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Many new and familiar youth programs can be seen at AVROTROS from January

by mr.manjeetsingh10

From January AVROTROS will again broadcast many great programs for the youth. This way, the young viewer can enjoy programs such as Brugklas, Jill, Caps Club 3, Britt & Niek on topic and much more! The entire programming with broadcast details is as follows:

In the new youth program Britt & Niek on topic, two of the most popular young people in the Netherlands provide advice and tips on everything that interests (prospective) first-graders, makes them lie awake or entertained. When should I use video? How much pocket money is normal? My parents are getting divorced and I don’t know who I want to live with? Britt & Niek answer all these questions. They do this as young people are used to, straightforward and always with humor. Britt & Niek on the topic can be seen for 6 weeks from January 2. During that period, the duo also answered a viewer’s question online every day.

Britt & Niek on topic, from 2 January every Saturday at 5.35 pm on NPO Zapp

From Monday January 4, AVROTROS will broadcast the fourth season of the popular youth series Brugklas. In this series, a fixed group of first graders is followed during the first year of high school. This season, a number of first-graders are again central. Emma, ​​Semme, Safa, Mats, Bo and Selma play a role in almost every story. The students of the King Willem Alexander College have to think about their future and make choices that affect the rest of their lives. Old friends get out of sight, new friendships emerge. Crushes arise and their true identities emerge. Ambitions and uncertainties alternate. Vice-principal Sanne de Wilde, janitor Gerrit Veldt and teachers Rob Grimbergen, Bart van Morselt, Manon Leidekker and Tamara Wiggers will also be on display.

Jill Schirnhofer has been drawing since childhood. Her drawings and crafts in her own style have become extremely popular. In the program, Jill gives tips & tricks to children to get started themselves. Drawing, crafts, fashion and cooking are central to the cheerful and creative program.

Jill, from 7 January every Thursday at 5.45 pm on NPO Zapp

The Magical Shop
Somewhere in the Netherlands is The Magical Shop. It is the place where the best magicians in the Netherlands come up with and try out tricks in the deepest secrecy. The doors of this mysterious place open only to young magicians of exceptional talent. Only they get the coolest tricks explained. For the first time in the history of De Magische Winkel, these secrets are now also shared with the viewer.

The Magic Shop, from January 8 every Friday at 5.25 pm on NPO Zapp

Kaal of Kammen
Sascha Visser presents the brand new AVROTROS youth program Kaal of Kammen. In this challenging and bizarre game program, four best friends compete against each other every week. With a good dose of humor, Sascha subjects them to the most insane, exciting and dirty assignments. Inset: their hair! Because the loser puts the clippers on his head.

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Kaal or Kammen, from 6 February every Saturday at 10.05 on NPO Zapp

Caps Club 3
The youth drama series Caps Club, in which children solve a mystery together, is back! In the third season of Caps Club, members are now in high school. This time Tom goes hunting for a secret that takes place in the treehouse. Slowly but surely he finds out that someone is occasionally in the treehouse who is on the run. Who is there?

The main cast of the Caps Club consists of children with and without disabilities. The Lucille Werner Foundation makes the series in collaboration with the NSGK (Dutch Foundation for the Handicapped Child). The aim of the series is to create a positive image for children with disabilities.

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