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Creating a logo for your company: 8 things you need to know

by mr.manjeetsingh10

Creating a good logo ensures that your customers know immediately which brand it is about. Think of clappers such as McDonald’s, Apple and Starbucks. Even if you are planning to start a business yourself, it is important to immediately design a good and recognizable logo. It is the signboard of your company and may become even more famous than your company name. You need to know the following 8 things before you start creating a logo.

  1. Your logo must be as unique as possibleIt is almost impossible to design a logo that is completely unique, but you still want people to immediately think of your company. Some logos are protected, so be extra careful not to copy anything while creating the logo. Even if that is not the case, you do not want customers to associate your logo with another company. You can feel free to gain inspiration by looking at other logos, but forget them as soon as you start designing your own logo.
  2. Think carefully about which type of logo fits your companyYou can create a logo by combining both text and image. But what fits your company best? Here are four options:
    • A word: sometimes you don’t have to look far and you can simply include the name of your company in the logo. Preferably do this if your company has a short name. Or use an abbreviation that is known to your customers. Google, eBay and CNN are good examples.
    • A letter: a letter can be enough. The Honda car brand can be recognized immediately by the letter ‘H’. And of course there is the iconic ‘M’ of fast food chain McDonald’s.
    • An image: sometimes an image says more than a thousand words. Everyone knows the bird in the Twitter logo. And Starbucks also immediately rings a bell through the image that is always on your personalized cup.
    • An abstract image: the most difficult is scoring with a logo that depicts nothing recognizable. The advantage is that you immediately have a unique logo if your audience has become familiar with it. Just think of the simple symbol with which Nike has become famous.
      Unfortunately, there is no manual for the ultimate logo, but make sure that it reflects the identity of your company. Just keep it simple! You should be able to easily copy a logo onto paper. Just look at most large companies. You don’t have to be a great artist to imitate their logo.
  3. Consider the social media and your websiteYour company will undoubtedly have a page on Facebook, or perhaps an account on Twitter or Instagram. Then you also have to think about that when you create a logo. For example, look at Facebook itself. There are several logos, including the famous ‘F’ on a blue background. It fits perfectly in the context of a profile photo. Also on Twitter, a logo must fit in a small square.Many people come into contact with your company through social media, so don’t underestimate the importance of this!Your logo must of course also look good on your website. With  Online you receive professional advice from a digital expert.

4. Color can influence the opinion of your customers

The color of your logo is more important than you might think. Studies have shown that people often respond in certain ways depending on the colors they see. For example, red would be a trigger for aggressive responses. Bright orange is the right color if you want people to click on a website. It is also always a good idea to use different colors in your logo.

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Just like with the format, you also have to be able to easily adjust the color of your logo. For example, sometimes you need a sober version in black and white. So let your designer develop a logo without color.

5. Create an active logo

Ever noticed how the Twitter bird gives the impression that it is flying away? That is no coincidence, because your logo must be active. There must actually be some kind of movement in it, even though the logo of course doesn’t really move.

Sometimes only a detail is needed to make a logo active. At Amazon you see an arrow moving from the ‘A’ to the ‘Z’. If you look closely at the FedEx logo, you’ll see that the white space between the uppercase “E” and the lowercase “x” also reveals an arrow. And with ‘DHL’ some lines along the letters express a sense of speed.

You do not want to stand still with your company, so make sure that your logo also represents movement!

6. Leave space for a short slogan

The best logos are also recognizable when they are not used in combination with a company name. Maybe you will come up with a brilliant slogan that everyone will immediately associate with your company. A strong logo can then be combined with that slogan. Nike is again the best example of this. You just have to see ‘Just Do It’, and the icon is enough to think of Nike. If you already have a slogan, it’s a good idea to choose a logo that expresses the same message.

7. Don’t be satisfied too quickly and test your logo

The first design may never be your final logo. Take your time, because it is not simple and certainly not cheap if you ever have to launch a campaign to change your logo.

You do not know what the public will think of your logo, so definitely test this! For example, you can put together a test group and show them different options. Then you immediately know which logo people respond to best. And if they don’t get a positive impression from any logo, you just have to return to the drawing board. Don’t be satisfied too quickly!

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