very little about lawn care overall. Your lawn cuts may have jagged edges or even inconsistent patterns if your mower blades are getting dull. So be sure to check their sharpness every month . These irregularities in the structure of your grass can be entry points for pests and lawn diseases.

Additionally, they can lessen the natural beauty of a well-kept lawn. Your mower blades need to be sharpened a few times a year for a smooth, clean cut. You should at the absolute least try to get your mower blades properly sharpened once or twice a season. Your mower is your key piece of lawn care equipment, so you need to treat it with compassion and care.

2. Consider Professional Help For Lawn Care

Having a professional’s help is key when it comes to making your lawn luscious and healthy. If you try to do everything on your own, the number of complex tasks can easily overwhelm you. When buying products for your lawn care tasks, you’ll want the advice of a top-tier lawn care service in your area. they will ensure you’re spending your money in the most intelligent, value-packed fashion possible. The more you develop a connection to a trusted lawn care service, the more insider advice you’ll receive (giving you the edge over your neighbor’s lawn care efforts as a result).

3. Do Not Mow Wet Grass

Wet grass and heavy machinery do not mix well, especially when there is a chance of slipping. Wet grass can be dangerous for your safety and be disastrous for your lawn mower and turf. As you cut it, wet grass can easily form clumps, block your mower’s deck, and leave behind wads of wet grass. This causes a mess and makes it difficult to clean up the nasty, moist grass. that you’ll leave behind as well. When a heavy mower is used, wet soil can more easily compact, causing ruts and tearing up your grass. Just wait till your lawn is dry before mowing it, and you will have much better overall lawn care results.

4. Know What Height to Mow At

It is advised that you raise your mower’s height to around three inches in the late spring and early summer so that you allow the grass to grow at a healthy, consistent rate. During this time, allowing your grass to grow a little taller helps shield your soil from the intense summer sun, which in turn makes it easier for your turf’s soil to retain water and inhibit weed growth.

When fall hits, you can reduce your mower height to roughly two and a half inches to protect your turf from warping or damage. When the first snowfall comes. Additionally, fall leaf cleanup is much simpler with a slightly shorter lawn. Keeping on top of what height you’re mowing at will prepare you to care for your lawn like a true professional.

5. Avoid “Scalping” Your Lawn!

Scalping your lawn refers to cutting your grass in an overly short fashion. This may be detrimental to your grass for two main reasons. First off, it’s possible to cut your lawn so low that you really reveal soil if you do. This may make your lawn more susceptible to illness and provide a prime environment for weed growth. Additionally, consistently cutting your grass too short will harm the root system growth of your lawn. Your lawn’s thickness and tolerance to drought and severe temperatures will both decline as the root system ages.

Be Eco-Friendly with Your Lawn Care

If you want to take an extra step toward achieving the best lawn care possible. You need to consider how you can apply eco-friendly standards to your lawn care routine. From buying pre-emergent and other lawn care products that are environmentally safe, to not overdoing it when it comes to watering and mowing frequency, you can do your part to keep our planet beautiful and healthy!

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