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Top benefits of moving your infrastructure to Office 365

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Before the pandemic, there was already a rapid increase in the usage of Microsoft Office 365, but in 2020, an additional 95 million users were added by Microsoft. This was due to companies having to secure and assist their employees who were working remotely, leading to a surge in demand for an all-in-one productivity tool.

You may be already using Microsoft 365, which was the new name given by Microsoft last year. It’s considered as the go-to platform for collaboration by many. Surprisingly, there are numerous features available that you may not utilize to their full potential. Keep reading to discover how Office 365 Email Migration can help businesses:

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365:

Cost Savings:

According to a study commissioned by Microsoft, which was conducted by Forrester and focused on enterprise customers and small to midsize businesses, the use of Office 365 can result in cost savings in five key areas: technology, mobility, control and compliance, business intelligence, and social.

For small to midsize businesses, Forrester found that the return on investment was 154%, and the payback period was 5.1 months. For enterprise businesses, the return on investment was identified as 162%, with a payback period of 7 months.

Advanced Collaboration Office 365:

In light of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, virtual collaboration has become increasingly crucial for businesses. With hybrid workplaces now becoming more prevalent, advanced collaboration tools are necessary to ensure seamless communication and productivity. Also, a good hosting provider can help you with Hosted Virtual Desktop which makes it easier for the users to work from anywhere from the comfort of your home.

Hybrid work models can take various forms, with some employees working in the office full-time and others working remotely on specific days. Certain companies, such as Google, have even declared their commitment to making hybrid work a permanent arrangement. Google has projected that 20% of their employees will work from home, 20% will work from the office, and 60% will follow a flexible work schedule.

Thanks to the collaboration tools provided by Microsoft Office 365, particularly the Teams application, the concept of a hybrid workforce is being successfully implemented. By facilitating electronic connectivity, these tools are aiding employees in maintaining engagement and productivity, while also preserving a sense of teamwork.

Accessing the Cloud Securely:

The adoption of cloud technology gained momentum in 2020 and is expected to continue with 85% of businesses implementing a cloud-first approach by 2025, as predicted by Gartner. With the rapid rise in cyber threats, shifting to the cloud is proving to be a valuable tactic for companies to combat these challenges. There are several reasons why the cloud is considered to be a more secure option:

  • Regular updates are automatically installed to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities.
  • Transferring computing power to an off-site location eliminates local security concerns.
  • Cloud providers employ skilled professionals who specialize in cybersecurity.


Microsoft’s cloud-based systems have become essential for modern businesses, offering accessible and valuable solutions for project management, workflow, and communication. With no requirement for professional IT expertise, these systems are user-friendly.

For your IT requirements, it’s crucial to have someone who comprehends the complexities of migration. Providers like Apps4Rent, who have experience in various migration and hosting services like QuickBooks Pro Cloud Hosting are the perfect fit for your business as they provide optimum uptime for your services with 24×7 expert support.

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