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Praise Mary Ella Simmons

Praise Mary Ella Simmons – A Short Biography Depicting Her Family Background

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Praise Mary Ella Simmons is a daughter of an internationally renowned American Rapper. She has a handful of siblings and other family members. Her father is also known as DMX and he has special affection towards her. DMX and his wife give the priority to this unique daughter who is beautiful, modest, and decent. 

Who Is Praise Mary Ella Simmons?

Praise Mary Ella Simmons is the brave daughter of DMX, a popular rap singer. Her mother named Tashera Simmons gave birth to four children including Praise. DMX was married several times. He and Tashera are responsible parents to take care of Praise Mary Ella Simmons from her childhood days. She is a lovely girl for them compared to other children. 

Tragic Incident 

DMX has fathered 17 children and all kids are devoted to parents. Tashera did not neglect her kids but she had more adoration and love towards Praise Mary Ella Simmons. Even on social media posts, she wrote that Praise Mary Ella Simmons is really maverick, self-reliant, and bold. She can bear the loss, bereavement, and pain of separation. She is the backbone of her family. When DMX expired in 2021, the whole family of Praise Mary Ella Simmons broke in despair. Neighbors and fans of DMX sent condolence messages to appease Praise Mary Ella Simmons during her rainy days. Everyone boosted her up to stand against adversity and this critical situation. 

10 Facts That You Should Know about Praise Mary Ella Simmons

  • Marry Ella Simmons has a long train of siblings. She is fortunate of being a lucky sister to live with thirteen step-siblings and three originally biological brothers. Xavier who came to earth in 1992 is a duty-bound brother. Besides, Tacoma and Sean to name a few are also close to her. She caresses all her siblings without claiming her seniority. 
  • Ella has a complicated family history due to multiple romantic relationships made by her father, DMX. He is survived by other sons like Exodus. Ella has a sister named Aaliyah Haughton who sings songs. 
  • Praise Mary Ella Simmons is a young girl who will have to spend the next few decades living in this world. However, many social media friends claim that she will be a model girl. It is not certain but you should wait for her futuristic plan. 
  • Praise Mary Ella Simmons is a graduate and she has finished her schooling in NY. 
  • Praise Mary Ella Simmons was born in 2005 and she completed her graduation in 2019
  • Ella’s father and mother were separated after a family feud. DMX consumed liquor and tortured her mother. She parted with her fiancé and started living separately. 
  • Ella has a kind-hearted mother who is the pioneer of Freedom of Truth founded in 2010. The mission of this charity foundation is to help weak and poor single mothers. 
  • Though Ella is a nice teenage girl who has a bright future to improve in her professional career, she is never visible on social media sites. Most information about her profile is revealed by her mom. 
  • Ella takes the guide from her mother. She also thinks that women should have equal rights to survive in this tough world. 
  • Praise Mary Ella Simmons is one of the aspirant benevolent teenage girls. She is an innovative and sportive girl. 

A Brief-up of Ella’s Family 

Praise Mary Ella Simmons has just begun her life in the midst of uncertainty, depression, and hardships. Her father was a rapper who got fame by singing songs. Though DMX is a rap musician, he has caustic existence. He died in 2021 but he suffered from infection, cardiac disorder, and other diseases due to alcohol addiction. His wrong decision to consume drugs and alcohol led her to a pitiable condition.

DMX and His Early Life 

Earl Simmons or DMX was a professional musician and actor. This American guy was born in 1970. He loved music and it exposed him as a top rapper in the US. His first debut took place way back in 1998. The best music album made by him brought a chunk of profits to him. 251000 copies were bought by fans to make him rich within a short span of time. This rapper got the place in the hierarchy of top rappers on the Billboard 200 list. 

DMX was also a good stage performer. He earned accolades by acting in top movies and dramas. People will remember him for his unique roles in these top movies like Belly, Romeo Must Die, Cradle 2 the Grave, Exit Wounds, and Last Hour.

Tashera Simmons

Tashera Simmons, the sweetheart of DMX appeared on TV reality shows. She was found on TLC Series Wives Confidential episodes. Her dating with DMX was a turning point for her. When she was 11 years old girl, she met him. They were positive in likelihood and concepts. Therefore, they planned to be married legally for happy marriage life. 


DMX has total 17 children from various wives. Tashera Simmons gave rise to four kids including Ella. Though there is not much information about all 17 siblings, a few are mentioned in different posts online. Tacoma, Sean, Xavier, Ella, Exodus, and Aaliyah are other siblings. 

Net Worth of Ella

As Praise Mary Ella Simmons is young, she has no solid source of income. However, DMX has left $1 million worth of assets to her to use for life building. Her mom is also an earner but she has to manage other expenses to run the family. 

Praise Mary Ella Simmons age is now approximately 16 estimated in 2021. She has not declared whether she will be a rapper following her father’s suit. Her neighbors reveal that she may take the decision of entering the fashion world. She has the smart sleek figure and she is also educated. Her mother was a participant in TV reality shows. The chance for becoming a media host can’t be denied. She does not take an interest to communicate with social media friends. If she is an avid admirer of DMX, she can choose the profession of being a rapper or singer. Nothing is clear about her ambition for 2022. 

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