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Slip and Fall Lawsuit

How To Sue a Slip and Fall Lawsuit Case?

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The slip and fall lawsuit cases are filed when a person seeks to undergo a compensation process in civil court since he or she was injured through a dangerous condition present on someone’s premises. Anyone can encounter these cases generally in workplaces, commercial establishments such as shops, sidewalks, and even in people’s homes. Familiarizing with the details of slip and fall lawsuits can be beneficial for victims to get their deserving compensation.

Common Slip and Fall Lawsuit Cases

Slip and fall lawsuit cases are very diverse based on the circumstances of the incident and where the incident took place. Some typical examples include:

Wet or Slippery Floors

Common in supermarkets, eating joints, or hotels where spills on the floor are not cleaned quickly.

Uneven Surfaces

Broken pavements, bad roads, or poor floors may cause an individual to slip.

Insufficient Lighting

Insufficient lights or absence of lights can lead to falls, especially in the stairwells and parking lots.


Objects placed at the center of the passageway or the walking path are likely to cause falls to people around.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

The general compensation amounts for these cases are:

Light Injuries

$10,000 to $50,000

Medium Injuries

$50,000 to $200,000

Serious Injuries

$200,000 and above

How To Deal with A Slip and Fall Lawsuit Case Tactfully?

Slip and Fall Lawsuit

You must take the following measures soon after an accident to strengthen your potential slip and fall accident lawsuit:

Seek Medical Attention

Health is one of the most valuable treasures that people have. Visit a medical practitioner when the incident happens so that accounting for your losses can be done by producing the medical report of the accident.

Report the Incident

Drawing a report, try to inform the owner or the manager of the property about your damage and, if possible, report the case officially.

Document the Scene

Document some of the hazards, the pain, and other areas around that can be accompanied by slip and fall lawsuit cases.

Gather Witness Information

Collect all the phone numbers of the persons who are eyewitnesses to the traffic accident.

Talk To an Attorney

To handle complicated cases, you should hire an attorney. Most importantly if you are a novice in this slip and fall lawsuit cases, a lawyer will guide you.

The Influencing Factors of Slip and Fall Lawsuit Cases

The influencing factors of slip and fall lawsuit cases are:


In such circumstances, it remains the primary goal to establish the negligence of the property owner. This can be easily done by putting up a defense that they knew of the hazard or they should have been made aware of the same.

Comparative Fault

In some countries, depending on the proportion of blame or contribution of the victim in the accident, the amount payable in the slip and fall accident lawsuit is affected.


Some of this information may include; a medical report of an accident victim, testimony by the witnesses on the scene of the accident, and photographic evidence of injuries or the scene of an accident.


A slip and fall lawsuit can be one complicated thing. However, knowing the procedures and your legal rights about a certain situation can be a lifesaver. Be it a minor or major injury, you need to take proper steps soon after an accident and talk to an expert lawyer to get the compensation you deserve. So, don’t try to engage in a slip and fall accident lawsuit without having some knowledge of the legal options of an injured person.


Q: Is there any given timeframe for lodging slip and fall personal injury lawsuits?

A: The timeframe for lodging a slip and fall lawsuit depends on the law of a certain state. But it may vary from one to three years. One should take the services of an attorney soon after the accident to get a positive solution within the given timeframe.

Q:  Can I file a slip-and-fall case if I am also quite responsible for the accident?

A: Yes, you can do so. However, according to the comparative negligence rules, your compensation will be given considering your degree of fault.

Q:  What will I do if the property owner refuses to take responsibility?

A: In case, the property owner refuses to accept negligence, compile as many proofs as possible and consult a lawyer. An attorney will work on creating a strong negligence evidential case so that you can obtain a decent amount of compensation.

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