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Outdoor Storage – DIY Ideas for Your Home

Outdoor Storage – DIY Ideas for Your Home

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Having a nice garden can be transformative for your household, whether for personal enjoyment, social activity, or simply the pursuit of a hobby. Almost 9 in 10 of us are lucky enough to have access to a garden – but there’s more to enjoying a garden than simply accessing it.

Oftentimes, our outdoor spaces are cluttered with things; tools, toys, furniture, and even scrap materials. However, investing in a little outdoor storage can make a great deal of difference when it comes to enjoying your garden. What are some simple storage solutions you could implement?

Build a Shed for outdoor storage

The most common form that outdoor storage tends to take is that of the shed. Sheds are a humble affair, with a simple, lightweight, and bare-bones construction; bitumen roof treatment keeps it dry, but there’s little frippery beyond the possibility of a single-pane window.

Through simplicity, the shed becomes a highly versatile storage solution, suitable for anything from tools to gardening supplies with a little adjustment. The simplicity of the shed design also makes a shed incredibly easy to knock up, particularly if you have an extra pair of hands or two to help arrange the walls.

Sheltered Pergola

Versatile as sheds are, they can also be somewhat limiting in nature. They are excellent for storing and sheltering items, and can be relatively well closed-off from the elements – but they are often difficult to navigate, owing to small doorways and limited access. This can make storing larger or more unwieldy items harder – especially garden furniture!

As such, you might borrow some ideas from DIY pergola designs to create an open-faced shelter for bigger items. With some treated timber for the framework and roof slats, and some cheap corrugated plastic for roof material, you can create simple cover for bigger items; when combined with the exterior wall of your home, your pergola becomes a lean-to that could serve multiple purposes – including social purposes.

Storage Bins

Storage solutions needn’t be large, though – and many properties do not have adequate space for either a shed or a lean-to. Where space is a commodity, even the smallest storage addition can make a great deal of difference. Sheet plywood and some outdoor paint, coupled with a gate hinge or two, can come together to make a very useful storage bin – again, which could be butted up against your outside wall for ease. These simple storage bins would be ideal for storing children’s toys or even bikes, to keep them out of the weather, out of your garden, and within reach.

Bin Storage

From storage bins to bin storage; wheelie bins are not the sightliest of things, and can often clutter up what should be beautiful and relaxing outdoor environments. As such, you might consider creating a bin shelter for your wheelie bins, keeping them out of sight and preserving the sanctity of your garden. A hinged top could make using your bins easier.

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