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Paige Butcher – A Preview of Her Wiki and more

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Paige Butcher is a sophisticated Aussie actress who has had several prestigious prizes and international accolades. She is a model and actress. This cute Australian model queen is a Samaritan with a mission to rehab the poor. She is a beautiful woman and she is the apple to attract young dudes. Know about Paige Butcher age, schooling, professional career, and personal relationship. 

Who Is Paige Butcher?

Paige Butcher is not a complicated controversial figure. She is a fair model girl with a sweet look to lure men. She has an interest in acting. She has got inspiration from her mother to become one of the top mannequins in the world. Find more information about who is Paige Butcher? She has unfurled her personal classified content in short online interviews.

Where Was Paige Born?

 On 6th October 1979, Paige was fortunate to come to a cultural family based in Perth located in Western Australia. Her parents are respected citizens in Australia. Her father is a designer by profession. Mother is also a model woman. This excellent family background helped her escalate in her professional world as a fancy elegant girl. Her charismatic facial glow and outward appearance must be a plethora of art. In several fashion shows and exhibitions, she appeared as the special guest to perform for winning the best reward. She is the star in the glitterati society. 

Paige’s Breakthrough

Needless to say, this nice actress and model girl has a deep penchant for fashion and modeling. She is emotionally linked with the fashion industry as her parents are both professional designers. Their involvement and inspiration worked for her exposure as a top mannequin. She admits that her mom has a key role to give her assistance to start her modeling career.

Her first breakthrough happened with her debut in the movie Something’s Gotta Give. She starred in this American movie. It valued her talent and assisted her to have fame. In 2003, this sudden breakthrough by acting in this movie opened a channel for her to try her luck to exist in the fashion world. In 2005, she did another surprising job by participating in a fashion show. Her nice and dashing hourglass figure in a daredevil costume arrested the eyes of the audience. The bench of the jury and fans saluted her because she was the pinnacle of attraction. She wore an ultra-sleek swimsuit for the Maxim fashion show. People accepted her for her presentable look and mesmerizing appearance in such a fancy costume. She was unbeaten and peerless to stun everyone who was present on that very day. 

Another Turning Point

After much popularity and recognition, she experienced another turning point to promote herself as an elegant elite woman in the world. Now, it is a different snapshot to project her as a dater dating a bold comedian named Murphy. When she acted brilliantly in Big Momma’s House 2, she overtook her rivals showing her elitism, and superb commanding acting talent. Eddie loved her after the first encounter with this celeb at a premier show. They fell in love that day with high expectations to continue nourishing their sweet closeness without drawing an end. Both daters are happy and hilarious 

Paige’s Short Bio

  • Real Name          Jacinta Paige Butcher
  • Nickname            Paige
  • Profession           Model and Actress
  • Age        42 years (2021)
  • Date of Birth       October 6, 1979
  • Birthplace            Perth based in Western Australia, Australia
  • Nationality          Australian
  • Ethnicity              White
  • Religion               Christian
  • Height   165 cm
  • Weight  121 lbs
  • Bra Size 33B
  • Waist Size           26
  • Hip Size 35
  • Eye Color             Brown
  • Hair Color           Blonde


  • Qualification       Graduate
  • University Santa Maria Catholic College, Perth


Paige Butcher has an attractive dynamic personality. Her resource is the unbeaten look defying third-generation hot celebs in Hollywood silver screen tinsel house. In the domain of modeling and fashion, she is a rival to challenge top participants. She won an award at Cover Girl Cosmetics Supermodel Search. This exposure took her to sign many big contracts to work as an item girl, mannequin, and cameo to advertise products.

Personal Love Affair

In 2012, Paige met a stranger. Eddie Murphy was amazed to see this model woman. They befriended each other to permit both to date. Though Paige does not want to reveal personal affairs in public, she has confessed the pure dating with that dude fathering 10 children. He had four female daters in past but finally, he decided to spend his remaining life with Paige. Their dating was successful and long-lasting.

Physical Profile

Paige is a straight five feet five inches/5ft 5’’ tall woman whose body weight is around 55 kg. She is smart, dandy, and maverick. She likes to go to the gym and aesthetic club for programming her abs for fitness. The six-pack abs exercise has added a gloss to her body to become a sleek lady in the right shape.

Net worth

Paige has an estimated net worth of $800 million. However, Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher are both self-reliant with good credit ratings. They have solid financial resources to decorate their lives.

Unknown Facts about Paige Butcher

Paige Butcher is a powerful social media celebrity and her followers prefer this actress very much. She exchanged information with her friends online. However, after being married to Eddie, she announced her decision to block her Facebook and Instagram accounts. In a press release, she told reporters that she majestically started a new life. She does not want to bring others to pry into her personal marriage life. It is the end to do chatting and message sharing on social media channels for keeping privacy.

In the arena of global fashion and modeling, Paige Butcher is a household name. She has several movie scripts to mug up for acting in upcoming films. She will also hit the floor for presentable cat walking to have the crown tomorrow. She has a sparkling future prospect to gain more fame, dollars, and recognition. Special thanks for her inspirational speech, unforgettable smart profile, and razor-sharp personality.

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